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Pirate Bay Under DDoS Attack From Unknown Enemy

With court-ordered ISP blockades popping up all over Europe, The Pirate Bay is no stranger to being silenced. However, for the last 24 hours the site has been largely inaccessible world wide due to a completely different type of censorship. After the site openly criticized Anonymous last week for DDoS'ing…

Scientology Hackers Ask Pirates To Join Their War

Anonymous, a small group of scriptkiddies and high-level hackers started a war against the Church of Scientology this week. TorrentFreak managed to get an exclusive Q&A with the controversial group, in which they ask Pirates to join their fight.

IFPI Site Under Attack by Pirate Bay Supporters

The website of the music industry lobby group IFPI is suffering from an organized DDoS attack and has been unresponsive for the past few hours. The attack was organized by Pirate Bay supporters who don't agree with the sentences handed out to the four defendants.

Anti-Piracy Law Firm Evacuated After Bomb Threat

After nearly two weeks of DDoS attacks on various anti-piracy law firms and organizations such as the RIAA and MPAA, Operation Payback is still ongoing. In a possibly connected event, a few hours ago the office of the law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver was evacuated by the police after…

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