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Putlocker.is, one of the most-used video streaming services among pirates, has been offline for more than three days. The site currently shows a CloudFlare error message suggesting that its servers are unresponsive. Similarly, the operators themselves have yet to indicate any signs of life.

putlockerisPutlocker.is is the go-to video streaming site for many people.

However, starting three days ago the site suddenly became inaccessible. While a brief downtime stint is nothing unusual for these type of sites, the prolonged downtime is cause for concern among users.

Many are voicing their frustration after being confronted by yet another CloudFlare downtime banner, showing them that the site’s servers are still unresponsive.

“Putlocker is down so I no longer have a reason to live,” one user dramatically announced.

“Putlocker has been down the whole day. I’m going through serious withdrawals,” another added.

Putlocker.is down


Looking for answers, TorrentFreak tried to contact the Putlocker.is team on their known support address. However, this email returned an error message as well.

As far as we can see the current problems are related to the site’s servers. The domain name itself is operating as it should and hasn’t been seized or suspended by the registrar.

Interestingly, the downtime occurs right after Hollywood’s MPAA reported the site to the United States Trade Representative, describing it as one of the largest piracy threats.

“Putlocker.is is the most visited infringing English language video streaming link site in the world,” the MPAA wrote.

According to the MPAA the site is believed to operate from Vietnam, with its servers being hosted at the Swiss company Private Layer. Whether there’s a direct relation between the report and the downtime is unclear though.

Meanwhile, several “other” Putlockers are seizing the opportunity to gain some traction, at least for the time being. Whether the real Putlocker.is will return as well has yet to be seen.

Update: The Whois information for Putlocker.is was updated today and shows a new owner. This means that something is happening. We’ll keep an eye on the situation.

Update: Putlocker is back at Putlockers.ch after several weeks. A trusted source informed us that it’s operated (or at least registered to) the person who also owns the .is domain now.

Update: We are not sure if the new and the old registered owner are related.


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