Norbits Hackers Threaten to Release User Info

Norbits, the largest Norwegian BitTorrent tracker is going through some rough times. For several days now, the site has been offline due to a DDoS attack. The site has allegedly been hacked by a group called MORRADi, which is threatening to publish all IPs and more information on the users,…

Pirate Party Official Raided after Uncovering State Trojan

The spokesperson of the German Pirate Party saw his house raided after the party published a leaked document which showed that the government uses a homemade "trojan" to wiretap Skype conversations. In addition, a server from another party member was seized.

Danish ISPs Reject Anti-Piracy Proposals

Danish ISPs have rejected proposals from the IFPI for a "3-strikes and you're out" policy to deal with illicit file-sharers. In a joint statement, the telecoms companies said that they would not be a part of "detection and monitoring" activities and that the solution to piracy should come from elsewhere.

BitTorrent Uploader Escapes Jail, Loses Job

Another member of EliteTorrents has been sentenced. An Duc Do, an uploader on the site and former student of Drexel University, yesterday escaped jail but was sentenced to 3 years probation, a $15,000 fine and 400 hours of community service instead. As a result he loses his job at Lockheed…

Football Fans Eye World Cup Piracy Options

Last week, football fans in the UK were disappointed after satellite broadcaster Setanta failed to reach a deal with free-to-air terrestrial channels to show England's World Cup qualifier against Croatia. Of course, availability isn't something that affects those wishing to view the match via unauthorized sources.

MediaDefender, One Year After the Email Leak

Exactly a year ago, the anti-piracy company MediaDefender was put to shame after a hacker gained access to their systems. Many of the deepest secrets of the company were published online, and now, twelve months on, the company is walking the plank to bankruptcy as its shares are worth less…

BitTorrent to Speed up Game Distribution

BitTorrent Inc. has partnered with two major online game providers, providing technology to accelerate the downloads of clients and patches. BitTorrent Inc. sees the online games space as one of their target markets, as there is a lot of bandwidth to be saved.