New Automated DMCA Notices Hit Movie Pirates With $300 Fines


There's a new threat on the horizon for BitTorrent pirates in the US. A new outfit called "Rights Enforcement" is using DMCA notices to send automated settlement demands to alleged copyright infringers. With an arsenal of known "copyright trolls" on side, it probably won't shy away from taking matters to court.

Free Tickets Inside Pirate Downloads Aim to Build Bridges

Last week, we reported how a movie distributor set up a fake KickassTorrents site in order to attract pirates and give them free movie tickets. Today we speak to the Creative Director of the campaign, who says that since old anti-piracy tactics are ineffective, the way forward is through positive reinforcement and consumer engagement.

Canada Rejects Flawed and One-Sided “Piracy” Claims From US Govt.


As usual, Canada is one of the prospective "watch list" candidates for the US Trade Representative's annual list of countries with 'failing' intellectiual property protections. However, the Canadian Government has had enough of the allegations, describing the process as flawed as it's mainly driven by one-sided copyright industry claims.

Premier League Obtains Intriguing Injunction to Tackle Pirate Streams


The Premier League has obtained a new High Court injunction that will enable it to block streams delivered to the public via Kodi and similar devices. While blocking orders are extremely commonplace, it appears that this particular one might seek to block high-level sources of streaming content, before it's able to cascade down to the masses.

KickassTorrents Defense Fights Extradition and Human Rights Violations

The legal defense team of alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin says it will appeal last week's extradition ruling. Lead counsel Ira Rothken stresses that the refusal of the Polish court to grant bail and the unprecedented allegations violate the human rights of his client. The team is confident that they can book a positive outcome on all fronts.

Filmmakers Take Dutch State to Court Over Lost Piracy Revenue


A coalition of Dutch film and TV producers is following through on their threat to file a lawsuit against the local Government. The filmmakers hold the authorities responsible for the country's high piracy rates. They claim the government tolerated and even encouraged unauthorized downloading for years and want to see compensation as a result.