Hollywood Studios Force ISPs to Block Popcorn Time & Subtitle Sites

The Oslo District Court has issued a judgment ordering 14 Internet service providers to block subscriber access to a range of websites offering and used by three Popcorn Time application variants. The ban, obtained by six major Hollywood studios, includes a pair of subtitle sites and extends to YTS, YIFY, and EZTV branded domains.

MPAA Lobbies US Congress on Streaming Piracy Boxes

Hollywood is not happy with the increased popularity of pirate streaming boxes. In addition to voicing their concerns in the media, the topic is also part of the MPAA's lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. By adding it to the agenda of US lawmakers, the movie industry hopes to curb the trend.

Google: Netflix Searches Outweigh Those For Pirate Alternatives


With more options for legal media consumption available today than ever before, Google has revealed an interesting trend in piracy hotbed Brazil. According to the company's analytics, interest in Netflix is on a continuing upward trend, with demand for the streaming service now greater than all other pirate alternatives combined.

Twitter Sued Over Slow Response to DMCA Takedown Request


Photographer Kristen Pierson Reilly has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, claiming that the social network failed to promptly remove a copyright-infringing photo. In a complaint filed in a federal court in California, Pierson demands compensation for the damage she suffered, stating that Twitter took 90 days to remove the image.

Sci-Hub Won’t Be Blocked by US ISPs Anytime Soon


A few days ago a US federal court issued a broad injunction against Sci-Hub, ordering the site's operator to pay millions in damages. On top of that, the court issued a broad injunction granting search engine and ISP blockades under certain conditions. While the order sets a precedent, Google and Comcast won't be asked to take action anytime soon.

Spanish Police Arrest Seven in Pirate Sports Streaming Crackdown

Police in Spain say they have arrested seven people following a crackdown on illegal sports streaming. Raids took place in several locations around the country, targeting an operation that's said to generate around 1.4 million euros. Seven websites have been blocked and three bank accounts frozen. Police say that further arrests are not being ruled out.

Dallas Buyers Club Loses Piracy Lawsuit, IP-Address is Not Enough


Dozens of alleged movie pirates in Spain have been hit with demands for cash settlements this summer. While these 'copyright-trolling' efforts have been profitable in many countries, a Spanish judge has hit the brakes. In a first of its kind ruling, the court dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence.