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Project X Most Pirated Movie of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end we follow up our most pirated TV-shows chart by taking a look at the most pirated movies of the year. Project X comes out on top, and aside from other usual suspects such as box office hits The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers,…

Police Raids Tear Apart Hungarian BitTorrent Scene

Through co-ordinated raids across the country, Hungarian police have attempted to decimate the country's BitTorrent scene. Following the deployment of many officers, dozens of servers were seized and many of the country's trackers shut down, including the prominent 900,000 peer 'ncore' tracker. An ISP, university and many seedboxes were also…

‘The Dark Knight’ Conquers BitTorrent

Amassing over a million downloads in under seven days, 'The Dark Knight' is by far the most pirated movie of this week. Earlier this year, Cam and DVD-screener versions of the latest in the Batman series already found their way onto the Internet, making this blockbuster the most pirated movie…

Return Of The High Court And Low Court

If we have learned anything from the wars over the copyright monopoly, it is that the high court and low court have returned. Being equal before the law is a key cornerstone of our society that people don't even pretend is reality anymore.

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