China Asks The Public to Help Crack Down on Movie Piracy


As the Chinese blockbuster movie “The Wandering Earth” is breaking records at the box office, copyright holders and authorities are trying to crack down on piracy. China's Copyright Administration is calling on the public to help report piracy and clean up the Internet. Reportedly, this strategy is having some results.

Project Brand Integrity Aims to Purge Ads From Pirate Sites


The Trustworthy Accountability Group, an anti-piracy certification program operated by giants including Google, Facebook, Disney and Warner, has launched Project Brand Integrity in Europe. With the assistance of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and Europol, the aim will be to purge ads from pirate sites.

Major US Sports Leagues Identify Foreign Pirate Streaming Threats


The Sports Coalition, which includes prominent leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB, has shared its concerns over sports piracy with the US Government. The coalition identifies various threats abroad, including many streaming services and the Dutch hosting company Leaseweb. The Saudi Arabian service "beoutQ," which is also highlighted by many other rightsholders, is listed as well.

TVAddons Hit With Trademark Complaint By Cricket Australia

Leading Kodi add-on resource TVAddons has received an interesting complaint from Australian cricket governing body, Cricket Australia. While TVAddons quickly complied with its demands, the details of the takedown notice are quite unusual, given that they don't mention the word 'copyright' even once.

Nearly 4,000 Pirate Sites Are Blocked by ISPs Around The World


The Motion Picture Association has provided a fresh overview of worldwide pirate site blocking efforts. At the moment, close to 4,000 websites are blocked in 31 countries. The movie industry group notes that site blocking, while not perfect, has proven to be an effective enforcement tool.

Tech Giants Warn US Govt. Against Onerous Copyright Laws


The CCIA, which represents global tech firms including Cloudflare, Google, and Facebook, is warning the U.S. Government against "onerous" copyright laws other countries are implementing. These laws lead to increased liability for US companies and create an increasingly hostile environment for them to operate in.