Impotent With Rage, Psychotic File-Sharers Bite The Hand That Feeds Them


Ask any veteran of the file-sharing community who their arch-enemies are and it's safe to presume that the RIAA and MPAA will be the first two stones at the top of the piracy hate-pyramid. After all, when it comes to disrupting the activities of pirates - and in some cases ruining their lives - they have few equals. But are the music and movie industries justified in their actions when, after all, they're supplying most of the content on which…

Pirated Copy of ‘The Hurt Locker’ Airs on National TV

In anticipation of the Academy Awards ceremony last week, Belarusian TV viewers were treated to some previous Oscar-awarded movies. One of the films that Belarus' National State Television decided to air was last year's best picture The Hurt Locker. However, the channel managers apparently didn't go through all the proper licensing channels, electing to show a copy that had been downloaded from the BitTorrent site instead.

Leaked Docs Show Results of Fake ‘RIAA/MPAA’ BitTorrent Scam

Thanks to malware infecting their machines, last year some BitTorrent users were presented with a screen claiming that they had been caught infringing copyright by groups such as the RIAA and MPAA and needed to pay cash to settle. Now, thanks to leaked documents from the company that processed the credit card payments, we can see how many people fell for the scam.

BitTorrent Legend Returns as Video Portal

For those people who've been using BitTorrent for longer than 6 years, the name is likely to bring back memories. In the first half of the previous decade it was the largest BitTorrent site on the Internet. Legal pressure eventually led it its demise, but this week the site has been relaunched by its founder as a video portal, complete with a little BitTorrent flavor.

Been To Any Geohot Websites? Sony Wants Your IP Address

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Sony is continuing with its bulldozer approach to crushing jailbreaking on its PS3 games console and taking the fight to the next level in the most extreme way thinkable. As reported by Wired today, a federal magistrate is granting Sony the right to obtain the IP addresses of anyone who visited the web presences of […]

The Revolution Will Not Be Properly Licensed


We see it everywhere. Corporations are trying to take control over our communications tools, citing copyright concerns. Frequently, they are assisted by hapless politicians, who are also aspiring for the same control, citing terrorist concerns or some other McCarthyist scareword of the day. We should see this in perspective of the revolts happening right now in the Arab world.

Feds Arrest Owner of Seized Sports Streaming Domain

In the past several months, U.S. authorities have seized several domain names that were allegedly facilitating copyright infringement, and yesterday U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced the first arrest. The 32-year-old Texan Bryan McCarthy was arrested and has been charged with criminal copyright infringement. Meanwhile, the site associated with these criminal charges remains active.

Oh, Oh…BREIN Boss Says He Will Go After Anonymous

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Earlier this week, anti-piracy group BREIN was subjected to a DDoS attack which took their website offline. BREIN boss Tim Kuik said he believed that supporters of the now defunct Usenet portal FTD were behind the attack. Just hours later, Anonymous – the infamous loose-knit collective of Internet activists – announced they would revive Operation […]