What Would God Say About File-Sharing?


The file-sharing, copyright and piracy debate continues to burn just as aggressively today as it did with the dawn of Napster. When compared to the seemingly endless wars of words over religion, however, it's only just begun, but the opposing sides in both debates seem equally polarized. So, for an argument that will probably never end, let's bring them both together.

“The Pirate Bay Really Sucks,” Says Co-Founder

Pirate Bay co-founder and former spokesperson Peter Sunde gave a talk at the Campus Party 2010, where he went over the site's history and how it became the number one enemy of Hollywood and the music industry. Aside from reminiscing about some classic pranks and the famous raid on The Pirate Bay's servers, Peter said that he hoped the site would be soon replaced by something better, as it really sucks.

UK Movie Cammer Faces Jail Sentence

A man has been charged with fraud and copyright offenses after being accused of camcording several Hollywood flicks, including the Jennifer Aniston movie The Bounty Hunter. Unlike other countries around the world, recording a movie in a theater is not specifically illegal in the UK so considering the serious nature of the charges, why is this man facing a potential jail sentence?

TV Station Hosts Pirated Copy Of Fringe

The Czech private television station TV Prima has been caught hosting pirated episodes of the TV-series Fringe on their web server. If that wasn't awkward enough, Fringe does air in the Czech Republic, but on a competing TV station.

Verizon and AT&T Ban BitTorrent On Wireless Networks


A recent Net Neutrality proposal from Google and Verizon has dominated the news this week, with opponents claiming that the deal would kill Net Neutrality on wireless (cellular) networks. What hasn't been mentioned thus far, however, is that BitTorrent and other types of evil traffic have already been banned for years by Verizon, AT&T and others.

Anti-Piracy Failure Takes Down Creative Commons Videos

An anti-piracy group has caused a storm of controversy by taking down movies it has no rights to. GVU successfully ordered video hosting site Vimeo to take down several Creative Commons videos created by a freelance journalist and an independent filmmaker. The anti-piracy tracking company hired by GVU claims that its technology failed.

KickassTorrents Taken Down After Copyright Concerns

KickassTorrents, one of the fastest growing and most visited torrent sites on the Internet, has been pulled offline after an inquiry from the Ukrainian authorities. The site's main server was shut down and the site's founder and his team are currently setting up shop outside the country. KickassTorrents is expected to return in a few days, TorrentFreak was told.