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Roku Shows FBI Warning to Pirate Channel Users

The popular media player Roku is flashing an FBI anti-piracy warning to users of "pirate" channels, including XTV. After been shown the FBI's well known anti-piracy seal, users are informed that unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law and that the associated channel was removed.

Roku Removes USTVnow Service Following “3rd Party” Copyright Complaint

Popular media player Roku has surprised users by removing the entire USTVnow service from its platform. Speaking with TorrentFreak, a company spokesperson confirmed that the takedown was in response to an infringement complaint. However, the complaint didn't come from USTVnow but a "third party" content owner.

Controversial Roku ‘Piracy’ Ban Stays in Place in Mexico

Last year the Superior Court of Justice of the City of Mexico responded to a copyright complaint filed by a TV company by banning all imports and sales of Roku devices. After a temporary suspension of the decision, the ban soon returned and the company and various sales outlets have…

Forty Percent of All Mexican Roku Users are Pirates

Mexican courts have put a ban on Roku sales in the country, but until now the prevalence of Roku-related piracy was largely unknown. New figures released by a Mexican market research firm add some context and estimate that forty percent of all Roku owners in the country use the device…

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