Spanish Police Arrest Seven in Pirate Sports Streaming Crackdown

Police in Spain say they have arrested seven people following a crackdown on illegal sports streaming. Raids took place in several locations around the country, targeting an operation that's said to generate around 1.4 million euros. Seven websites have been blocked and three bank accounts frozen. Police say that further arrests are not being ruled out.

Dallas Buyers Club Loses Piracy Lawsuit, IP-Address is Not Enough


Dozens of alleged movie pirates in Spain have been hit with demands for cash settlements this summer. While these 'copyright-trolling' efforts have been profitable in many countries, a Spanish judge has hit the brakes. In a first of its kind ruling, the court dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence.

Multi-National Police Operation Shuts Down Pirate Forums

Authorities in Germany are reporting a huge operation targeting two popular 'pirate' forums. Raids were carried out on homes and commercial premises connected to 26 suspects, while data centers in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland and Canada were searched. Germany has already filed a request with Spain to extradite an assumed ringleader.

Sony & Warner Sue TuneIn For Copyright Infringement in UK High Court

Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are reportedly suing US-based streaming audio provider TuneIn for copyright infringement in the UK. Industry sources say a claim covering at least 800 unlicensed music streams was filed at the High Court last week. TuneIn is yet to respond to what could be a weighty piece of legal action.

Russia Plans Instant Movie Pirate Site Blockades, Without Court Order


The Russian Ministry of Culture has tabled a new proposal that will allow filmmakers to have pirate sites blocked within 24 hours, without a court order. Officials say that new measures are needed to better protect the revenues of the local movie industry. Interestingly, the plan applies only to local content so major Hollywood productions are not covered.

Sky: People Can’t Pirate Live Soccer in the UK Anymore

Sky's head of litigation made a rather surprising statement at an industry convention in Macau this week. Matthew Hibbert told those in attendance that thanks to site-blocking, it's no longer possible to watch pirated live soccer in the UK anymore. Meanwhile, the UK Intellectual Property Office has revealed that when questioned a while back, rightsholders told them that pirate boxes weren't a problem. How things change.

MPAA Warns Australia Not to ‘Mess’ With Fair Use and Geo-Blocking


The MPAA has submitted its 2018 list of foreign trade barriers to the U.S. Government. The document reveals that Hollywood is concerned that Australia is considering implementing fair use exceptions, allowing circumvention of geo-blocking, and expanding safe harbor provisions for online services. In addition, the MPAA notes that stiffer penalties are required to deter piracy.