Nobody Asked For A Refrigerator Fee


I live in Stockholm, Sweden. A hundred years ago, one of the largest employers in the city was a company named Stockholm Ice. Their business was as straightforward as it was necessary: help keep perishable food edible for longer by distributing cold in a portable format.

The Failed Battle To Stop The World’s First Camcorder Pirates

Despite many crackdowns over the years, camcorder piracy is still alive and bringing the latest blockbusters to the masses. What is perhaps less well-known is that this is not a new phenomenon. There are documented instances of camming dating back to just after World War I. Cammers in 1920 were as cunning as their modern-day counterparts and had to contend with surprisingly sophisticated anti-piracy measures.

A Sculpture of Pirated Files: “5 Million Dollars 1 Terrabyte”

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Here’s a piece of art you don’t see every day. Or perhaps some do. The sculpture pictured below consists of a 1 terabyte external hard drive loaded with pirated files. Among other files the drive contains several Adobe titles, a Nintendo DS Rom Collection and a Science Text Book Collection The files were (allegedly) downloaded […]

German Pirate Party On Course to Election Win

With the elections for the Berlin state parliament just four weeks away, the German Pirate Party is on course to an impressive election win. A recent poll shows that support for the Pirate Party is growing, and with 4.5 percent of the votes the pirates are getting close to the minimum 5 percent needed to enter parliament with several seats.

Anti-Piracy Bill Set To Cost Taxpayers $47m To 2016

PROTECT IP, the U.S. government's legislation to target individuals and domains connected with allegations of copyright infringement, is set to cost millions of dollars to enforce. According to a Congressional Budget Office estimate, PROTECT IP - which is designed to benefit US-based entertainment companies - will cost the taxpayer a cool $47m between 2012 and 2016.

EFF Joins TorrentFreak’s Open Wi-Fi Debate

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Are you responsible if complete strangers use your Wi-Fi connection to download copyrighted content? We asked two copyright lawyers this question, and both came out with a different opinion. Nicholas Ranallo said NO, but Marc Randazza disagreed and said YES. The Electronic Frontier Foundation initially watched the ‘debate’ from a distance but has now weighed […]

RIAA Targets YouTube Over Leaked Britney Spears Concert

As part of an investigation the RIAA has filed a declaration at a federal court in California to obtain the personal details of one of YouTube's users. Through the legal action against YouTube, the RIAA hopes to find out more about the person who uploaded a recording of Britney Spears' concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.