uTorrent ‘Web’ Opens Up to the Public

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BitTorrent Inc. has opened up the 'web' feature of uTorrent Falcon to the public today after having tested it for several months in invite only mode. The Falcon release is one of uTorrent's new projects that allow users to stream torrents and access their downloads from anywhere through a simple web interface.

falconThis year, the uTorrent development team has made more visible improvements than ever before. In an attempt to be more than just a standard BitTorrent client several new projects were started.

Together with Griffin and Pheon, the Falcon project is part of the recently announced uTorrent Labs. With Labs the development team is giving users early access to their latest projects, hoping to get useful feedback from the community.

The Falcon release is one of the main pillars for uTorrent’s future. Among other things, it allows users to access their downloads from anywhere through a secure web interface. Another new feature is that it allows users to stream videos so they can start watching before the download has fully finished,

The web interface of the Falcon project has been invite only since the start of the year, but today BitTorrent Inc. decided that the time was right to open it up to the public. Users can create an account and try it out, privacy and security guaranteed by BitTorrent Inc.

Aside from the features that are currently implemented, uTorrent has other big plans still in the pipeline for the new client and the web interface. Among other things, the Falcon release is expected to make it easier for users to find torrents.

The uTorrent team didn’t want to comment on how such torrent search capabilities will be integrated, but Simon Morris has stated that they are working on “better ability for torrent sites to promote content or search within the client.”

When we asked if this means that uTorrent will come with a built-in torrent search engine, Morris said that they are more interested in “APIs rather than bloating the uTorrent user experience.” We’ll see what this means in the months to come.


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