Spotify: Piracy May Surge Without a Freemium Option

Spotify is generally considered to be a piracy killer. Thanks to the company's ad-supported free tier it guarantees a smooth transition from the dark corners of the Internet to a fully licensed service. However, Spotify is now warning that without its freemium option, piracy may surge once again.

Court Orders 20 Big Piracy Sites Blocked in Denmark

Following a complaint filed by anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, 20 leading 'pirate' sites will soon be blocked in Denmark. The blocking order, handed down yesterday by a district court, will be respected by the country's leading ISPs following the signing of a piracy code of conduct in 2014.

Dallas Buyers Club Wants to Interrogate Suspected Pirates

The movie studio behind the movie Dallas Buyers Club continues to hunt alleged copyright infringers in the United States. In a new court filing the company explains the measures it takes identify the true pirates. As part of this strategy the filmmakers want the court to grant two hour depositions…

Indonesia Blocks The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, Others

After promising a strong response to piracy for several years, Indonesia has finally taken action against The Pirate Bay. Along with fellow torrent index, the site is among almost two dozen others now ordered by the Ministry of Communications to be blocked at the ISP level.

Movie Studio Sues Popcorn Time Users In The U.S.

The makers of "The Cobbler" movie have filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Oregon directed at 11 users of the popular Popcorn Time software. According to the filmmakers Popcorn Time doesn't have any reasonable legitimate use, something of which the users should have been aware.

Rightscorp’s DMCA Subpoena Effort Crashes and Burns

Rightscorp's efforts to unmask file-sharers using the DMCA has crashed and burned. After a federal judge ruled in favor of ISP Birch Communications and quashed the anti-piracy firm's subpoena, Rightscorp appealed the decision. Now the company has backed down, handing the ISP and privacy a big win.

Police Arrest Men For Spreading Popcorn Time Information

Police in Denmark have arrested the alleged operators of two Popcorn Time guide websites. The domains of both operations have also been seized by the authorities. The case is controversial in that both sites were Popcorn Time information resources and neither linked to copyright-infringing material.