Pornstar Takes Credit For Closure of World’s Largest Adult Torrent Site

In late April, Ukrainian authorities shut down Pornolab, the largest adult BitTorrent tracker in the world. Ostensibly the action was taken due to the site breaking strict laws designed to limit access to porn by minors, but a Russian pornstar has suggested otherwise. He claims that it was his complaints that led to the site going down not just once, but twice.

UK Govt Should Ignore the Copyright Lobby, Report Says

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A Government commissioned report has reviewed the current state UK copyright law. The review carried out by Professor Ian Hargreaves and a team of experts was published today. One of the main conclusions is that copyright laws have to adopt to the digital age. Among other things, this means that copying for personal use should […]

Library Boss Says Cutting Internet Would Solve Piracy Liability

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Last month New Zealand passed new legislation aimed at the reduction of illicit file-sharing. Rushed through both quickly and unexpectedly, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill put in place a 3 strikes-style regime. Internet service providers will initially send warning letters to alleged infringers and the country’s Copyright Tribunal will rule on cases of […]

Used Video Games Market More Damaging Than Piracy

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Lionhead, the developer of Fable III, has been explaining how the used games market on Xbox 360 is actually a bigger problem to the company than piracy on the PC platform. Speaking with Eurogamer, Fable III combat designer Mike West said that pirates work fast. “The pirates, whatever you do on whatever system, they will […]

BitTorrent Traffic Surges After LimeWire Shutdown

A new Internet traffic trends report released by the Canadian broadband management company Sandvine reveals that BitTorrent traffic is on the rise globally. More than half of all upstream traffic during peak hours in North America and Europe now comes from BitTorrent. The report further signals that the shutdown of LimeWire killed traffic generated by the Gnutella P2P network.

U.S. Bill To Criminalize Illicit Movie / Music Streaming

Three U.S. Senators have introduced a bill that would make streaming unauthorized music, movies and TV-shows a felony. The bill is said to address a gap in current legislation where streaming is not considered a criminal offense. The question is whether the new legislation is really needed though, as the authorities have already started several criminal investigations into movie streaming sites in recent months.

Nintendo Boss Sent Bricks In DRM Protest

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Controversy over Nintendos’s new Terms of Service (TOS) for its 3DS is heating up, particularly over the fact that the company is threatening to remotely destroy any devices that are found to be modified. Nintendo says that “any existing or future unauthorized technical modification of the hardware or software of your Nintendo 3DS System, or […]

Piracy Makes Book a Pre-Sale Blockbuster

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How do you top the sales lists at Amazon, a month before your book is released? Do you? A) Sign up with a major publisher,which may include signing over a substantial percentage of royalties, and possible debt-financing? B) Or release digital copies online and become a viral sensation? The answer is B, at least it […]