Netflix Use of Google DRM Means Rooted Android Devices Are Banned


Netflix customers who previously viewed the service using a 'rooted' Android device are no longer able to do so, at least officially. The development has been confirmed by Netflix, who say that the company's reliance on Google's Widevine DRM standards means that modified and/or non-certified devices will be excluded from the service.

ExtraTorrent Suffers Extended Downtime (Updated)

ExtraTorrent, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, is suffering from connectivity issues. The site has been offline for nearly 24 hours, with CloudFlare suggesting that the server is offline. No official reason has yet been provided, but several ExtraTorrent affiliate groups and sites are still active.

Law Professor Shows How to Fight Copyright Trolls


Copyright trolls are known for their dubious tactics, but how should they be fought in court? Motivated by false accusations against alleged BitTorrent pirates. Matthew Sag and Jake Haskell have written an in-depth overview that could help defense lawyers to make their case.

YouTube Content ID Critic Doesn’t Appreciate the Irony


Should discussion about copyright protection circumvention mechanisms only be allowed in certain places? That appears to be the takeaway from a post on the Music Tech Policy blog, which slams YouTube for leaving up Content ID defeat videos but embeds one for the purposes of....erm....discussion.