Hold ISPs Responsible For Piracy After Brexit, Music Biz Says

The powerful UK Music coalition, which includes the BPI and PRS, has published its 2017 manifesto. It takes a keen interest in IP issues, particularly post-Brexit. UK Music says that the UK's departure from the EU will provide a good opportunity to clarify issues with hyperlinking and also to hold ISPs accountable for piracy.

Kim Dotcom Says Family Trust Could Sue Mega Investor

Kim Dotcom says the trustees of a trust set up for the benefit of his children could sue one of the most controversial figures in New Zealand. Dotcom says that businessman Bill Liu, who has just pleaded guilty to money laundering charges, unlawfully diluted the trust's majority share in file-hosting site Mega.

YouTube Keeps People From Pirate Sites, Study Shows

In recent months music industry insiders have heavily criticised YouTube, with some claiming that it hurts legal sales. A new research report commissioned by the video streaming platform suggests otherwise. The study shows that YouTube keeps people away from pirate sites, while there is no evidence of significant cannibalization.

Four Men Jailed For Running Pirate Movie Sites

Four people, including a board member of the Pirate Party, have been jailed for running a network of pirate sites. The men, aged between 21 and 31, ran streaming portal Dreamfilm and were involved in others including Piratehub and Tankefetast. They will serve between six and ten months in prison, sentences similar to those handed down to the operators of The Pirate Bay.

Spotify’s Beta Used ‘Pirate’ MP3 Files, Some From Pirate Bay


Spotify is often credited as the music service most in tune with the 'pirate' mentality, having converted millions of former file-sharers in recent years. Interestingly, according to writer and researcher Rasmus Fleischer, a decade ago the site actually populated its beta with pirate MP3s, including some that were only available on The Pirate Bay.

Pirate Site “Coke and Popcorn” Shuts Down, Points Users to Netflix


The pirate streaming site "Coke and Popcorn" has shutdown. The site, which linked to a wide variety of TV-shows and movies, doesn't specify a reason but says that the decision is permanent. The operator warns users not to fall for any copycat sites and points them to "safe" and "better" options such as Netflix instead.