Completely Ignoring the DMCA an Option for Torrent Sites?


Removing content when asked to by copyright holders enables file-sharing sites to comply with the DMCA and its European equivalents. However, with many large platforms now of interest to the police, is there any point in them complying with copyright law? Or does compliance ensure that sites live to fight…

Pirate Party Risks Future to Protect Hyperlinks


Earlier this week it was revealed that the Czech Pirate Party is being prosecuted for running a pirate TV show site. The party faces 200,000 euros in damages and could even be dissolved as a legal entity, but according to the chief of the party's International Department, defending Internet hyperlinking…

Strike Torrent Search Goes Open Source, After RIAA Debacle

The popular torrent search engine Strike has shut down permanently. Following a lawsuit from the RIAA, developer Andrew Sampson decided to stay away from torrent released projects. To mark the end of a turbulent period, he has now released the search engine's source code to the public.

Steal This Show S01E05: P2P takes on Ebay


Today we bring you the fifth episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode we talk with the co-founder of P2P marketplace Open Bazaar and the founder of torrent client Frostwire.

News Site Blocked By ISPs For Embedding Official YouTube Videos


A news site has just been blocked by Portugal's ISPs on copyright infringement grounds. Ultimate Music is operated by journalist Josep Vinaixa who publishes music industry news and sometimes embeds pop videos from YouTube. However, local anti-piracy outfit MAPiNET insists the site needs to buy a special license in order…

Copyright Infringing News Sites Raided and Shut Down

A division of the Italian government responsible for dealing with financial crime has raided and shut down 10 websites accused of illegally distributing subscription editorial content. Operation Phoenix has also resulted in the arrest of five individuals thus far, with a further five overseas websites blocked by attacking their DNS.

“Piracy Harms” Are Now Part of U.S. Education Law


Last month President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law, making $1 billion dollars available for educational technology spending. In addition, the new law ensures that educators are aware of the piracy harms new technologies introduce.