Soccer League Turns App Users Into Piracy Spies


Spanish soccer league "La Liga" is using its official Android app to create an army of millions of piracy spies. The app can access microphone and location data to scan for restaurants, bars, and other establishments that broadcast their matches without a license. "Protect your team," La Liga notes, while encouraging users to enable the functionality.

Set TV Suddenly Goes Offline But is the ACE Lawsuit to Blame?

Set TV, an IPTV service being sued by several Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix, went offline before the weekend with no explanation. Some linked the lawsuit to the service's apparent disappearance but a message sent to TorrentFreak by Set TV suggests that the service is coming back. However, as time runs on and other news comes to the fore, further questions are being raised.

Rampant Kodi Malware? It’s Time to Either Put Up or Shut Up


Over the past couple of years, copyright holders have continuously claimed that people using Kodi to access copyright-infringing content are being exposed to malware. This week, a security expert working with a Hollywood-affiliated group claimed that "embedded in the media itself are some malware variants." With no evidence of that in public, is it now time to either put up or shut up?

Amazon Sues Pirate Streaming Boxes, but Sells ‘Piracy’ Tutorials?


Amazon and other members of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment have declared 'war' on pirate streaming devices and addons. While legal threats are issued left and right, the Amazon store is ironically still stocked up with books that explain to newcomers how to install some of the same addons Amazon is fighting.

Google Blacklists Millions of Pirate URLs Before They’re Indexed


Google maintains a rapidly growing list of copyright-infringing URLs which they haven't indexed yet. This blacklist ensures that these links are never added to the search engine. Thanks to a new update in the transparency report, we now know how many non-indexed links every takedown notice includes, which is surprisingly high in some cases.

Sony Sends Preemptive FIFA World Cup Copyright Warnings

Sony Entertainment Network operates a number of TV channels, such as Sony ESPN, that have the rights to broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup. TorrentFreak has learned that through an anti-piracy partner, Sony has started sending out preemptive warnings to illicit streaming sites. The letter advises against the unauthorized streaming of matches while threatening civil and criminal action.