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There are plenty of ways to discover new content on BitTorrent, but searching is still the preferred method for most people. What they are searching for should therefore give a good picture of what the latest trends are. Today we present the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010, a list of the 100 most searched for phrases and keywords on one of the most used public BitTorrent indexes this year.

2010Every year Google and other search engines produce a year’s end list of the most searched for phrases and keywords. Chatroulette and iPad were the fastest rising searches on Google and Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock were the top searches on Bing.

BitTorrent site Mininova also got a questionable mention in Google’s Zeitgeit list as one of the fastest falling searches in 2010, which follows the collapse of the site earlier this year. In 2006 things were going much better for the site as Mininova was one of the most searched for terms on Google.

Following this Zeitgeist trend we thought it might be a good idea to make a similar list for searches on BitTorrent indexes. Since BitTorrent searches are scattered across hundreds of sites it is impossible to get a full picture of what people search for on BitTorrent, but luckily one of the largest indexers agreed to cooperate.

KickassTorrents, one of the top 10 torrent sites in terms of visitors, was kind enough to share the most popular search terms of 2010 with us. With a few hundred million searches a year this data should give a clear indication of what people were looking for on BitTorrent in the last 12 months.

At the top of the list we find “Inception“, the movie that also appeared in our most pirated movies chart of the year. In addition, four other titles made it into the top 10; “Iron Man 2”, “Avatar”, “Despicable Me”, and “Clash of the Titans”. Movie related searches are clearly the most popular among users of the site.

Aside from movie titles we find “2010” in third place and “dvdrip” in seventh, two keywords that are also used to find movie related content. Another interesting keyword is “French” which shows that France’s anti-piracy law that went into effect earlier this year isn’t chasing many people away from BitTorrent. The top 10 is completed by the inevitable adult searches “xxx” and “porn“.

The first TV related search is “Dexter” which appears further down the list in 15th place. “Windows 7” is the first software related search keyword in 20th place, and for the first music related entry we have to go all the way down to “Eminem” which is listed as number 47.

A rather surprising entry in the top 100 is “axxo” in 17th place, since the last torrent file by the popular DVDripper was uploaded in March 2009. Axxo has been among the most popular search keywords on BitTorrent for years and it seems that old habits are hard to break.

Below is the full list of the 100 most entered search phrases on KickassTorrents. This list will be different on other BitTorrent sites, but we have to assume that the top searches will be popular on other indexes as well.

BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010

1. inception
2. iron man 2
3. 2010
4. xxx
5. french
6. avatar
7. dvdrip
8. despicable me
9. porn
10. clash of the titans
11. toy story 3
12. glee
13. salt
14. twilight eclipse
15. dexter
16. the sorcerer's apprentice
17. axxo
18. robin hood
19. prince of persia
20. windows 7
21. get him to the greek
22. predators 2010
23. the last airbender
24. shutter island
25. knight and day
26. the expendables
27. takers
28. dinner for schmucks
29. unstoppable
30. the book of eli
31. grown ups
32. true blood
33. alice in wonderland
34. movies
35. shrek forever after
36. supernatural
37. hindi
38. house
39. devil
40. step up 3d
41. megamind
42. harry potter and the deathly hallows
43. skyline
44. green zone
45. naughty america
46. iron man 2
47. eminem
48. predators
49. lost
50. the town
51. date night
52. the wolfman
53. smallville
54. the last song
55. torrents
56. how to train your dragon
57. fringe
58. dear john
59. toy story 3
60. red
61. the social network
62. weeds
63. noir
64. telugu
65. pc games
66. vampire diaries
67. the town
68. 2012
69. twilight
70. cop out
71. tamil
72. sex and the city 2
73. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1
74. remember me
75. the walking dead
76. eclipse
77. due date
78. book of eli
79. fxg
80. true blood
81. avatar the last airbender
82. grown ups
83. ironman 2
84. entourage
85. sherlock holmes
86. how i met your mother
87. sex
88. microsoft office 2010
89. spartacus
90. the pacific
91. karate kid
92. the other guys
93. call of duty black ops
94. despicable me
95. chuck
96. ita
97. resident evil
98. wii
99.. due date
100. hot tub time machine


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