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Court Order Forbids ‘Poor Pirate’ To Use BitTorrent

A federal court in Oregon has signed off on a highly peculiar judgment against a Dallas Buyers Club pirate. Citing "financial hardship," the woman doesn't have to pay the $7,500 in costs and fees as long as she promises not to download any infringing material in the future, and removes…

Dallas Buyers Club Sues BitTorrent Pirates Citing Oscar Wins

A week after it won two Oscars at the Academy Awards, the makers of Dallas Buyers Club have sued more than 100 alleged BitTorrent pirates in a U.S. federal court. The complaint cites the film's success, and the filmmakers hope to extract some additional revenue from the unauthorized downloaders.

Dallas Buyers Club Pirate Agrees to Pay $14,000, But Why?

The people behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club have won a $14,000 consent judgment against an Oregon BitTorrent user. Why the defendant agreed to pay the unusually high figure is unclear, but it may have something to do with the sword that was hanging over his head.

Downloaded Dallas Buyers Club? The Piracy Lawsuits Are Coming

It's been Just over month since a near perfect copy of Dallas Buyers Club appeared online and already thousands of people have downloaded the critically acclaimed movie. In response, owner Voltage Pictures has just filed a lawsuit with the aim of punishing individuals who downloaded the leaked DVD screener copy…

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