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Anti-Piracy Group Seeks Sweden-Style File-Sharing Crackdown

A prominent European anti-piracy group says the time has come to get tough on Internet pirates. The Danish Rights Alliance says that while lawlessness prevails online there needs to be better organized responses from the authorities, such as the ones currently underway in Sweden and London. Meanwhile, Rights Alliance's lawfirm…

Court Orders 20 Big Piracy Sites Blocked in Denmark

Following a complaint filed by anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, 20 leading 'pirate' sites will soon be blocked in Denmark. The blocking order, handed down yesterday by a district court, will be respected by the country's leading ISPs following the signing of a piracy code of conduct in 2014.

New Police Anti-Piracy Task Force May Get Involved in Site Blocking

In an effort to tackle online copyright infringement, the Danish Government has set up a new task force of investigators who will exclusively deal with IP crimes. The new police unit, which is operating on a trial basis, will help copyright holders deter piracy and may also request site blockades…

Anti-Piracy Outfit Criticizes Authorities For Not Prosecuting Pirates

An anti-piracy group representing national and international rightsholders including Hollywood and the major labels has openly criticized authorities in Denmark over piracy. Despite being assured that these offenses would be dealt with as a priority, few results have been forthcoming, Rights Alliance says.

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