Supreme Court Rules File-Sharer’s Identity Handed To Movie Companies

After two appeals, a file-sharing case in Norway with important privacy implications has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. The whole process has been shrouded in secrecy, with the results of each stage kept from the public. Now the final decision has been made available and for both file-sharers and privacy advocates alike, the result is unwelcome.

UK Rejects ACTA Calls To Criminalize Illicit File-Sharing

Following revelations from a leaked ACTA document that participating countries would be expected to bring in a system of monetary fines and jail sentences for those who share files without authorization, the UK has ruled out such a response. The government has announced that it feels such penalties are inappropriate for dealing with petty copyright infringers.

TorrentFreak TV S02E07, Shorter and Better

TorrentFreak TV is back again, slightly shorter, but hopefully with more frequent releases to keep you updated on the wonderful world of file-sharing. The latest episode features the US plans to crack down on piracy, Limewire's plans to go legit and much more.

BitTorrent Only TV-Show Becomes Huge Success

Supported by many BitTorrent sites and other major players in the P2P-scene, the exclusive BitTorrent release of the first episode of Pioneer One has become a huge success. With more than a million downloads in two weeks, and over $20,000 in donations to work on future episodes, the project's success has exceeded the expectations of its makers.

Pirate Party to Run Pirate Bay from Swedish Parliament

After their former hosting provider received an injunction telling it to stop providing bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, the worlds most resilient BitTorrent site switched to a new ISP. That host, the Swedish Pirate Party, made a stand on principle. Now they aim to take things further by running the site from inside the Swedish Parliament.

Finnish BitTorrent Admins Receive 680,000 Euro Fine

Seven operators of the Finnish BitTorrent site Finreactor have been ordered to pay a total of 680,000 euros in damages to copyright holders for their role in the distribution of copyrighted files. The admins, several of whom were underage when they were involved with the site, were seen as essential parts of an illegal network.

Fed-Busted Movie Site Informed Of Investigation Months Ago

As part of a new initiative cracking down on Internet piracy and counterfeiting, yesterday the U.S. government took action against nine web portals suspected of streaming of first-run movies. Not only were domain names targeted, but assets seized from bank, PayPal and other accounts. One site, NinjaVideo, was warned by TorrentFreak months ago they were being watched.

IsoHunt Partners US Attorney General to Ban Child Porn

BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is the first foreign website to partner with New York Attorney General Cuomo in an effort to keep the Internet clean from child pornography. By using the Attorney General's hash value database to filter its search results, isoHunt will prevent thousands of images from spreading on BitTorrent.