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Browser Plugin Reports Torrent Links to Anti-Piracy Company

An anti-piracy company says it has developed a new tool to boost their monitoring powers. The plugin, created by London-based MUSO, will harvest torrent and cyberlocker links as users browse the web. The information will then be sent back to the company and pumped into databases for subsequent processing and…

Ebook Library Punishes Anti-Piracy Outfit For Wrongful DMCA Notices

The Ultimate Ebook Library, TUEBL, is taking countermeasures against anti-piracy company MUSO for continued abuse of its DMCA takedown process. The ebook site is demanding the payment of a $150 fine, while threatening to ban MUSO's IP-addresses and restore previously removed books if the company fails to comply.

UK Government Funds Anti-Piracy Outfit With Taxpayer Money

The UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board has awarded £250,000 to the London-based anti-piracy outfit MUSO. The company will use the public funding to develop one of their new anti-piracy tools, which it says will benefit rightsholders and the local tech industry. Interestingly, a quick look at MUSO's clients shows that…

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