Court Orders Google to Remove Links to Takedown Notice


A German Court has ordered Google to stop linking to a takedown notice received by the company. The search engine regularly publishes links to takedown notices to increase transparency, but the court ruled that this can go too far. The case in question deals with defamation, but many copyright holders who've complained about Google's "transparency" efforts will likely welcome the order.

ISP Doesn’t Have to Expose Alleged BitTorrent Pirates, Finnish Court Rules


The Finnish market court has dealt a severe blow to local copyright trolls. In a unanimous ruling, seven judges ruled that the privacy of the alleged BitTorrent pirates outweighs the evidence provided by the filmmakers. While it was clear that copyright infringement was taking place, the rightsholders failed to show that it was significant enough to hand over the requested personal details.

Pirate Bay Facilitates Piracy and Can Be Blocked, Top EU Court Rules

Internet providers in Europe can be ordered to block access to The Pirate Bay, even though the site itself doesn't store any infringing material. This is the conclusion of the EU Court of Justice in what has proven to be a landmark case. According to the Court, The Pirate Bay and similar sites commit an "act of communication" by helping their users to share infringing content.

UK Police Claim Success in Keeping Gambling Ads off Pirate Sites

City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit is claiming success following recent efforts to keep gambling related advertising off 'pirate' sites. New research has revealed an 87% drop in adverts for licensed gambling operators being displayed on Infringing Website List domains during the past 12 months.