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This month, FeedMyTorrents finally closed down after legal threats got too much for the owners. Determined to make the shows go on, some individuals have developed a new site to fill the hole FMT left behind, and they have told TorrentFreak that they will never succumb to legal threats.

showrssLast week we reported on the demise of FeedMyTorrents (FMT), forced to close down in the face of legal threats from the recording industry. FMT carried RSS feeds for popular TV shows to automate their downloading via BitTorrent and grew very popular in a short space of time, but sadly it is no more.

However, the closure of FMT didn’t go unnoticed. Over in Spain the admin of Karmorra – an ex-FMT user – became very disappointed that the site was forced to close and decided to do something about filling the hole FMT left behind.

He told TorrentFreak, “I was a FeedMyTorrents user (I loved the service!) and I didn’t like the fact they closed because of legal threats. So, with the help of some friends, I released a service that does the same thing that they did.”

And so showRSS was born.

The site is minimal right now, but very functional. Users are required to register a username and password so that feeds can be customized easily. Once logged in, this is achieved by clicking the ‘my tv shows’ button and choosing the show required and clicking ‘Add to My List’ – this can be repeated any number of times to add multiple shows to a personalized RSS feed.

That’s pretty much it as far as input goes. From the TV shows chosen, showRSS generates a single RSS feed to all your favorite shows. By configuring an RSS-compatible client like uTorrent with the feed, all shows will downloaded automatically when they become available.

All the feeds will only list one torrent per episode, meaning that no duplicates will appear in the RSS feeds. Currently only standard definition torrents are supported, however, showRSS is working on adding high definition feeds as well. There is no doubt that TV-torrent addicts will appreciate the new service, but what if the entertainment industry lawyers come calling?

The admin of showRSS told TorrentFreak that he isn’t worried by legal threats – they’ve even opened a Pirate Bay-style ‘Legal Threats‘ section on the site to showcase anyone foolish enough to send them any. But why the cavalier attitude? It’s quite simple. Since the admin is in Spain and torrent sites have been ruled legal there if no revenue is generated directly from an infringement.

“I won’t get any benefits or put any kind of ads on the website, I’m paying the server with my own money,” he told TorrentFreak.

“In Spain that’s 100% legal.”


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