Leaked Document Reveals Eircom Deal With Irish RIAA

This month Ireland’s largest ISP will assist with an anti-piracy campaign against its own customers. After making a deal with IRMA, Ireland's answer to the RIAA, Eircom will first warn alleged copyright infringers before ultimately disconnecting them. Now, in what appears to be a leaked document, the entire groundbreaking deal is outlined.

BREIN Holds Fire On Dutch Pirate Bay Block

Two weeks ago the Amsterdam Court ruled that The Pirate Bay must cease all operations in The Netherlands. The case, brought by the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, will be appealed by the defendants. Their newly found lawyer has already got BREIN to agree that the site will remain accessible to Dutch users for the time being.

Axxo Returns to Mininova, Or Does He?

When the popular DVD ripper aXXo stopped releasing new torrents earlier this year many loyal fans were left disappointed. After nearly five months of absence early indications seemed to indicate that he's back in business. However, those who look closer will notice that something is amiss.

Torrage: World’s First Torrent Storage Service

This week the world's first torrent hosting service was born. Named Torrage, the sole purpose of the site is to provide a platform where both individual users and large torrent indexers can host their torrents. It is currently in use by EZTV as well as the former BitTorrent giant Suprnova and the makers hope that others will follow.

Kyrgyzstan’s Biggest Torrent Site Shutdown By Police

Torrent.kg, the biggest torrent site in the Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, has been shut down on allegations of copyright infringement. The police seized the site's servers pending an investigation, but in the meantime the country now has its own version of OpenBitTorrent to keep the torrents flowing.

EliteTorrents Admin Finally Free After Dark Four Years

After being jailed for his part in uploading a pre-released Star Wars Episode III in 2005, the admin of the EliteTorrents BitTorrent tracker is finally a free man. Around 3 weeks ago Scott was removed from the US government's monitor list and he now shares his thoughts with TorrentFreak.

GGF Plans Torrent Site Assimilation

Global Gaming Factory (GGF) is set to acquire The Pirate Bay by the end of August, but once the deal is closed they will set their sights on other torrent sites, in the hope of expanding their business even further. In time, GFF hopes to buy as many torrent sites as possible and turn them into 'legit' businesses.

The Pirate Bay to be Traded on NASDAQ

The future Pirate Bay owners have big plans for the site and according to the CEO there is no doubt that the sale will go through. Since most interest thus far has come from the US, the company plans to get a listing at the NASDAQ, making it easier for people to trade stock in addition to files.