How To Quickly Investigate A Fake BitTorrent Tracker

Seeding fake files on BitTorrent is nothing new and the practice has been carried out by anti-piracy groups and malware spreaders for a long time. While many of them choose to use various open and public BitTorrent trackers, others are setting up their own trackers. We take a look at an easy way to find out more about them.

Microsoft RickRolls Port Slamming BitTorrent Users

According to the on-site WiFi operators at Microsoft's Tech.Ed Australia 2009 conference, abnormal levels of network consumption by some users led them to take action against BitTorrent by 'Rickrolling' users who tried to access the most popular torrent sites. Interestingly, bandwidth usage wasn't the problem.

Investigation On Leaked Pirate Bay Verdict Closes

Last year, the District Court asked the police to investigate their own people after the verdict in The Pirate Bay case leaked to the public hours before it was officially delivered. Today the police announced that they have given up on finding the source of the leak and have closed down the investigation.

Huge Russian BitTorrent Site Has Domain Suspended

A massive Russian BitTorrent site has seen its domain name suspended by order of the authorities., the largest torrent site in the country indexing just about every type of media one can think of, has set up a temporary domain in order to keep serving its 4 million users.

Porn Studios Gag Rival Anti-Piracy Solution

The owners of several high traffic adult "tube" sites have developed an application that enables porn studios to prevent copyright infringement at no cost. The new system initially got some press coverage on an industry news outlet, but the coverage was pulled after complaints from some of the major porn studios.

How and Why BitTorrent Works, a Visualization

Millions of people use BitTorrent to share files every day, but only a small percentage actually understand how BitTorrent works and appreciate why it is such an efficient way to share large files. A simplified but insightful visualization helps to shed some light on the inner workings of the BitTorrent client.

Illicit File-Sharing and Streaming of TV Shows Increases

A new report by a consultancy firm specializing in analyzing consumer consumption of digital media reveals that during the last quarter of 2009, increasing numbers of Swedes accessed unauthorized movies and TV shows online. The research indicates that the downward trend provoked by the introduction of the IPRED legislation is over.

Blocked Pirate Bay Users Flock to Other Torrent Sites

Last week an Italian court ruled that ISPs should block access to The Pirate Bay. A few days later this block was enforced, but it is doubtful that the blockade will affect the piracy rate at all since other torrent sites are experiencing a massive increase in Italian visitors.