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Judge Delays Teksavvy Copyright Trolls For Public Interest Intervention

As a US-based film studio continues with its plans to send cash settlement demands to alleged Canadian BitTorrent pirates, a judge has delayed the handing over of their personal details. Voltage PIctures recently targeted more than a thousand customers of the Ontario-based ISP Teksavvy as potential recipients of pay-up-or-else letters…

Canadian Court Slaps Restrictions on Copyright Trolling

When a copyright holder says that people have infringed their rights online, delicate issues hang in the balance. Should courts absolutely protect the privacy of alleged infringers and help them stay anonymous, or do the legitimate rights of entertainment companies need to come first. These are just some of the…

Accused “Pirate” Questions Dallas Buyers Club’s Copyright Claim

Several companies behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club are fighting over the movie's proceeds, as well as the profits from copyright trolling endeavors. This confusing situation has prompted an accused pirate to question the legitimacy of the claim against him, which could get interesting.

Judge Issues Devastating Order Against BitTorrent Copyright Troll

A Washington District Court has issued a devastating order against a copyright holder of the film "Once Upon a Time in Venice," which chases alleged BitTorrent pirates for cash settlements. The Court points out that one of their experts is unqualified, doubts whether declarants even exist, and highlights that IP-address…

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