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Pirate Site’s Deal With Police Backfires Massively

One of Sweden's top movie streaming sites has made a deal with the country's police. In exchange for remaining free men the administrators of Dreamfilm say they negotiated with authorities to close down the site. Meanwhile, an almost identical site has reappeared under a new domain name, run by former…

Torrent Sites Shut Down After Swedish Police Arrest Five

Following news last week that streaming portal DreamFilm had been shut down, Swedish police have confirmed several file-sharing related arrests. Noting that there had been "significant seizures", police say that two well-known torrent sites have been shut down and five arrested under suspicion of copyright-related offenses.

Four Men Jailed For Running Pirate Movie Sites

Four people, including a board member of the Pirate Party, have been jailed for running a network of pirate sites. The men, aged between 21 and 31, ran streaming portal Dreamfilm and were involved in others including Piratehub and Tankefetast. They will serve between six and ten months in prison,…

Pirate Site Operators’ Jail Sentences Overturned By Court of Appeal

Four men sentenced last year for their part in running several pirate sites have been told they will no longer have to spend time behind bars. After being ordered to spend up to ten months in prison, the court of appeal has now decided that for their activities on Dreamfilm,…

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