280 ‘Pirate’ Sites Have Been Restricted in Russia

Access to more than 280 'pirate' websites has been restricted in Russia since the introduction of an amended copyright law in 2013. In addition to The Pirate Bay and giant Ukrainian file-hosting site EX.ua, streaming sites including Primewire are also affected. Next week rightholders will apply for leading local torrent…

Cox Accuses Rightscorp of Mass Copyright Infringement

Internet provider Cox Communications has hit back at anti-piracy company Rightscorp. While denying responsibility for the alleged copyright infringements of its subscribers, Cox turns the tables, accusing Rightscorp of sharing thousands of copyrighted works without permission.

RIAA CEO: Piracy Notices Are Costly & Increasingly Pointless

The CEO and chairman of the RIAA says that the current notice and takedown anti-piracy process is both costly and increasingly pointless. Cary Sherman says the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA have forced labels into a "never-ending game" of whack-a-mole while sites under its protection effectively obtain a discount…

U.S. Uncovers Kim Dotcom’s Self-incriminating Skype Calls

After several years' delay the extradition hearing of Kim Dotcom finally got moving this morning in the Auckland District Court. Characterizing the case as one of straightforward fraud, Crown lawyer Christine Gordon QC likened Megaupload to a post office shipping drugs, one in which its owners were well aware of…

Pirate Bay Forum Knocked Offline by ICANN Complaint

The Pirate Bay's official SuprBay forum has gone dark after experiencing domain name problems. The forum's domain name registrar eNom suspended the site following an ICANN complaint over inaccurate Whois information, and the site remains offline for now.