Vuze Brings BitTorrent to Your TV, and Thousands of Other Devices

The Vuze team has announced that their software now integrates with thousands of external devices. The popular BitTorrent client has added support for DLNA devices, which means compatibility with products from 245 of the top global electronics brands including many of the latest TVs. Vuze made the news public just hours after its main competitor uTorrent set the first steps to device integration.

Who are MCGIP (and Why are They Suing for Other People’s Movies?)

Today we take a look at a tangled web of copyright trolls who have set their sights on thousands of BitTorrent users. More specifically, the law firm Steele Hansmeier, the BitTorrent tracking company led by Hansmeier's brother and the mysterious company MCGIP, which sued BitTorrent users for movies they didn't make.

NinjaVideo Founder Faces Jail Time Following Guilty Plea

Little over a year after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement started "Operation In Our Sites," the authorities have announced their first conviction. Yesterday, the first site owner targeted by the operation pleaded guilty. The 23-year old Matthew Smith, admitted to conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement charges for his role in the video streaming and download site NinjaVideo.

$10 Music Piracy Fine: A Fair Deal Or Just Another Cheap Trick?

Following a report yesterday that an anti-piracy company has been sending out emails asking that people pay a $10 fine after allegedly being caught sharing copyright material, we decided to take a closer look. Isn't this tiny fine a good idea? Isn't paying $10 literally 300 times better than paying $3000 to other companies in the same area?

Secret Anti-Piracy Meeting Raises Concerns With Aussie Pirate Party

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Earlier this week we pointed out that the press increasingly started to question pro-copyright propaganda. One of the hopes we had was that the Attorney General would to the same during the “secret” stakeholder meeting that was organized today. The Australian Pirate Party agrees and rightfully notes that the meeting is also missing one of […]

Pirate Service Makes Textbook Rentals Last Forever

The ever-rising costs of textbooks is an unavoidable nightmare for many students and hot-topic to those who see the system as corrupt. Now, a site with a mission to dismantle what they say amounts to a publishing monopoly has come up with another solution to bring cheap and free textbooks to students. The publishers are going to hate it but the site doesn't care. They insist that it's students that are being abused by publishers, not the other way round.

EZTV Goes Down In Preparation For Big Return

EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, so any downtime immediately leads to all kinds of horror stories about raids and seizures. This is especially true when the downtime coincides with the start of the new TV-season. However, the site's users can rest assured as the site will make a comeback soon after its hardware issues are out of the way.