Foxtel Targets 128 Torrent & Streaming Domains For Blocking Down Under


Foxtel has returned to the Federal Court in Sydney, Australia, with another application to have 'pirate' sites blocked in the country. In this round, the pay TV giant is requesting that 128 domains linked to movie and TV piracy are rendered inaccessible by Australia's major ISPs. The presiding judge today likened the process to "whack-a-mole".

RIAA’s Piracy Claims are Misleading and Inaccurate, ISP Says


Internet provider Grande Communications and the RIAA continue their fight in court. Much of the battle thus far has centered around evidence of copyright infringement. In a new filing at a Texas District Court, the ISP stresses that the RIAA's evidence is misleading, as it doesn't prove any actual distributions of the contested works.

Hotspot Shield VPN Reported to FTC For Alleged Privacy Breaches

Hotspot Shield VPN, a popular service that claims to enhance users' privacy while providing anonymity, has been reported to the Federal Trade Commission. The Center for Democracy & Technology has called for an investigation, claiming that the service logs user activity and employs third-party tracking mechanisms to deliver targeted advertising.

Lawyer Says He Was Deceived Into BitTorrent Copyright Trolling Scheme


A lawyer who worked on dozens of cases designed to extract cash settlements from alleged BitTorrent pirates is now suing his former paymasters. Lawyer James Davis, who litigated Dallas Buyers Club and London Has Fallen cases, says the people involved in the scheme deliberately deceived him. He's now demanding at least $300,000 in damages.

‘US Should Include Fair Use and Safe Harbors in NAFTA Negotiations’


The Re:Create Coalition is offering a strong counter view to recent demands from copyright groups, urging the US to add strong copyright protections to the NAFTA negotiations. The coalition argues that if strong copyright enforcement is a central issue, fair use and safe harbor protections should be included as well, to maintain a proper balance.