KickassTorrents Reveals BitTorrent Search Trends

The up and coming torrent indexer KickassTorrents has launched a new search trends feature. Users can use it to browse through the most popular search phrases for any given day or month to find out what's wanted by other BitTorrent users. Some interesting trends and old habits are revealed by the new feature.

Pirate Bay Uploader Raided By Anti-Piracy Group

A Pirate Bay user in his 20's who uploaded a screener copy of a movie has been tracked down and raided by the same anti-piracy group that recently shut down the EliteBits BitTorrent tracker. Although the man seems to have uploaded only four movies, the group is labeling him "a big fish".

MooZar Aims To Turn Pirates Into Paying Customers

The operators of MooZar, a new service set to launch at the end of February, believe they have the solution to the file-sharing piracy 'problem'. Illicit downloaders can apparently go to their site, pay some money and feel happy in the knowledge that they've supported the artist. Controversially, there are suggestions they won't get sued either.

New Anti-Piracy Task Force Set To Pressure File-Sharers

In order to step up the pressure on illicit file-sharers and others that violate intellectual property laws, Swedish police and prosecutors are heading up a new specialist team of investigators to deal with infringements. Team members will be designated their own areas but will also be able to operate nationally.

Olympics Opening Ceremony a Hit On BitTorrent

Despite efforts to prevent coverage of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony from leaking online, the broadcast is widely available on BitTorrent, downloaded by thousands of people. Most of the downloaders are from the host country Canada, closely followed by the United States.

Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde Starts Money Sharing Site

After resigning as The Pirate Bay's spokesperson, Peter Sunde was left with some extra time to spend on his side projects. One of these ventures is Flattr, a social micropayment system for people who share content on the Internet, which just launched in Beta.

TV-Links Triumphs With Landmark E-Commerce Directive Ruling

In 2007, while attention was focused on the OiNK bust, TV-Links, a site which embedded videos from YouTube-like sites, was targeted by the police and the MPAA-funded FACT anti-piracy group. Not only was OiNK admin Alan Ellis recently acquitted, but in a landmark ruling both TV-Links defendants have also won their case.