Report April Fools ICE Domain Seizures Here

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As we publish this article, a few dozen owners of smaller torrent sites, file-sharing blogs and other piracy related websites are rubbing their hands with excitement. They planned the most brilliant April fools joke in history, one that will soon shock their visitors. They – clever as they are – came up with the idea […]

Music Industry Lobbyist Becomes Europe’s Copyright Boss

Over the years many pro-copyright groups have lobbied extensively for harsher anti-piracy legislation. In Europe, this task may now become a little easier, as a former music industry lobbyist has been appointed as the head of a unit that deals with copyright and enforcement issues at the European Commission. Among other things, the former IFPI employee will be tasked with pushing through the ACTA trade agreement.

Wolverine Uploader Pleads Guilty, Set to See Out 2011 in Jail

In 2009 an unfinished copy of the latest in the X-Men movie series hit the Internet. The controversy was unprecedented and as expected the leak has since been thoroughly milked by Hollywood, who even referencing it in a failed case against a BitTorrent tracker. As the claimed original uploader now officially pleads guilty, he faces seeing out 2011 in jail. But after months of FBI investigations, unsurprisingly, no one else faces any charges.

MPAA Applauds U.S. Government for Domain Seizures

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The domain seizures by The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been widely reported in recent months. While a lot of people, press and politicians have criticized the actions, the MPAA and its partners are very pleased with the outcome. The Hill reports that a group of movie […]

Prominent Torrent Site ‘Scamvertiser’ Calls It Quits

Those in the entertainment industries would have people believe that it's impossible to compete with 'free', that if someone offers something for nothing then charging a fee for the same product becomes hugely difficult. But for years companies have made a business out of doing just that, selling access to otherwise free file-sharing software. However, with little to no explanation, one of the market leaders has suddenly shut down, cutting off funding to many file-sharing related sites.

Movie Studio Sues BitTorrent Swarm in Civil Conspiracy Suit

As the dozens of mass-lawsuits against BitTorrent users move through the U.S. courts, lawyers are slowly optimizing their strategies. This week an interesting case was filed at the Southern California District Court, as the movie studio Liberty Media filed a lawsuit against a BitTorrent swarm, "Swarm of November 16, 2010" to be precise.

TorrentFreak TV: The Music Industry Is Alive!!

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Here’s a brand new episode of TorrentFreak TV, bringing you a recap of the latest torrent news. Made by the lovely people at As always, we’re looking forward to your commentary. For questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the crew at [email protected] We encourage contributions from viewers! If you want receive automatic updates […]

Yahoo! Messenger Censors FilesTube Links

Censoring the Internet on behalf of the entertainment industries appears to be a growing trend. Talks about Internet blocklists, domain seizures of alleged pirate sites, and Google's proactive filter of "infringing" searches are just a few examples. Today it appears that Yahoo! has hopped on the bandwagon with its censoring of links to FilesTube, one of the largest media search engines.