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EZTV Shuts Down After Hostile Takeover

Popular TV-torrent distribution group EZTV is no more. After losing key domain names and data in a hostile takeover, EZTV founder NovaKing has called it quits. The group's retirement marks the end of an era in which the EZTV brand became synonymous with TV-torrents.

EZTV Now Accessible Under New Domain Names

In the wake of the OiNK takedown, many thousands of people started to panic today when they tried to access EZTV and instead got directed to Google. But there is no need to worry, EZTV is alive and well and now available via two new domains.

EZTV Impostors Hope To Cash In on EZTV.it Domain

The popular TV-torrent site EZTV is warning its users not to visit the old EZTV.it domain, which is operated by impostors. The company that grabbed the old domain at an auction offered EZTV a deal. However, the torrent release group refuses to be involved in any profit oriented partnership so…

EZTV Goes Down Again

After being down for maintenance for a few days earlier this month, EZTV.it is unresponsive again today. EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, so any downtime immediately leads to all kinds of horror stories about raids and seizures. None of this is true though. No official explanation…

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