What.CD Founder Quits World’s Largest Music Torrent Site

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One of the founders of the world's largest music-dedicated private torrent site has quit. WhatMan, sysop at What.CD, the spiritual successor to the now-defunct and legendary OiNK BitTorrent tracker, says that having spare time is a luxury of the past. With some major achievements behind him, he will long be remembered in the BitTorrent community.

what.cdWhat.cd first appeared online in the fall of 2007, just a handful of days after the demise of the largest music tracker at the time, OiNK. What.cd’s founders wanted to give nearly 200,000 music fans somewhere to go, a place they could call home – a torrent site to fill the void left by the closure of the Pink Palace.

In the three years that followed, What.cd grew beyond all expectations, outgrowing OiNK and establishing itself as the greatest music-sharing torrent site the world has ever known. With Christmas 2010 just around the corner, What.cd reached a somewhat spectacular milestone – the uploading of the site’s one millionth torrent.

While this achievement is the product of the site’s hard-working members, these masses still need to be directed through leadership and a well-designed and run site. At What.cd these essential qualities have been provided from day one by site co-founder and coder extraordinaire, WhatMan. But to the huge disappointment of all who know him, WhatMan’s reign is now over.

“I’ve always been willing to give all of my free time to this site, but as of several months ago, free time has become a luxury of the past. The less time I spend here, the less qualified I am to decide the future of the site and lead it in that direction,” WhatMan explains.

“In these past few months, these duties have been impeccably overtaken by the current management, and I feel entirely comfortable leaving the site in their more than capable hands. It is thus, with great regret, that I have chosen to resign from my long-standing post as sysop of this site.”

WhatMan, who has always conducted himself with grace, went on to give credit to all those staff, past and present, who have helped to make What.cd what it is today. And, like all great leaders, he acknowledged the work of the masses, who contributed hugely to the site’s ecosystem by ripping, uploading and simple downloading.

“I’d love to write more, but this has been hard enough already. If nothing else, I guess, I’d like to be remembered as the badass who coded Ocelot,” WhatMan added.

While the existence of What.cd is a memorable achievement in itself, the creation of the Ocelot tracker software utilized by the site is a milestone which will live on for many years to come. Indeed, Ocelot is one of the most efficient pieces of software of its type available today and the badass who created it will long be remembered, that’s guaranteed.

What.cd remains in safe hands and will continue on seamlessly. Like all good site operators, WhatMan has clearly ensured that everything is running smoothly before announcing his departure.

“It’s been a hell of a ride, What,” he concludes. “I know you’ll do fine without me.”


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