Private Anti-Piracy Investigator Spills The Beans

All around the world Hollywood is influencing politics and law enforcement, mainly through local anti-piracy groups. Aside from lobbying, they also employ private investigators to track down and bust copyright infringers. Today, one of them spills the beans. Gavin "Tex" Warren reveals how he was instructed to boost statistics, link piracy to drug trafficking, and manipulate the police in order to secure more interest for the war on piracy.

Return Of The High Court And Low Court


If we have learned anything from the wars over the copyright monopoly, it is that the high court and low court have returned. Being equal before the law is a key cornerstone of our society that people don't even pretend is reality anymore.

Music Royalty Collectors Accused of Copyfraud

German music royalty collecting agency GEMA has once again stepped up to enforce their strict copyright regime. But this time they picked the wrong target. The group mistakenly demanded money from the nonprofit organization Musikpiraten for publishing five Creative Commons licensed tracks. Musikpiraten is baffled by the false claim and is considering filing a complaint for copyfraud.

The RIAA Took My Computer Away!!

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Earlier this week we wrote how music piracy is decreasing thanks to Spotify. In the article we posted a screenshot of the Spotify interface playing “The RIAA Took My Computer Away” from the band ‘My Son The Bum.’ This didn’t go unnoticed to the band, and Brian Kroll was kinds enough to get in touch […]

Politician Violates His Own Two-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan

A few days ago Siegfried Kauder, Chairman of the Legal Committee of the German Parliament, announced a plan to introduce a two-strikes model for persistent pirates. After two warnings, Internet users would lose their Internet access to protect the interests of copyright holders. However, it now turns out that the politician himself might be the first to be disconnected as his website features copyrighted photos that were lifted without permission.

Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Set To Plague Australia

After reaching more than 3.6 million targeted individuals in Germany, in excess of 200,000 in the United States and having planted the seeds of further extortion-like activities in Canada, Australia is the next target for the file-sharing settlement lawyers. According to a report from one of the country's leading ISPs, thousands of Australians will soon be receiving pay-up-or-else letters for allegedly sharing movies using BitTorrent.

Phara, Queen of NinjaVideo, Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy and Copyright Infringement

Hana Beshara, one of the founders of the popular NinjaVideo movie and TV show streaming site, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement. Better known online by her pseudonym Phara and by site members as their "Queen", Beshara will be sentenced in January and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison on each count.