MPAA Reports Pirate Sites, Hosts and Ad-Networks to US Government

The MPAA has submitted a new list of “notorious websites” to the US Government. The list features a wide variety of pirate sites including The Pirate Bay, Gostream, and Rapidgator, and also mentions fully-loaded streaming boxes. For the first time, the overview also includes ad-networks, highlighting the Canadian company WWWPromoter as an example.

Porn Copyright Trolls Terrify 60-Year-Old But Age Shouldn’t Matter


As people get used to the wave of copyright trolling that has flooded the Internet in recent years, fewer cases hit the headlines. Every now and again, however, a special case appears, such as the one in Canada where a 60-year-old woman has been accused of downloading porn several times. She's reportedly terrified, but should age be the only defense against these scare tactics?

Iran Arrests Six Movie Pirates After Rival ‘Licensed’ Pirates Complain

Six people said to be the administrators of 'pirate' movie site Tinymoviez have been arrested by Iranian authorities. What makes the case unusual is that it's possible for such sites to be licensed by the state, to legally 'pirate' Hollywood content. It's reported that licensed 'pirate' site operators complained about their rival and the platform was partially shut down.

Supreme Court Denies Kim Dotcom’s Petition Over Seized Millions

The US Supreme Court has denied the petition of Kim Dotcom and his former Megaupload colleagues over millions of dollars in seized assets. While this means that all legal options in the US have been exhausted, Dotcom's legal team now plans to take the issue to New Zealand and Hong Kong, where most funds are being held.

‘New “DeUHD” Tool Can Rip UHD Blu-Ray Discs’

A Russian company has released a Windows application that claims to rip UHD Blu-ray discs. The tool, dubbed 'DeUHD,' currently supports a limited number of drives and discs but is the first commercially available application to decrypt AACS 2.0 protected discs.

EFF Warns Against Abusive Lawsuits Targeting Kodi Add-on Repository


The EFF is speaking out against abusive lawsuits from copyright holders that aim to expand copyright liability for neutral platforms, such as third-party Kodi add-on distributors. The digital rights group calls out two recent lawsuits against TVAddons where the operator of the service is being held accountable for offering downloads of open source add-ons.