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ISP Friendly BitTorrent Tracker Doubles Download Speeds

A new Open Source BitTorrent tracker set to be released in September promises to boost download speeds by up to 150% and decrease the load BitTorrent users put on ISP networks by 20 to 50 percent. Based on the widely used OpenTracker software, the new BitTorrent tracker aims to overcome…

Pirate Bay Tricks Anti-Pirates with Fake Peers

The Pirate Bay has always made it clear that they don't obey takedown requests from content owners. That doesn't stop Hollywood from going after the Pirate Bay's users, however, and they do so on a large scale. The Pirate Bay is well aware of these pirate tracking outfits, and does…

Demonii Torrent Tracker Shuts Down For Good

The popular torrent tracker Demonii has permanently closed following the MPAA's legal action against its operator. In just a few years Demonii had become the largest BitTorrent tracker online, coordinating the downloads of dozens of millions of people at any given point in time. Today, an alternative is needed.

Public BitTorrent Trackers Ban Piracy Monitoring Outfits

The three largest BitTorrent trackers have banned the IP-ranges of several major hosting companies. The move aims to make it harder for anti-piracy outfits and other information gathering outfits to snoop on file-sharers. Unfortunately, the changes also mean that users of some VPNs, proxies and seedboxes can no longer connect.

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