Chinese Crackdown On Piracy Enters The Digital Domain

Since late last year there have been rumblings that China would soon carry out another crackdown on piracy. During the last week reports suggested that the country's actions were mainly in the physical domain but now, alongside reports that 4,000 people have been arrested, it seems China is conducting both a music and video piracy purge. More than 200 sites are under orders to remove music and some of the country's leading video sites are deleting illicit content and cuddling…

Cyberlockers Take Over File-Sharing Lead From BitTorrent Sites

In terms of visitor traffic Cyberlockers have taken over the file-sharing lead from BitTorrent sites. This trend has been developing over the last few years and has accelerated in recent months to a position where the number of one-click hosting sites that are larger than The Pirate Bay in terms of traffic has grown to five. All signs indicate that file-storage services are becoming the new sharing standard.

RapidShare: We’re Dedicated To Fighting Online Infringement

When it comes to commercial file-sharing sites, few are as exposed as RapidShare. Listed by the entertainment industries as being among the world's most notorious locations for pirated media, the company is certainly feeling the heat. In an attempt to correct what it sees as misconceptions about its operations, RapidShare has hired a prominent US lobbying firm and now appears to be reaching out to the entertainment industries to see them not as a foe, but a helpful friend. But…

Record Labels To Pay $45 Million for Pirating Artists’ Music

The major record labels are known for their harsh stance on copyright infringements, which in an ironic turn of events is now costing them millions of dollars. Revealing a double standard when it comes to 'piracy', Warner Music, Sony BMG Music, EMI Music and Universal Music now have to pay Canadian artists $45 Million for the illegal use of thousands of tracks on compilation CDs.

More Music Sold Than Ever Before, Despite Piracy


Last week the BPI released their overview of 2010 sales volumes in the UK. As always, their press release was filled with claims that piracy is ruining their industry and most mainstream media was quick to republish this propaganda. However, we can use the very same data to show that more music is being sold than ever before, and argue that piracy is likely to have had very little impact.

Porn Company Rejects Mass Lawsuits, Goes After Torrent Sites

The growing trend for some porn companies is to get into bed with a law firm and go down the mass litigation route against users in the hope of extracting millions of dollars in cash settlements. However, one leading company says that the process has difficulties and is not as straightforward as advertised. So this year, instead of chasing file-sharers they will go after torrent sites instead.

EZTV Crowdsources New Design, New Features Coming

EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, but unlike other BitTorrent sites it has no income stream. All the costs are paid out of the pockets of the site's owner, which is a costly hobby with 30 million visitors a month. So now the site is planning to roll out several new features along with a request for help from the public to come up with a new design.