The Most-Coveted Private BT Sites of 2008

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We have sifted through gargantuan lists of requests from torrent 'Invite' swapping forums and have come up with a generous helping of the most sought-after Private BitTorrent accounts.

Already have an account or two from the list? Congratulations! Keep it in good standing – others will gladly fill the void in the event that it becomes pruned due to misbehavior, bad sharing ratios or inactivity.

The order of the list is not indicative of the difficulty it is to get in; rather, it’s a reflection of what is in hot demand. Without further introduction, here are the hottest Private BT sites of 2008 (that you likely can’t get into): censored

So, just how many of these badboys are open to new signups? As of right now – a meager three. Just starting out? Perhaps you should check out the list for some lower-level private sites.

Or, you can use ‘Open Registrations Checker‘ software that is now in final release. If you’re at all familiar with ‘Tracker Checker‘ – ORC is the same concept. It periodically runs through a list of private trackers for “openings” and displays the results. When one becomes open to new signups, you’ll be notified and be able to join – assuming you act quickly.

Some of you may already be using ORC – this is where we’ve put a new spin on it. We’ve painstakingly taken their “trackers.tlist” database file and completely revamped and updated it with all the newest and hottest private BT sites. Not even the file they offer on their website even comes close to offering the same functionality. Additionally, we’ve removed the public trackers and any other non-working BT sites from the list.

Installing Open Registrations Checker (with the new trackers.tlist file).

1.Download ORC and install. (Requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher).

2.Download our file. You’ll need to unzip it into TWO locations (choose to ‘overwrite’ the old file in both cases):

— C:\Program Files\Torrents Open Registrations Checker\

— C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Computer Name] \

3.Launch ORC from the Start Button – the private trackers will be updated. The program is self-explanatory – check off what you want it to check; click the magnifying glass icon in the corner.

4.Outwit your next door neighbour the plumber by getting into these sites first!


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