iiNet loses Dallas Buyers Club Piracy Case

File-sharers have been dealt a blow in Australia today after a Federal court ruled in favor of the company behind the movie Dallas Buyers Club in its highly anticipated case with local ISP iiNet. However, letters to the 4726 consumers involved must first pass judicial scrutiny.

Top Torrent Tracker Knocked Offline Over “Infringing Hashes”

Coppersurfer, one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet, has been taken offline after it refused to block 'infringing' hashes. Hosting provider LeaseWeb pulled the plug on the site after a tip-off from Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, who also demanded that the site operator should step out of anonymity.

ISP Teksavvy Appeals in Hurt Locker Piracy Case


Last month Voltage Pictures, the company behind the movie Hurt Locker, was told to pay Internet provider Teksavvy $21,557 to cover costs in exposing 2,000 alleged pirates. The ruling was a huge blow to Teksavvy which has now appealed, demanding $346,480 in costs. Meanwhile, Voltage is warning that 'pirate fines'…

‘Halo Online’ Modders Won’t Stop For Microsoft

With a DMCA notice sent to Github this week, Microsoft aimed to stop widespread access to its Russia-only version of Halo Online. But speaking with TF, the team leading the modding charge says that it will continue in its quest to provide a free version of the game without geo-restrictions.

Peter Sunde: The ‘Pirate Movement’ is Dead


Ever since someone had the idea of starting a “pirate party," there've been discussions about the necessity for such a party. In the trail of that discussion, there’s always been the one about whether the “pirate movement” is alive or not.