Former Movie Piracy Scene Member Speaks Out


To many people the movie piracy Scene is something mythical or at least hard to comprehend. Who are these people who are the source for the majority of the pirated movies online? In a rare conversation, TorrentFreak had the chance to pick the brain of a former member of one of the world's largest movie piracy groups, who speaks out about pride, ego, money and the changes that the Scene has gone through in recent years.

UFC Attacks Pirate Site, Owner Defiant, Refuses To Submit

As the Ultimate Fighting Championship continues its aggressive anti-piracy stance, it has now stepped up to take another site offline. Following various takedown requests, UFC applied pressure to the host of Wrestle Zone, a site indexing UFC content. Although the site's German ISP caved in and took the site offline, its owner is utterly defiant and is taunting the UFC with an immediate comeback and a guarantee that he will never submit.

Leaked DVD Screener of The Social Network A BitTorrent Hit


The Social Network tells the dramatized story of the founders of Facebook, the number one social-networking site that was launched in 2004. The film premiered nearly three weeks ago, and since then many BitTorrent users have been waiting for a decent pirated copy to appear online. Yesterday, the waiting was over and tens of thousands of people immediately fired up their torrent clients to grab a leaked DVD Screener of the movie.

Court Slams Music Pirate With Huge Fine – of $41.00

A young man, who as a teenager file-shared two music tracks, has finally discovered his fate. After rightsholders demanded damages of 600 euros ($828) the case dragged through the legal system. After nearly five years a court in Germany has just published its decision. It ruled that the damages demands of the rightsholders were excessive and instead ordered the defendant to pay 30 euros ($41.00) damages.

Dozens of Great Alternatives To LimeWire

After more than a decade of loyal service, LimeWire was shut down yesterday by a U.S. Court. As LimeWire was one of the world's most used P2P-applications, the shutdown affected millions of people, mostly casual downloaders. Luckily for them, there are plenty of alternatives and potential replacements former LimeWire users can choose from.

Torrent Site Launches VPN to Counter France’s Anti-Piracy Law

With the introduction of its three-strikes law, France has positioned itself at the forefront of the 'war on piracy'. Under the new Hadopi legislation, alleged copyright infringers will be hunted down systematically, but not if it's up to France's largest torrent site. In a counter-move the Smartorrent team recently launched a VPN service, and nearly 2500 users of the site have already signed up for an account.

LimeWire Shuts Down After Losing Court Battle With The RIAA

The Gnutella-based download client LimeWire has ceased all its operations after a U.S. federal judge granted a request from the RIAA. Limewire was ordered to disable all functionalities in the current application to prevent users from sharing copyrighted material. The verdict is expected to have an unprecedented impact on the P2P file-sharing landscape.

Angry Developer Transforms Anti-Piracy System Into Music Download Site

After failing to do business with some of the leading companies in the entertainment sector, a developer has turned from gamekeeper to poacher. As a protest against what he describes as big business support for online piracy, the dev has transformed his anti-piracy system into a pretty snappy music download site and says he won't turn it off until his demands are met.