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Steal This Film 2 is a yet to be released documentary about filesharing, and how this affects our society. Ironically, a cammed version of the documentary already leaked on BitTorrent a couple of days before its official launch.

Steal This Film part 1, for those who haven’t seen it yet, was much about the raid on The Pirate Bay and its aftermath. Part 2 views filesharing from a broader perspective and also looks into the historical dimension of this movement.

The film, again produced by The League of Noble Peers, features some people from the BitTorrent community such as Erik from mininova and Peter (aka Brokep) from The Pirate Bay. Dan Glickman from the MPAA also makes a short appearance stating that they will never be able to stop piracy, but I guess we already knew that.

Most importantly, STFII shows us that filesharing is here to stay, it is a part of our lives and will shape our future.

A reliable source informed us that the camming took place during the first screening of the documentary at the “Oil of the 21st Century” conference in Berlin two weeks ago. TorrentFreak was represented at the conference in question, but we deny any involvement in this matter.

Jamie King, producer of STFII, told TorrentFreak in response to the leak: “We think people should better not watch it, as we’ll track them down via haxxoring their IPs and sue their asses off,” he continues “Seriously, we’re delighted anyone would want to make a cam of STFII. We hope anyone that keen to watch it will enjoy it despite the dip in quality, and for those that want to wait, it’s only a few days until release.”

You can steal the CAM version at The Pirate Bay. We have to warn you though, the quality is pretty bad, like most cammed movies. STFII will officially be released in a few days including fully subtitled, searchable archives.

Steal This Film 2 Leaked on BitTorrent


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