European Greens Want to Legalize File-Sharing, Ban DRM

The European Greens have released a landmark position paper that should guide their policies on copyright in the digital era. The overall theme is a reduction of the copyright monopoly to the benefit of consumers. Among other things the Greens want to legalize file-sharing for personal use, ban DRM entirely and restrict the copyright term to five years.

Get Invited to uTorrent Plus

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The uTorrent team just rolled out the invite only alpha release of uTorrent Plus. Plus is a paid version of the leading BitTorrent client that will enable users to convert videos and transfer files to external devices. It also comes with built in anti-virus, remote file-transfers and a built in media player. TorrentFreak readers, 500 […]

Pioneer One Nears Season Finale

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Last Spring, filmmakers Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith set themselves up with quite a challenge. They finished a script for the TV-series ‘Pioneer One‘, but instead of plugging it to traditional TV-companies the duo decided to fund and distribute it via the Internet. And so it happened. For the distribution and promotion the pair teamed […]

RapidShare Fights for “The Cloud” in Washington

It's common knowledge that the entertainment industry is lobbying extensively in Washington to get tougher copyright laws adopted. In a counter-move the file-hosting company RapidShare has hired lobbyists of its own. TorrentFreak got a chance to talk to RapidShare's general counsel Daniel Raimer, to find out what their main motives are and how open Washington is to their message.

NinjaVideo Founder Talks About Guilty Plea

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Hana Beshara, one of the founders of the popular NinjaVideo movie and TV show streaming site, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement last week. In the video below she talks about her plea and the future of the Ninja community, which she and the others intend to keep alive. “This is serious, folks, […]

VPN Providers Mull ‘Fraudster’ Database In Wake of Lulzec Fiasco

Last month it became clear that an alleged Lulzsec member who had carried out attacks on various organizations including Sony and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency, had used an 'anonymous' VPN service supplied by HideMyAss. According to documents obtained by TorrentFreak, VPN providers worried by the bad publicity are now considering data sharing to combat 'fraudsters'.

The Pirate Bay Adds Domain to Bypass Court Order

Showing how futile Internet censorship can be, The Pirate Bay has registered a new domain name to allow Belgian users to access the site and bypass a recent court order. For just a few dollars, The Pirate Bay should now be fully accessible in the future, and the site has already started redirecting Belgian users to their new home.

Are Pirates Freetards?

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The following is a guest column by Michael Neumann, philosophy teacher at a Canadian university. The Register’s Andrew Orlowski habitually calls illegal downloaders of music ‘freetards’. But if you’re going to label people tards of any sort, you ought to be able to think straight. Not so Orlowski, whose snarky asides conceal either inconsistencies or […]