U.S. To Introduce Draconian Anti-Piracy Censorship Bill

The U.S. Government is determined to put an end to online piracy. In an attempt to give copyright holders and the authorities all the tools required to disable access to so-called rogue sites, lawmakers will soon introduce the PROTECT IP Act. Through domain seizures, ISP blockades, search engine censorship, and cutting funding of allegedly copyright infringing websites, the bill takes Internet censorship to the next level.

Irish Minister: “Copyright Monopoly Is Bad For Our Businesses And Economy”

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Our columnist Rick Falkvinge reports: These quotes from executive politicians would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago. Amidst economic hardship, the Cabinet in Ireland is seeking to boost digital industries, citing their importance to the economy. This boost is done by reducing the copyright monopoly. The story in Silicon Republic, published today, outlines […]

23,322 Expendables Downloaders Accused in BitTorrent’s Biggest Lawsuit

A massive list of 23,322 U.S. Internet users are expected to receive a settlement letter in which they are accused of illegally downloading The Expendables on BitTorrent. The defendants are part of the largest file-sharing related lawsuit in history, through which the film studio Nu Image hopes to recoup tens of millions of dollars.

Grandmother Gets First Scottish File-Sharing Conviction

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The US and the UK have had a handful of convictions for file-sharing, but now Scotland has its first. Auxiliary Nurse, Anne Muir, has been convicted of copyright crimes – namely sharing music. Her sentence will be decided later this month. The woman, 58-year-old Anne Muir, pleaded guilty after police searched her home in Ayr […]

ACS:Law Pleads Poverty, Gets Tiny Fine For Data Breach

Former ACS:Law owner Andrew Crossley has been fined by the Information Commissioner's Office for allowing the details of around 6,000 Internet users to be leaked onto the Internet. However, since Crossley has pleaded poverty his £200,000 fine was reduced to £1,000. Interesting, particularly since TorrentFreak has seen documents which show Crossley as jointly owning a house worth £750,000.

IP Address Leads Police To World’s Unluckiest File-Sharer

As part of a file-sharing investigation, in 2010 authorities tracked an IP address to a house in Sweden. After a night playing video games a blurry-eyed house sitter answered the early morning call only to be welcomed by the police. They weren't looking for him, but the owner who was abroad. Sometimes, however, you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fyels: File-Sharing Can’t Get Any Easier

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Just a few years ago sharing files on the Internet was cumbersome, slow and often complicated. Not anymore. Today people have thousands of options to send files around, and one click hosting sites are particularly popular. The new sharing platform Fyels.com falls into that category. It is the simplest file-sharing site we've ever encountered, currently without any limits or restrictions.

Gotta Share! Gotta Share! Gotta Share!

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We hope you enjoy watching this presentation from the recent GEL Conference in New York. Many presentations can be deadly boring but this one is a little different. It details the release of a new social media platform known as Twirlr. We’d normally give a little description and some background, but some things are best […]