BitComet Goes 64-Bit With New Release

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BitComet came out with a news release of their client, and as the first of all major BitTorrent clients it offers a stable 64-bit version. The 64-bit version allows for larger disk caches, something that may benefit the heavy-duty downloaders among us. “Our beta testing has shown the 64-bit version to be at least as […]

Sleeping With The Enemy: Working For The Pirate Hunters


Even happily employed people give the 'positions vacant' columns an idle scan every now again. But what if a job unexpectedly came up that seemed tailored to your very skill set, involving work you could do standing on your head? If the pay and conditions were good, would you consider it? Maybe. But what if that meant 'sleeping with the enemy'? Could you become an MPAA file-sharing investigator?

Copyright Is Like QWERTY: Locked-In and Retrospective

The term 'path dependence' is generally used to describe the development of technological standards and how they ‘lock in’ a given technical solution. The QWERTY keyboard is often given as an example of path dependence - the fact that the costs of changing the keyboard to a better, more efficient solution, hinders change. The same can be said about much of the copyright legislation today, but then at the expense of privacy and other rights.

Copyright Troll Has Domain Seized

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Righthaven has made a business out of scouring the net for websites that have used even the smallest parts of their partner newspapers’ materials and then threatening them with legal action. Very often this results in their victims having to pay thousands of dollars in settlements and in some cases even being forced to hand […]

TVShows: Mac TV Torrent Application Quits

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TVShows, the handy TV-downloading application for Mac users, is no more. We first covered the application in early 2007, and in the years that followed it gathered a healthy user base. However, the developers decided to quit, for a quite unusual reason; they don’t want people to pirate anymore. Below is an excerpt of the […]

How Tracy Morgan Justifies His Piracy Habit

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The American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan can be hilarious at times, and in the process he also talks sense every now and then. At least on the surface. Here’s what the Twitter addict came up with today… He leaves out that 95% of all musicians can barely pay their rent, but still.

Google, MPAA and isoHunt Clash in Court

Last year the BitTorrent search engine isoHunt filed an appeal in their case with the MPAA. With the appeal isoHunt hopes to overturn a District Court ruling that obligates the site to operate an MPAA-approved censorship filter. The case is still ongoing and the Appeal Court has now granted Google the opportunity to chime in as well, leading to critical comments from both the MPAA and isoHunt.