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At least.. Almost...

The site that’s created by members of the suprnova forum is back. And they still know where they came from, the site reopens exactly 1 year after died (how sentimental).

The server is relocated to a safer spot and there are some changes in personnel, but the furry thing still looks the same.

On December 19th 2004 at aproximately 8pm GMT was taken offline and never seen again in it’s guise as a torrent site. The members of the original suprnovaforums built a new torrent site out of it’s ashes called After a bumpy year culminating in snarf-it being offlined for the last 2 months it is about to be reborn on the anniversary of the death of Suprnova. Over 100,000 torrents, new look, new code and a new pair of furry balls.
Snarf’s missed you.

Check it out


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