The Pirating Elephant in Uncle Sam’s Room


US entertainment companies are lobbying and litigating in favor of pirate site blockades around the globe. In addition, they're also urging domain registries to ban pirate sites, a practice even the US authorities are helping with. These measures are needed to protect revenues, the argument goes. But if that's the case, why is there little action on their home turf, the largest pirate nation of all?

Pirate IPTV Service Goes Bust After Premier League Deal, Exposing Users

Pirate IPTV service Ace Hosting has shut down and gone into liquidation after agreeing to pay the Premier League a copyright settlement of £100,000. With unpaid VAT and corporation tax bills running to £260,000 also unpaid, Ace subscribers and resellers, who are owed around £353,000, are set to have their details made public and could even be handed to the authorities.

BitTorrent Inc. Changed Its Name to Rainberry


BitTorrent is without a doubt one of the more recognizable technology brands of the century. It, therefore, comes a surprise that BitTorrent Inc. has changed its name to Rainberry. According to the company, it's strictly a "corporate decision," but a more detailed motivation is lacking.

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Deface Russian Govt. Site to Protest Web-Blocking (NSFW)


In retaliation for mass blocking that targeted Telegram but caused widespread collateral damage, hackers have hit the website of Russia's Federal Agency for International Cooperation. The attackers, who signed off as 'Anonymous' , left a not-safe-for-work rant criticizing local telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor. Meanwhile, Telegram filed an appeal challanging a Supreme Court ruling concerning the surrender of encryption keys.

Iconic Domain Has a New Owner


As part of its criminal case against Megaupload, the US Government seized several domain names belonging to Kim Dotcom's defunct file-hosting service. While the feds have held onto the iconic domain for years, it was recently taken over by RegistrarAds, a company with a history of controversial domain cases.

Court Orders Pirate IPTV Linker to Shut Down or Face Penalties Up to €1.25m


Anti-piracy group BREIN has prevailed in a legal clash against an unlicensed provider of thousands of live IPTV streams and movies. A court found that Leaper Beheer BV, which operated under names including Flickstore and Live TV Store, committed copyright infringement by offering a link to a .M3U playlist. It was ordered to shut down immediately or face penalties of up to 1.25 million euros.