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An independently developed mobile user-interface for uTorrent, appropriately named uTorrent mUI, is going live tomorrow. Located at utorrentmui.com, the interface will allow you to remotely control your torrents from just about any mobile browser, including Opera Mini.

Opera Mini, for those of you who don’t know, runs on a very wide range of GPRS and WAP-enabled cellphones, including the Motorola Razr and Nokia’s older models, like the 3120. But from what we hear, the interface should work on bundled mobile browses as well.

Presumably, the mUI will work like the existing WebUI, with the exception that it’ll be a lot more light-weight, which it has to be in order to support mobile browsers. The mUI will allow you to monitor and control the torrents running on your desktop PC from your mobile phone, wherever you are. You can expect us to do a detailed review of its features and usability when it’s live.

For now, it looks like the mobile UI will only support the Windows version of uTorrent, as the Mac version isn’t out yet and doesn’t even have basic WebUI support it.

The uTorrent mUI has not been developed by BitTorrent Inc and isn’t official. The developer, mofle, is just a fan and user of uTorrent. See his forum post and the continuing discussion for more info.

Official site: utorrentmui.com


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