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Earlier this week we reported that the LeechersLair tracker had been closed down by its host under orders from the Malaysian government. Now SuperFundo, another long standing torrent site, has been closed down too.

MalaysiaBack in 2008 the Malaysian government made a move against several torrent sites. Less than a year later and they’re having a second shot.

Earlier in the week we reported on the plight of LeechersLair. Launched in 2006, the BitTorrent tracker has around 20,000 members who enjoy all the usual content.

Not at the moment though since the Content, Consumer and Network Security Division of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) ordered Shinjiru, LeechersLair’s webhosting provider, to close down the site citing a breach of Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1987. Shinjiru complied immediately and took the site offline.

And now they’ve shut down SuperFundo too. As an open indexer, SuperFundo doesn’t have a tracker of its own, so perhaps this is a more unusual target for the anti-pirates. Nevertheless, the claims are that SuperFundo breaches the Copyright Act 1987. The site admins weren’t exactly given long to take action either;

You are required to resolve the illegal activities issues within 1 hour after this warning notification. TMNet has the right to block this IP if there is not any notification from your side within this one-hour timeframe.

Plenty of time to sort everything out, then. But never fear, admin at SuperFundo told TorrentFreak that the site will be back, asap. LeechersLair will be back too, as soon as they have secured another host in a different country.

In the meantime the message is pretty clear – Malaysia shouldn’t be on the top of anyone’s torrent hosting list.


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