Porn Company Rejects Mass Lawsuits, Goes After Torrent Sites

The growing trend for some porn companies is to get into bed with a law firm and go down the mass litigation route against users in the hope of extracting millions of dollars in cash settlements. However, one leading company says that the process has difficulties and is not as straightforward as advertised. So this year, instead of chasing file-sharers they will go after torrent sites instead.

EZTV Crowdsources New Design, New Features Coming

EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, but unlike other BitTorrent sites it has no income stream. All the costs are paid out of the pockets of the site's owner, which is a costly hobby with 30 million visitors a month. So now the site is planning to roll out several new features along with a request for help from the public to come up with a new design.

Apple Users Forced to Pirate VLC Player? Whatever Next?

Last year, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users were delighted to learn that VLC media player had become available for their device via the App Store. But now, thanks to a licensing and copyright dispute, that particular party has been cut short and the software pulled offline. Bizarrely, the only way people can get this free and open source software now is to pirate it. You couldn't make it up.

Pirate Party Members Arrested in Tunisian Censorship Revolt

A censorship war has unfolded on the streets and on the Internet in Tunisia over the past weeks. Freedom of speech activists are demanding less censorship regarding the country's growing social unrest, but instead of giving in the Government is shutting down the blogs of activists and critics, as well as talking over Gmail and Facebook accounts. The situation took a turn for the worse this week when several net activists, bloggers and members of The Pirate Party were arrested…

Biggest Ever BitTorrent Piracy Settlement is Intriguing

After being tracked as the original uploader of at least six pornographic movies to various torrent sites, an East Coast man found himself in the middle of a lawsuit last month. Then, just four days later, it was all over. Without putting up any kind of a fight he agreed to pay a record settlement of $250,000. Unusual? You bet. But the devil, as they say, is in the detail.

Claim: ISP Identified Non-Subscriber In Troubled File-Sharing Case

Last year when thousands of Internet users had their privacy breached due to the actions of ACS:Law, watchdog Privacy International said it would pursue the anti-piracy law firm for breaching the Data Protection Act. Now, in PI's 2010 report, there is a suggestion that BSkyB "contaminated" subscriber information it sent to ACS:Law, which led to someone being accused of piracy who had no broadband account with BSkyB.

Pirate Party Slams Anti-Piracy Outfit for Filing ‘Illegal’ Complaints

Wearing "Piracy is Illegal" T-shirts and carrying several boxes of complaints against file-sharers, a group of movie industry representatives showed up at the Attorney General's Office doorstep in Portugal this week. By clogging the judicial system they hope to raise awareness of widespread online movie piracy. However, this ideal may backfire as the local Pirate Party believes that the actions of anti-piracy activists may very well be illegal.