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Operation Jackal: Police Track Down Charity Song Pirates

In Italy artists and musicians made a charity song to raise money for victims of the recent earthquake. Like most music these days the song found its way onto P2P networks before its official release. Italy's answer to the RIAA reported the situation to the police, who are now reporting…

Copyright Infringing News Sites Raided and Shut Down

A division of the Italian government responsible for dealing with financial crime has raided and shut down 10 websites accused of illegally distributing subscription editorial content. Operation Phoenix has also resulted in the arrest of five individuals thus far, with a further five overseas websites blocked by attacking their DNS.

Court Orders Landmark Mass Blocking of 152 Pirate Sites

Police in Italy have taken action to block more than 150 sites involved in the unauthorized streaming of movies and sports. The Special Units of the Guardia di Finanza obtained a mass injunction from a judge in Rome, marking the start of the largest ever blocking operation since measures began…

Italy Blocks 290 ‘Pirate’ Movie & TV Show Domains in 4 Months

Authorities in Italy are continuing a huge crackdown on sites involved in the unlawful distribution of copyrighted content. This week the domains of another 41 platforms offering first-run movies, TV shows, and live sports were targeted, bringing the total for the last four months to 290 sites.

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