Torrent Pioneers: isoHunt’s Gary Fung, Ten Years Later


In the fall of 2007, BitTorrent sites like isoHunt, Mininova, and TorrentSpy were dominating the Internet. Today they are all gone and their former operators have moved on. We talk to isoHunt's Gary Fung to see how he views those turbulent times and what he thinks about the current media landscape.

People Pay Pennies For Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Xbox Live & More


Forking out for every premium media service around is a hugely costly affair but some people are getting them all for just pennies each. That's thanks to so-called account generating platforms, where access to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, HBO, Xbox Live, EA Origin, TIDAL, WWE, and UFC, among dozens of others, cost next to nothing.

Corel Patents System to Monetize Software Piracy


Canadian software company Corel, known for iconic products such as CorelDRAW and Winzip, has a new anti-piracy patent. Instead of implementing tougher restrictions, the company proposes to reach out to pirates through a messaging system, offering 'amnesty' to those who are willing to pay up.

Musician’s White Noise YouTube Video Hit With Copyright Complaints

A music technologist who teaches in an Australian university music department has seen his self-generated ten-hour video containing white noise flagged by several copyright holders. Sebastian Tomczak informs TorrentFreak that all of the rightsholders chose to monetize his work, meaning that they're making money from his efforts, rather than him.

WebTorrent Desktop Hits a Million Downloads

WebTorrent Desktop is a multi-platform application that combines the best of BitTorrent with streaming, including casting support. It's a powerful combination that more and more people are discovering. This week the millionth application was downloaded and developer Feross Aboukhadijeh is hoping that a crowdfunding campaign will boost further development.

Dish Network Files Two Lawsuits Against Pirate IPTV Providers

Dish Network, a leading US TV provider with more than 13 million subscribers, is continuing its crackdown on unauthorized streaming services. In a pair of lawsuits filed in Maryland and Texas, Dish targets two illicit IPTV providers, claiming that each illegally captures and retransmits dozens of its channels to US citizens.

Google Blocks Pirate Search Results Prophylactically


Google is accepting "prophylactic" takedown requests to keep pirated content out of its search results. Caleb Donaldson, copyright counsel at Google, explains that the company is 'removing' infringing links before they are indexed. Aside from these novel features, the company also has high hopes for artificial intelligence.