Pinterest Sued Over Pirated Photos, Imgur Off The Hook


Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli is continuing with his piracy crackdown. He's now demanding millions of dollars in damages from Pinterest for failing to remove a series of pirated photos. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar case against Imgur, which was dropped this week for unknown reasons.

Pirate Site Blockades Can Be Challenged, BT Says


This week UK Internet provider BT has started offering more transparency regarding its obligation to block certain "pirate" websites. Subscribers who attempt to access a blocked site such as The Pirate Bay are now informed that the orders can be appealed. FilesTube, a former file-hosting search engine, is the first…

Kim Dotcom Announces United States Political Party

Kim Dotcom will launch a political party in the United States next year. Run by American citizens, Internet Party US will feature "celebrity founders" from the music, movie and Internet sectors. Dotcom will be its PR man and is already warning that "Hillary" faces her "worst nightmare" in 2016.

US Efforts to Jail Dotcom Fail as Kim Walks Free

Efforts by the United States government to have Kim Dotcom put back behind bars have failed. Arguments that the Megaupload founder poses a flight risk ahead of his extradition battle next summer were rejected by the Auckland District Court and the entrepreneur walked away a free man.