5 Reasons Why Illegal Downloaders Will Not Face a UK Ban


There's been a lot of buzz about a story The London Times ran this morning under the headline "Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads," which also appeared on the BBC website under the even more alarming headline "Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban." Time to get a couple of…

Kuwait Government Blocks 20 BitTorrent Sites

As of today, the Kuwait government ordered ISPs to block access to 20 BitTorrent sites. The ultimate goal of the state of Kuwait is to ban all BitTorrent sites in an attempt to reduce piracy, but this is not likely to happen anytime soon.

World Leader in Movie Piracy Flees from the Mounties

Last month we reported that Geremi Adam, producer of some of the highest quality pirate movie copies ever seen on the Internet, had been caught and had been ordered to appear in court in January. Adam, aka 'maVen' had other ideas - and has disappeared.

Anakata of The Pirate Bay Speaks Out on TV

As the trial of 'The Pirate Bay Four' comes ever closer, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka 'Anakata', speaks out on TV news. Dubbed by the report as the brains behind The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid is said to run a site that is 'the scourge of the film and music industries'. "It's…

Mininova Launches Music Torrent Streaming

The popular BitTorrent site Mininova just released a set of new features, including music torrent streaming. The new music streaming feature uses a Java applet developed by BitLet, which is easy to use and compatible with all Java-enabled browsers.