Kiwi Government Reveals Revamped Anti-Piracy Law

Following massive protests from the public, New Zealand’s proposed ‘guilty upon accusation’ anti-piracy law was scrapped earlier this year, although not for long. A revamped version of the law, that was initially characterized as unfair and unworkable, has been revealed today.

Piracy Benefits Musicians, Hurts Their Labels?


The past decade has brought about a major shift in income streams for the music business. Musicians have seen a spectacular rise in income from live performances which contributed to a significant increase in their overall revenue. The labels on the other hand are struggling, mostly due to the decreased revenue from recorded music.

US Holds Ridiculously One-Sided Anti-Piracy Roundtable

US Vice President Joe Biden today hosted a roundtable looking at the so-called 'Piracy Problem'. The summit was not as 'open' as promised a year ago in the presidential campaign though. Only copyright industry representatives were present, further reinforcing the belief that Biden sits firmly in the pocket of Big Copyright.

Will The Chinese BitTorrent Crackdown Boost Criminals?

Recently it became clear that Chinese authorities were going ahead with their planned video site purge. Many BitTorrent sites fell including some of the country's largest, but of course none of this changes the demand for free or near-free media. So will the crackdown force those seeking cheap movies back onto the streets?

Microsoft Fined For Abusing Power to Harass Pirates

The Delhi High Court has fined Microsoft for harassing alleged software pirates by taking them to court in the national capitol, instead of the cities where the crimes had supposedly occurred. According to the ruling, using money as a power tool is not condoned without repercussions.

Private BitTorrent Trackers Commit Suicide With Rising Costs

Every week, more and more BitTorrent trackers come online, the vast majority being so-called private trackers where an invite is required to gain access. However, around 50% of these aren't making it to their first birthday, and many of them are causing their own death. The culprit? Rising costs.

Top 25 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2009

Just a few weeks remain in 2009, so it's time to publish the list of the top 25 BitTorrent sites that pulled in the most traffic this year. The Pirate Bay leads by a wide margin, followed up by Torrentz and isoHunt. KickassTorrents is the highest ranked newcomer in 11th place.