Using Adsense to Fight Malicious BitTorrent Clients

Torrent101, Torrentq and Bitroll are three malware supported BitTorrent clients which are heavily advertised on BitTorrent sites. They try to lure naive users into downloading these clients wiith catchy phrases like "We use unique technology to increase the download speed of your torrents". We decided to turn the tables around…

Extradited Warez Leader Pleads Guilty, Faces 10 Years in Prison

Hew Raymond Griffiths, the leader of the notorious warez group 'DrinkorDie' has plead guilty to "conspiracy to commit copyright infringement" and "criminal copyright infringement". Griffiths, who already spend 3 years in an Australian prison fighting his extradition to the US, now faces 10 years in prison & a $500,000 fine.

Harry Potter BitTorrent Fake Upsets J.K. Rowling Fan

Getting a pre-release item via P2P can be an exciting experience for some file-sharers. Unfortunately, BitTorrent users hoping to snare a leaked copy of the final book in the Harry Potter series haven't been getting quite what they'd hoped for.

Police Raid University, Dismantle P2P Network

Police in Poland have mounted an operation against a DirectConnect network situated within a university campus. Officers dismantled the operation following claims of students trading large quantities of unauthorized music, films and software.

Firestorm Adds BitTorrent Support to Firefox

Firestorm is a new Firefox extension that enables Firefox users to download and monitor .torrent files in their browser. Firestorm is being developed as part of a Senior Software Engineering project at Penn State University. The first Alpha release is expected to be released later today.

P2P Anti-Piracy System Defeated With 2 Clicks

eDonkey and BitTorrent users caught up in the latest Logistep anti-piracy sweep haven't got much to smile about, facing threats, legal action and for many, accusations that are simply untrue. For those who would prefer not to have their privacy invaded by Logistep in the future, this anti-piracy cloud has…