In World First, Danish Court Rules Stream-Ripping Site Illegal


Convert2MP3 is a site that allows users to download audio from platforms including YouTube. Following legal action carried out by Rights Alliance on behalf of music industry group IFPI, Convert2MP3 has been declared unlawful by a Danish court which has now ordered ISPs to block it. It's the first time worldwide that a so-called stream-ripping site has been declared illegal.

Court Orders PayPal to Restrain Pirate Site Funds

A federal court in Florida has granted a temporary restraining order against 33 relatively small pirate sites. The order, requested by media conglomerate ABS-CBN, targets the sites' domain names, advertising revenue, as well as any associated PayPal and other bank accounts.

Two Men Sentenced to Jail For Selling ‘Ooberstick’ Kodi Devices


Two men from the UK have been handed lengthy jail sentences for selling piracy-configured set-top devices. Glenn Burrows and Darren Wicks were behind the now-defunct Oobersticks operation which sold thousands of Kodi-powered devices through two UK companies. Burrows was jailed for 22 months while Wicks was sentenced to 20 months, suspended for two years.

Surprise! Pirate Sites Are Affected By Market Forces Too


Pirate sites are regularly painted as places where markets are turned on their heads, with premium content being made available for free to the sounds of birds tweeting and lambs skipping across meadows. But try telling that to the users of FreeTutorials and KissAnime, who are now expected to pay for content using either hard cash or enforced advertising.

Fake Kim Dotcom Twitter Accounts Still Scamming Cryptocurrency

With an impressive 732,000 Twitter followers, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is no lightweight on the social networking platform. Unfortunately, however, some people are trying to exploit the entrepreneur's popularity in order to scam cryptocurrency from the public. Thankfully, the tricks of the criminals are easily avoided.

Pirates Are Increasingly ‘Going Legal’ in France


While the French Government mulls how to counter streaming piracy, local pirates are increasingly going legal. Not only are there less French pirates, the remaining ones are also consuming less and are increasingly signing up with legal streaming services such as Netflix.