Zombie Game Taken Offline Because Pirates Didn’t Use BitTorrent

A popular indie zombie-style RPG game has been taken offline due to an unofficial feature made available in a cracked copy. The developers of the game say that they usually turn a blind eye to piracy since it could have benefits for their project, but when pirates keep using their servers to get updates instead of using BitTorrent, they had to make a stand.

uTorrent / BitTorrent Sued For Patent Infringement

BitTorrent Inc., the makers of uTorrent and the BitTorrent Mainline client, have been sued for infringement of a file-sharing related patent. According to the complaint, the BitTorrent clients infringe on the rights of San Francisco-based company Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network. The company demands compensation and if the court agrees, this case could have a disastrous impact on the BitTorrent landscape.

FilesTube Secures New Domain To Bypass Domain Blocking

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Last month SKMM – the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission – ordered the country’s ISPs to block several sites linked to file-sharing activity after the government warned that they infringe copyright law. On the list were the usual suspects including Pirate Bay, MegaUpload, MegaVideo, DepostFiles and PutLocker. Now it appears that another has been added […]

What’s The Best VPN / Proxy for BitTorrent?

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Privacy is important on the Internet, and BitTorrent users are certainly not excluded. Already, hundreds of thousands of BitTorrent users have decided to hide their IP-address to the public, and more are joining every day. Some use specialized torrent proxies and VPNs like BTGuard, but there are many other VPN providers including PrivateInternetAccess. Unfortunately, however, […]

Hacker Mulls Banning Pirate Apps With iOS 5 Apple Jailbreak

A hacker working on a jailbreak for Apple's upcoming iOS 5 says he is considering introducing a very controversial feature. Stefan Esser, known online as i0n1c, says the idea of installing his own DRM in order to block pirate apps is going "ping pong" in his head. The team behind Installous, the world's largest cracked app repository, informs TorrentFreak this is a very bad idea.

Fleet Foxes On Piracy – Don’t Make Discs, Make Music

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Portland, Oregon-based folk band Fleet Foxes are a known for their pragmatic and often supportive approach to online file-sharing. In an interview with Shortlist Magazaine, band leader Robin Pecknold does nothing to undermine that support. “There’s nothing you can do about technology. When the product leaves the disc it’s not chained to a physical format […]

iiNet BitTorrent Piracy Case Goes Back to Court

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The landmark court battle between the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft and the Aussie ISP iiNet will continue at The High Court. After previous unsuccessful attempts at making iiNet responsible for the copyright infringing activities of their users, AFACT is still refusing to give in. As reported in March, the Hollywood-backed group is taking its […]