MediaDefender Virus Scam Targets Torrent Site Users

During the last few days a virus scam targeting torrent site users has reappeared. Internet users receive an email informing them they have been monitored by anti-piracy company MediaDefender on various torrent sites. Although a log file is included to 'prove' infringements, it contains what is being described as a "banking trojan".

ISPs Doubt Accuracy of Anti-Piracy Evidence

Lawyers ACS:Law and their anti-piracy partners Logistep are currently harassing around 6,000 alleged file-sharers, demanding £665 from each to make threats of legal action go away. In yet another blow to their tenuous claims, ISP association ISPA says that its members are "not confident" that the evidence accurately identifies infringers.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent


The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, ‘Knowing’ tops the chart this week for the second week in a row followed by 'The Haunting in Connecticut'. 'Angels and Demons' completes this week’s top three.

Automated Legal Threats Turn Piracy Into Profit


Piracy watchdog Nexicon has found the ultimate way to turn piracy into profit for the fresh copyright holders added to their clientele. They offer alleged file-sharers the chance to settle for $10 per downloaded song or an equal amount for a pirated movie. If you decide not to settle, they promise to bankrupt you in court.

Pirate Bay’s YouTube Competitor is “Coming Soon”

The Pirate Bay team has continued developing its video streaming site - which will open up to the public within 5 years. On The Video Bay users can share video clips without having to worry about getting them taken offline due to copyright violations, true Pirate Bay-style.

Brazilian President Shows Warmth To Pirate Bay Spokesman

Since 2005, a Brazilian senator has been championing new cybercrime legislation which would include tough measures against file-sharing. Yesterday, at the International Free Software Forum, the Brazilian President openly criticized the bill, and then posed for pictures with The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde.

Pirate Bay Cow Gatecrashes Milk Competition

Norway's largest dairy products producer is redesigning the logo they use on one of their chocolate milk products. They invited the public to design cows of their own, and then vote on them to decide the winner, which then becomes the new logo. Right now a Pirate Bay-inspired cow is in second place.

Michael Jackson’s Death Causes Surge On BitTorrent

The 'King of Pop' may have died but his music lives on, and on file-sharing networks, maybe stronger than ever. Less than 24 hours after Jackson passed away hundreds of thousands of file-sharers have downloaded one or more of his albums on BitTorrent.