Romanian Govt. Seizes Leading Pirate Site Domain


Romania, the country with Europe's fastest average Internet connection speeds, has stepped up its piracy crackdown. The Ministry of Justice says it has seized the domain of one of the country's most popular movie and TV show streaming sites as part of a criminal investigation.

BTDigg Shut Down Due to Torrent Spam, For Now

Popular torrent search engine BTDigg is showing signs of life after weeks of downtime. The site, which discovers new files through BitTorrent's Distributed Hash Table (DHT), blames spam torrents for the sudden shutdown. The site's operators will consider a comeback if they can find a way to deal with the…

NBC Universal Scores Patent to Detect and Target Pirates


NBC Universal has patented a new technology that can detect high volume file-sharing swarms, including those using BitTorrent. The system is set up to detect popular pirated files and gathers data that can be used for anti-piracy purposes, business intelligence, and to help ISPs relieve strain on their networks.

Fake Pirate Movies Annoy Pirates & Anti-Pirates Alike


Anti-piracy advocates are continuing to pile the pressure onto YouTube, this time from a quite unexpected angle. Bizarrely, the site is now under attack for allowing people to upload videos that send would-be pirates to scammy sites. But doesn't that help the cause?

Sony Pictures Tries to Censor Wikileaks With Dubious DMCA Notice


Daniel Yankelevits, one of the top legal executives at Sony Pictures Entertainment, has asked Google to remove a leaked email published by Wikileaks after the 2014 hack. The top executive used a copyright takedown notice to bury an email which exposes his personal salary, claiming "it's not right."

Shock: Copyright ‘Bullies’ Can Be Negotiated With


Copyright holders are often accused of making YouTube users' lives a misery, with their nonsense claims over supposedly infringing content. But while it's easy to feel victimized by these powerful groups, sometimes the most ridiculous claims are easily ironed out.

Fair Use Threatens Innovation, Copyright Holders Warn


Various music and movie industry groups have warned that fair use exceptions are a threat. The groups were responding to proposals put forward in Australia by the Government's Productivity Commission. They claim that content creators will be severely disadvantaged if fair use is introduced Down Under.