Jury Clears Members of Notorious Music Piracy Group

Two members of the Scene release group "Rabid Neurosis" (RNS) have been found not guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. The case, which emphasized the group's role in making albums available before the official release date, was the result of a major music piracy investigation in the US.

UK Anti-Piracy Lawyers Threaten File-Sharing Forum

ACS:Law have been making news headlines damaging to their reputation ever since they started sending out thousands of threatening letters to alleged file-sharers in the UK. Now they are threatening to sue Slyck.com, one of the Internet's oldest file-sharing forums, because they don't like what members have written about them.

Why Google Made BitTorrent a Success

BitTorrent is undoubtedly the most efficient way to share large files on the Internet. The key to BitTorrent's widespread adoption can nevertheless not be exclusively attributed to its technical superiority. Much of BitTorrent's success lies in the fact that it is web-based, easy to monetize and indexed by Google.

Public Figures Protest Digital Economy Bill in Open Letter

A group of prominent public figures have published an open letter protesting the undemocratic methods likely to be used to push through the Digital Economy Bill. They argue that by passing controversial elements such as disconnections and site blocking without proper scrutiny, faith in politicians wall fall even further.

Court Shuts ShareConnector Down For Good

In the early 2000s ShareConnector was once of the largest P2P index sites, until it was raided in 2004. Since then the operator of the site has been going through various legal battles in the hope of getting his site back up. This week that dream came to an end when a court decided that the site has to stay closed for good.

Massive Protest Against UK Anti-Piracy Bill

As Feargal Sharkey, head of UK Music, speaks of his confidence that the massively controversial Digital Economy Bill will be passed before the general election, the Open Rights Group has revealed that in the last 3 days more than 10,000 outraged citizens have written to MPs demanding a debate on the issue.

Police Shut Down ‘Russian Rapidshare’

Russian police have raided a datacenter hosting iFolder.ru, a huge Rapidshare-like site. Their paperwork allowed them to search and gather evidence against a user who uploaded illegal material to the site. Although staff offered 100% co-operation, the police cut the power and sealed the servers in the datacenter, putting iFolder completely out of operation.