Judge Issues Devastating Order Against BitTorrent Copyright Troll

A Washington District Court has issued a devastating order against a copyright holder of the film "Once Upon a Time in Venice," which chases alleged BitTorrent pirates for cash settlements. The Court points out that one of their experts is unqualified, doubts whether declarants even exist, and highlights that IP-address evidence may have been obtained illegally.

RuTracker Reveals Innovative Plan For Users to Subvert ISP Blocking

Even though it's subjected to massive ISP blocking in Russia, torrent giant RuTracker refuses to give up the fight. After regular mirrors and proxies were easily scooped up by the country's blocking regime, RuTracker has a new plan. If you're a user and have a domain name to hand, the site will help you set up your very own access portal with a minimum of effort.

Media Giant Can Keep Seized Ad Revenue From Pirate Sites


A federal court in Florida has signed a default judgment against more than two dozen relatively small pirate sites. The order grants media conglomerate ABS-CBN ownership of the associated domain names. In addition, it can keep the sites' previously seized advertising revenue from networks including Google Adsense and MGID.

Tech Companies Meet EC to Discuss Removal of Pirate & Illegal Content

Representatives from platforms thought to include Google, Facebook and Twitter will meet with five EU Commissioners today to discuss progress in tackling the spread of illegal content online. While focus is being placed on terrorist propaganda and hate speech, intellectual property rights infringements are also high on the agenda.

TVAddons and ZemTV Ask Court to Dismiss U.S. Piracy Lawsuit


The people behind TVAddons and the ZemTV Kodi addon have asked a Texas District Court to dismiss the piracy lawsuit filed by Dish Networks against them. Both defendants are foreign nationals who say they have no connection to Texas. The case, therefore, violates their due process rights, the defense argues.

Sky Hits Man With £5k ‘Fine’ For Pirating Boxing on Facebook


A 34-year-old man from the UK has agreed to pay Sky £5,000 after the broadcaster tracked an illegal Facebook stream of the 2017 Joshua v Klitschko fight to his account. Craig Foster, who was warned of a potential £85,000 award should the case go to court, claimed that he wasn't responsible. Backtracking, he says he now wants a fight with Sky.