Youtify: YouTube Meets Spotify

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As noted in our article at the weekend, YouTube has the potential to knock quite a hole in music piracy. However, while many people use YouTube to listen to music, the site’s presentation is naturally more suited to a video environment. Perhaps a Spotify-like interface would be preferable for those wanting to listen, not necessarily […]

Man Jailed For Camcorder-in-Glasses Movie Piracy

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A man will go to jail for 60 days following his guilty plea for somewhat innovative camcorder piracy. Samuel Arnold, Jr, a 37-year-old from Joliet, recorded the movie “Easy A” in a theater last year using a modified pair of sunglasses. According to the Will County state’s attorney’s office, Arnold was tracked down after posting […]

The Anatomy of a BitTorrent Piracy Settlement

Over the last year a handful of lawyers have sued close to two hundred thousand alleged BitTorrent users in the United States. Many of these cases were launched by so-called "copyright trolls" who have re-engineered piracy into a healthy revenue stream. Today, we reveal a critical part of this legal bullying by taking a closer look at a settlement proposal sent out by John Steele, one of the most active anti-piracy lawyers around.

Recording Industry Steps Back From Piracy Disconnections

In the wake of the UN report which described disconnecting citizens from the Internet as a breach of human rights, an anti-piracy group has made a somewhat surprising statement. Music Industry Piracy Investigations, which acts for dozens of labels including the Big Four, today said that while they support measures for dealing with infringement, that does not include "termination of Internet accounts."

Why Do You Pirate? A Database of Reasons

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There are many reasons why people may choose to access their media through file-sharing networks and services and a new website is aiming to collect them all. Pourquoi Je Pirate (Why I Pirate) is a French language site (easily understandable with Google translate) which is attempting to collect every reason why someone might be tempted […]

Pirate Party News Roundup May 2011

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It's been quite a busy month for the pirate parties around the world, so a recap of their activities wouldn't go amiss, especially as with the hectic pace of news this month, many have been overlooked. News comes from Canada, the UK, Germany, Tunisia and New Zealand.

Is YouTube Killing Music Piracy?

For years the top record label executives have been claiming that it's impossible to compete with free, but YouTube is proving them wrong. With billions of views every month the major record labels are making millions by sharing their music for free. For many people YouTube takes away the incentive to 'pirate,' but at the same time it may also cannibalise legal music sales.