uTorrent 1.7 Stable Finally Released

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After months of hard work and nearly half a year after the release of their previous stable release uTorrent 1.7 finally sees the light. uTorrent 1.7 comes with several new features and some essential changes and big fixes.

utorrentuTorrent 1.7 is fully Vista compatible and the 65,536 piece limit for torrents is removed which might improve the download speed of larger torrents.

Other noticeable changes are:

  • Feature: option to auto update to betas
  • Feature: automatic upload speed limiting
  • Feature: Web seed support for single-file torrents
  • Feature: Local Peer Discovery
  • Change: Prioritize seed queue based off seed/peer ratio
  • Change: Improved half-open connection management
  • Fix: download rate limiting bug
  • Fix: UPnP mapping when local IP changes

A complete list of changes, features and fixes can be found at the uTorrent forums. In the meantime the uTorrent team is working hard on their next milestone, the release of a Mac version.

Until those ported versions are ready Mac users might want to try running it under emulation to get uTorrent working on OSX.

Time to update! uTorrent 1.7 (Windows)can be downloaded over here.


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