AFACT v iiNet: ISP: “We Should Not Be Doing AFACT’s Work”

Day thirteen of the trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. The ISP's chief regulatory officer recalled difficulty with terms used by AFACT in their infringement notices and reiterated that the ISP would not forward them without a court order. AFACT submitted a draft ISP code of conduct in respect of dealing with malware.

In Guantanamo Film Premieres on BitTorrent

With support from the three largest BitTorrent sites and many other well known file-sharing partners, the VODO project offers a novel distribution platform for indie filmmakers. Today VODO presents its second release, the world premiere of In Guantanamo, a critical film about the U.S. detainment facility in Cuba.

Demonoid is Alive, The Tracker Has Returned

It has been many weeks since the popular semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid went offline. The site's owner claimed the downtime was due to hardware issues and warned of the loss of both torrents and user data. Today, however, there is hope on the horizon, as Demonoid's tracker is now up and running again.

File-Sharers Protected Under Proposed EU Legislation

European Internet users accused of illicit file-sharing will not be disconnected on the whims of the entertainment industries. After an all night session European Union lawmakers agreed on a compromise text. Those accused will be entitled to a "fair and impartial" procedure, which will include the right to be heard.

AFACT v iiNet: It’s Impossible to Block The Pirate Bay

Day twelve of the trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. iiNet CEO Michael Malone was questioned by AFACT barrister Tony Bannon for the fourth consecutive day, this time about the world's largest tracker, The Pirate Bay, and any actions the ISP had taken to block customer access to it.

Pirate Party Gets Second Seat in European Parliament

With the Lisbon Treaty being signed by all European Union member states, the Pirate Party has gained another seat in the European Parliament. The second Pirate Party seat will be occupied by the 22 year old Amelia Andersdotter, who will become the youngest Member of the European Parliament.

AFACT v iiNet: Half of All iiNet Traffic is BitTorrent

Day eleven of the trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. The ISP's CEO Michael Malone took the stand for the third day running and faced allegations that iiNet encouraged users to download music and TV shows, and actively pursued high bandwidth customers in order to boost company profits.

Secret Anti-Piracy Treaty Turns ISPs into Pirates

A leaked draft of the Internet chapter of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) reveals that ISPs will be held liable for the infringements of their customers, unless they disconnect those accused. The draft aims to strengthen the power of the entertainment industries and other copyright holders, at the cost of the public.