First European Anti-Piracy Disconnection: The Finnish Government

The Internet connection belonging to the Provincial Government of Ã…land in Finland has been disconnected following action by the anti-piracy outfit CIAPC. This disconnection, ordered by a court, may mark the first time an Internet connection has been severed in Europe for anti-piracy reasons.

BitTorrent Community Mourns as Tracker Founder Passes Away

Last month, TorrentFreak had the pleasure of interviewing Merrin, the founder of the 150,000 member MVGroup tracker. It is with great sadness that we bring the news that after a long struggle against increasing health problems, Merrin has passed away, aged just 31.

Best-Selling Author Turns Piracy into Profit

Paulo Coelho, author of books such as "The Alchemist" and "The Witch of Portobello", sold over 100 million books last year. In part, he puts this success down to BitTorrent, as he saw a huge increase in sales when his books appeared on sites such as The Pirate Bay. We…

IFPI Advises Kids to Use LimeWire and Kazaa

Together with the charity Childnet, IFPI recently launched a campaign to educate kids, teachers and parents about the dangers of filesharing. Ironically, the legal alternatives they suggest direct the kids to LimeWire, Kazaa and sites that sell hardcore adult movies.

Shareaza Stands Up To Scammers: “We’re fighting back!”

After falling victim to a domain and brand hijacking, Shareaza is fighting back at the scammers, assisted by the Software Freedom Law Centre, the EFF and Richard Stallman. In further great news for BitTorrent fans, Shareaza will introduce improved BitTorrent support into version 3 of the application.

Victorious BitTorrent Tracker to Return

Rounding off a series of court decisions and actions regarding BitTorrent sites, users will have something to celebrate. The BitTorrent tracker favored by Icelandic downloaders, has won yet again in Court, and the site will reopen May 16th.

BitTorrent Shrugs Off Massive Malware Attack

Described as "One of the most prevalent pieces of malware in the last three years," the Downloader-UA.h trojan is running wild on P2P networks. But thanks to its system strength - and the work of torrent site moderators - such outbreaks are shrugged off by BitTorrent.