Illegal Downloads 150x More Profitable Than Legal Sales

Unlike most people might think, piracy is not necessarily a bad thing for copyright holders. In fact, German pirate-tracking outfit DigiRights Solutions shows that copyright holders can earn 150 times more money from illicit downloads than from iTunes and other legal stores.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 4 – BitTorrent Deals “Irrelevant”

Yesterday, lawyers for Aussie ISP iiNet argued in court that the movie studios, represented in the case by AFACT, had a commercial relationship with Now in day four of the trial, the studios have hit back, accusing iiNet of withholding information and focusing on the "legally irrelevant".

Anti-Pirates Try to Nail The Pirate Bay with Faked Evidence

In August, Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN won its case against The Pirate Bay, and the court ordered the defendants to block access to Dutch visitors. The case was appealed today and rightly so. It appears that the evidence presented by BREIN was faked in an attempt to mislead the court.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 3 – Studios Promoted BitTorrent

As the court case between anti-piracy group AFACT and ISP iiNet moves into its third day, an interesting element to the ISPs defense has been revealed. iiNet claims that the studios had contractual agreements with BitTorrent Inc, and even promoted their companies on, a confusing situation for potential downloaders.

Copyright Drama Prevents Artist From Sharing Music on MySpace

Efforts by Warner Music to prevent music piracy have gone so far that indie artist Edwyn Collins is unable to share one of his own tracks on MySpace. In a response to the copyright drama, Collins' manager explains that file-sharers are not the problem, but the labels themselves.

AFACT v iiNet: BitTorrent Piracy Claims “Artificially Inflated”

Today marked the second day of court action between several film and TV studios against Aussie ISP iiNet. The studios said the ISP knew about and could have done more to halt nearly 95,000 infringements. iiNet hit back, claiming AFACT's figures had been artificially inflated by a flawed process.

The Pirate Bay Relocates to a Nuclear Bunker

The Pirate Bay is going on a road trip through Europe, one they hope to end today in a former NATO bunker. After a move from Sweden to the Ukraine, The Pirate Bay has now arrived at CyberBunker, an ISP that can provide them with a facility that can resist a nuclear attack as well as electromagnetic pulse bombs.

TorrentFreak TV Season 2 Kicks Off

After six months of absence, a brand new season of TorrentFreak TV starts today. This week's episode covers The Pirate Bay drama, Rapidshare, Tucker Max, BitLet and a whole lot more.