Music Industry Threatens OpenBitTorrent’s New Hosting Provider

OpenBitTorrent is a non-commercial BitTorrent tracker that doesn't host or link to torrent files. Despite this seemingly neutral setup, both Hollywood and the music industry have declared war against what they see as an illegal service. After Hollywood won its case against the former provider of OpenBitTorrent, IFPI is now going after its new host in Spain.

uTorrent Takes a Leap to Version 3.0

The uTorrent team has integrated several of its experimental projects into the new 3.0 alpha release. The latest version of the main client now includes remote control, Apps and the ability to stream video torrents. In addition, uTorrent 3.0 has taken measures to protect VPN users from having their real IP-address exposed to the public.

ISPs Don’t Have To Block The Pirate Bay, Court Rules

Two ISPs have won their court battle against an anti-piracy group which had demanded that they block subscriber access to The Pirate Bay. Yesterday a judge at the Antwerp Commercial Court rejected the blocking demands and labeled them "disproportionate". The Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation has reacted angrily, accusing the ISPs of siding with The Pirate Bay.

Judge Slams RIAA, $675k Fine Ruled Unconstitutional

Another break happened today in the RIAA's case against Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum, as the $675k fine was reduced by 90%. The judge in the case criticised the RIAA and held that the jury's damages were unconstitutional. Even the reduced fine is described as "severe, even harsh" by the District Judge.

UFC Anti-Piracy Action Leads To 500 Private Settlements

Following an appearance before the US House Judiciary Committee, earlier this year the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced they would start suing those who provide or access UFC events illegally. In a new announcement the company has just revealed it has reached settlements with 500 businesses and individuals.

The Pirate Bay Hacked, Users Exposed

A group of Argentinian hackers have managed to gain access to The Pirate Bay's admin panel through a security breach. Via the backend of The Pirate Bay website they were able to delete torrents and expose users' IP-addresses, emails and MD5-hashed passwords. The Pirate Bay is currently working on a fix while the site is offline.

UK ISPs Take Digital Economy Act to High Court

Two of the UK's leading Internet service providers are teaming up to challenge the Digital Economy Act. TalkTalk and BT say they want the High Court to examine whether the Act, which was rushed through before the recent general election, was passed without going through the correct parliamentary procedures.