Australian Police Caught Pirating Movies

A recent audit of computer systems belonging to the South Australia Police has found that hundreds are being used to "share" films. In a move smacking of hypocrisy though, officers involved will not be charged.

Lawyer Who Threatened File-Sharers is Banned For 6 months

A lawyer who sent out hundreds of thousands of threatening letters demanding that alleged file-sharers pay 400 euros, has been banned from operating for 6 months. Elizabeth Martin, who had been working with Swiss anti-piracy outfit, Logistep, was condemned by the Paris Bar Council.

Legal and DRM-free Movie Torrents from Sweden

For most people, Sweden and BitTorrent equals The Pirate Bay. There is more though, Headweb, a new online movie store now offers over 500 authorized and DRM-free movies, which can be downloaded via BitTorrent. True to the BitTorrent philosophy, sharing is rewarded.

ISP Will Protect File-Sharers From Music Industry Disconnection Threat

After getting an "unbelievably rude letter" from the British Phonographic Industry which demanded that ISPs disconnect file-sharers from the internet, the UK's third largest ISP, Talk Talk, is in fighting mood. "Talk Talk rejects music industry threats and refuses to become internet police" says their statement.

Virgin Media Denies Doing a Deal to Disconnect Pirates

Virgin Media, the ISP accused of doing a deal with the British Phonographic Industry to disconnect persistent file-sharers from the internet, has denied the reports. Calling such measures "draconian", Virgin went on to say they raise both privacy and legal issues.