Rightscorp Retains Dallas Buyers Club Copyright Troll Lawyer

Anti-piracy monetization firm Rightscorp says it has retained a lawyer known for his work with infamous copyright troll Dallas Buyers Club. Carl Crowell, who recently claimed that it's impossible to be anonymous using BitTorrent, will help "educate" people about the effects of piracy while suing "persistent and egregious infringers."

RUTracker Says Copyright Holders Can Moderate its Torrents

Giant Russian torrent site RUTracker says it is prepared to take extraordinary measures to ward off action that could see the site permanently blocked by local ISPs. RUTracker, the 17th largest site in the whole of Russia, says that it will give copyright holders a special account which will enable…

Russian Facebook Ordered to Crack Down on Piracy

The Russian equivalent of Facebook has been ordered by a court to crack down on music piracy. Following legal action initiated by Warner and Universal, VKontakte must prevent piracy using filtering technology. The social network, which has 70 million daily users, enjoyed a partial victory when the court dismissed claims…

Dutch Filmmakers Claim Piracy Damages From Government

Filmmakers claim that the Dutch Government has tolerated and even encouraged unauthorized downloading for years. In response, a local filmmakers' association is demanding compensation for the losses that they've suffered over the past ten years, which could amount to hundreds of millions of euros.

Aurous Dev Fires Back at “Fearmongering, Babbling” Rightscorp

Aurous, the music equivalent of Popcorn Time, is just two weeks away from alpha release but anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp is already touting a 'solution' to deal with the software. Biting back, Aurous' developer Andrew Sampson says that Rightscorp has no idea how his technology works and accuses the company of…

Pirate Bay Founder Finally Free After Three Years

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm is a free man again after serving three years in prison for hacking and copyright offenses. His release marks the end of a turbulent and tough period characterized by successive trials, appeals and convictions in both Sweden and Denmark.

Megaupload Paid Prolific Pirates Thousands in Rewards, U.S. Says

In a rewards program that lasted five years, Megaupload paid out more than $3m to users who uploaded content the site. One of those was paid more than $50,000, despite having more than 1,200 takedown notices filed against his account, the U.S. claims. Countering, lawyers for Kim Dotcom says its…