Torrentz Faces Hostile Domain Takeover

Home > Anti-Piracy >, the largest BitTorrent meta-search engine on the Internet, is currently dealing with a hostile attempt to take over the site's domain name. The admin of Torrentz has posted a message to all its users to inform them about the situation, and is optimistic that the issue will be resolved soon.

torrentzWith over a million daily visitors, is among the most frequently visited websites on the Internet but unfortunately, this has made it a target for scammers. By misleading the domain reseller and registrar with a fabricated story and fake ID, one such scammer is trying to take over the domain.

Flippy, the admin of Torrentz told TorrentFreak: “We’re not sure what happened really, but it appears that someone is trying to take over our domain, claiming his email account was hacked.” Flippy is confident that the issue will be taken care of soon, but a backup of the site is in place at in case the impostor succeeds.

Earlier this year, Torrentz celebrated its 5th anniversary, which makes the site one of the longest standing in the BitTorrent sphere. Over the years, the site has evolved from a site hosting .torrent files, to one of the fastest meta-search engines, indexing millions of torrents.

It is expected that Torrentz wont suffer any downtime because of the takeover attempt, so most users wont notice anything out of the ordinary, except from the notification at the top of the website.


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