TIOTI: The Social TV-Torrent Network Goes Live Today

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TIOTI is an acronym for "Tape It Off The Internet" and is best described as a TV torrent site with a social network surrounding it. TIOTI has finally moved out of the private beta stage and launches its service to the public today.


TIOTI is aiming to be the next generation TV-torrent site. It does so by combining great design, .torrent tracking, RSS feeds for your favorite shows, recommendations, tagging, a little AJAX, and much more Web2.0 goodness.

The features don’t stop there – the episode pages on TIOTI include not only .torrent links, but also links to downloads from the iTunes store and DVDs from the Amazon store.

TIOTI also aggregrates links to streaming TV shows and allows its users to submit links wiki-style, referencing both full episodes and also smaller YouTube-type ‘video clips’.

Here at TorrentFreak we’ve been watching TIOTI closely for almost two years now, and it’s great to see they’re finally opening to the public.

In 2006, TIOTI co-founder Paul Pod told TorrentFreak that they want to improve the user experience compared to the traditional TV-torrent sites: “We’re aiming to create that Napster moment for TV downloads. Web2.0 is neither here nor there – what matters is good architecture and fantastic design. For non-geeks, it’s all about the user experience – if it sucks they don’t come back.”

Download your favorite TV-shows with TIOTI

TIOTI: The Social TV-Torrent Network Goes Live Today

TIOTI is live at this point, but not running very smoothly. According to their blog they have experienced a couple of teething troubles transitioning the servers to ‘live’ status, but this should be fixed soon.


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