Article 13 Suspense Builds as Finish Line Nears


This coming Monday, lawmakers hope to reach agreement on the final text of the controversial Article 13. Whatever direction the proposal goes, there's bound to be some disappointment. Opponents fear invasive censorship, while proponents see it as a lifebuoy for the music industry.

The Pirate Bay’s Stuck in Time, No New Uploads

The Pirate Bay's upload functionality has been broken for more than two days. This means that users are unable to upload any new torrents to the site. The problems are likely cause by a technical problem but it's unclear how long it will last.

Premier League Opens New Office to Fight Piracy

The Premier League says it has opened its first international office. Based within the Central Business District in Singapore, the office will have the primary aim of fighting piracy on behalf of the league and broadcast partners.

Movie Company Tries But Fails to Expose Pirates Through a DMCA Subpoena


The makers of the film "London Has Fallen" tried to expose the personal details of alleged pirates on a Comcast connection. Instead of filing a regular lawsuit, the company opted for a DMCA subpoena shortcut. This effort failed, with the court noting that it has long been established that these subpoenas are not available in file-sharing cases.

ISP Wants Trial to Decide if it Failed to Terminate Repeat Infringers


The piracy liability lawsuit between a group of RIAA labels and the Texan ISP Grande Communications is heating up. The ISP is in a tough spot after Magistrate Judge Austin recommended to drop its right to a safe harbor defense. The company disagrees, and asks the court to leave the safe harbor decision for trial, pointing out that Rightscorp's piracy notices can't be trusted.

South Korea Promises New Crackdown on Pirate Sites


The government in South Korea says that it shuttered 25 pirate sites in 2018 and arrested the operators of more than half of them. It also announced the launch of a new response center to more quickly deal with pirate sites via blocking. Thousands of platforms are already blocked in the country.