Hotline Miami 2 Censored – So Pirate It, Devs Say

The decision by the Australian Classification board to refuse classification for the game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, is set to spectacularly backfire. In response to the censorship the game's developer is advised fans to hit the Internet and pirate the title instead.

Oscar Nominee Won’t Sue Pirates, Accepts Donations Instead

The crew behind the Golden Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated movie Leviathan say they won't sue pirates who download a screener copy of their movie. Instead they're supporting a donation drive, with all proceeds to charity. Intriguingly, however, a pirate copy might be better than the real thing.

MPAA Links Online Piracy to Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan


Hoping to deter and stop the ongoing threat of 'cyber' attacks President Obama unveiled new cybersecurity plans yesterday. While the plans don't reference copyright infringement, the MPAA notes that Congress should keep online piracy in mind as it drafts its new cybersecurity bill.

Student “Not Guilty” in First 3D Movie Piracy Case

In a first of its kind case a student accused of attempting to pirate the 3D movie Gravity has been completely cleared by a court in the UK. The presiding judge said there was absolutely "no legal basis" for the case and instructed the jury to find the 28-year-old not…

Piracy Notices Boost Demand For Anonymous VPNs in Canada

The mandatory piracy notifications that were implemented to deter copyright infringement in Canada have boosted the interest in anonymous file-sharing tools. Data from Google reveals a massive increase in searches for VPNs over the past two weeks, while VPN providers see a surge in traffic and sales.

Record Labels Try to Force ISP to Disconnect Pirates

A long running legal battle between the world's largest record labels and an Irish-based ISP has resumed today. Sony, Universal and Warner want UPC to warn and disconnect subscribers found sharing infringing content online but the ISP doesn't want to foot the bill.

Aussie ISPs Rushing Ahead With Anti-Piracy Proposals


Australian ISPs are working hard to present an anti-piracy code of conduct following intense pressure from the government. iiNet, the country's second largest ISP, reports confidence in meeting an April 8 deadline but whether the proposals will meet expectations remains to be seen.