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Movie Chief Describes University Piracy Fines as “Terrific”

An Australian university's policy of fining students up to $1,000 when they get caught pirating on campus has been described as "terrific" by a movie boss. Village Roadshow chief Graham Burke made the comments despite the university paying none of the fines back to rightsholders.

“Ignorant” Movie Boss & “Lying” ISP Fight Publicly Over Piracy

Disputes on the issue of piracy are commonplace, but it's much more interesting when they spill over into the public arena. Thanks to an argument between a movie studio and ISP, each former rivals in one of the world's biggest copyright liability disputes, the bitterness over BitTorrent downloads is now…

Movie Boss Loses the Plot Over ISP Piracy Liability

The fight between a movie studio and an Australian ISP has today taken another odd turn. Village Roadshow's co-CEO now suggests that iiNet must take responsibility for piracy in the same way a car manufacturer apparently would if one of its vehicles killed someone while being driven by a customer.…

Warning ‘Strikes’ Don’t Work On Me, Movie Boss Admits

A key strategy of the entertainment industries is to repeatedly warn pirating Internet users of their illegal behavior in the belief they will change their ways. However, co-chief of movie company Village Roadshow has just admitted that he's been caught breaking the law numerous times - and he still hasn't…

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