Public Revolts Against Plan to Kill Domain Name Privacy


More than 11,000 people are protesting a proposal which may ban private domain name registrations for millions of websites. The changes would make it easier to identify owners of pirate sites, but the commenters warn that this may have disastrous consequences.

Reddit’s Unenforceable “No Copyrighted Material” Rule


Following an extended period of controversy, Reddit has just rolled out a list of rules for the site. One of those rules bans the posting of illegal content such as copyrighted material. While the posting of such content has never been explicitly permitted, it's going to prove impossible to stop…

Kim Dotcom’s Seized Data Could Soon Be in U.S. Hands

Kim Dotcom's battle to stop more of his seized data being sent to the U.S. has suffered a setback. Three Court of Appeal judges today set aside earlier High Court rulings meaning that the Attorney-General can now issue new directions to police enabling the devices to be shipped to the…

Researcher Receives Copyright Threat After Exposing Security Hole


A researcher who exposed security flaws in tools used to monitor the Internet usage of UK students has been hit with a copyright complaint. 'Slipstream' discovered flaws in Impero Education Pro which could reveal the personal details of thousands of pupils but in response Impero has sent in its legal…

Pirate Bay ‘Hydra’ Loses Another Domain Name

The Pirate Bay has lost another domain name this morning., which has been one of the default Pirate Bay domains for two months, was put on hold by the Armenian registry. The domain name "hydra" still remains strong though, as there are still plenty of alternatives available.

Mega Threatens Legal Action Against Search Engine has lodged legal threats against a New Zealand based search engine. allows users to search for content but has attracted the attention of the file-hosting company after using its logos and trademarks without permission. is demanding a full shutdown.

FBI Assists Overseas Pirate Movie Site Raids


Romanian authorities and the FBI have reportedly coordinated to shut down three sites involved in the unauthorized distribution of movies and TV shows. Several men were detained and various domains were seized amid allegations of criminal copyright infringement, tax evasion and money laundering.