Danish ISPs to Fight the Pirate Bay Block

A Danish court has ruled that all Danish ISPs have to deny their users access to The Pirate Bay. Most broadband providers are not too happy with this unbalanced decision, and three of them have already announced that they will take it to the Supreme Court.

TorrentSpy to Appeal in MPAA Court Case

TorrentSpy, once the most frequently visited BitTorrent site, has appealed the ruling in their case against the MPAA. Last year, they were ordered to pay a $110 million fine after the court terminated the case, but TorrentSpy's lawyer Ira Rothken believes that the issues at stake warrant an appeal.

The Pirate Bay Maps Out its Tracker Connections

The Pirate Bay has just released a Google-powered map of the tracker connections per country. The map is only the start of a much larger project that will cover more detailed statistics on the tracker's users. However, it already reveals some interesting data.

Code Aims to Quell New Zealand “3 Strikes” Fears

The Telecommunications Carriers Forum (TCF) which represents ISPs and telecoms companies in New Zealand has drafted a code of practice which outlines the manner in which the new Section 92 "3 Strikes" regime should be handled by its members. It aims to dampen the many fears of Internet users.

One in Three Broadband Subscribers is a Pirate

A recently published survey found that one third of all broadband Internet subscribers worldwide admits to having downloaded movies or TV-shows illegally. The majority of these downloaders are well aware that their habits are illegal, but it doesn't play on their conscience.

Get Into 200+ Private BitTorrent Sites

Getting an account at a good private BitTorrent tracker can be quite a challenge. Some people make a habit out of it, checking dozens of torrent sites every day. Others prefer more automated ways, such as using trackerchecker, a website that monitors over 500 private BitTorrent trackers.

Eircom Customers Wide Open to Erroneous Disconnection

Eircom, the Irish ISP that agreed to disconnect alleged file-sharers at the behest of the music industry, has thousands of customers still exposed to a serious security hole. The flaw, which affects up to 250,000 subscribers, could mean they are wrongly accused of something they didn't do. Thanks to Eircom,…