Police Arrest Man Trying to Sell Brotherhood on the Dark Web

Detectives from the UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit say they have arrested a man attempting to sell the movie Brotherhood on the dark web. The 35-year-old is suspected of offering the movie , which is the follow-up to the successful Kidulthood and Adulthood, in advance of its retail release.

Fan-Funded Star Trek Film Claims Fair Use as Defense

The lawsuit between Paramount Pictures and the crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off "Prelude to Axanar" is heating up again. With a trial scheduled for early next year, both parties have submitted motions for summary judgment. The defendants argue, among other things, that their fan-film clearly falls under fair use.

Surprise! Aussie Internet Pirates Are The Best Customers

A report commissioned by the Australian government has found a drop in piracy rates for 2016. The fall is being attributed to improved availability of legal streaming alternatives, but in a juicy twist, the report also reveals that the much reviled Aussie pirate is often the industry's best customer.

Dreamhack Organizer Arrested in Torrent Site Crackdown

Earlier this month Swedish police took down Rarat.org, one of the largest private torrent trackers in the country. With help from PayPal the authorities were able to identity and arrest the prime target, who also happens to be an organizer of the upcoming winter edition of Dreamhack.

Pirate Sites Blocked For Showing Gambling Advertising


Pirate sites have a tendency to carry advertising for gambling services but in some regions, notably Russia, online gambling is illegal. So, when torrent and streaming sites carry ads for these services, copyright holders are now reporting them to the authorities who are forcing lSPs to block them.

UK Piracy Blocklist Silently Expands With Hundreds of Domains


UK Internet providers have added close to 500 URLs to the national pirate site blocklist. The expansion follows a request from copyright holders who frequently add new proxies for sites that have previously been barred. Despite this mass-update, the ongoing blocking whack-a-mole is far from over.