Filtering Torrents: The Pirate Bay vs. Torrentspy & Isohunt

Torrentspy and Isohunt announced that they will give content owners a "carte blanche" to remove torrents from their BitTorrent search engines last month. The perfect solution for content owners and site admins says Torrentspy - a nightmare according to The Pirate Bay.

Mininova Launches SFW Video Site

The Mininova team launched Snotr, their very own video upload service today. The site focuses on funny and interesting video clips that are SFW (safe for work) - meaning no adult content, no extreme violence and no racism.

Critical BitTorrent Vulnerability Found in Opera Browser

The cross platform browser Opera has been discovered to contain another critical vulnerability affecting its BitTorrent engine, one which leaves it wide open for a malicious user to run arbitrary code, potentially taking remote control of the host machine.

MPAA Responds to Harry Potter Leak

MPAA CEO Dan Glickman was devastated by the leak of the last Harry Potter book. Ironically, the MPAA has been caught pirating others work more than once. So who's the real pirate here?

Major Victory Within Reach For European File-Sharers

European file-sharers were given a huge legal boost today when the Advocate General to the European Court of Justice declared that EU law does not allow Internet Service Providers to be forced to reveal the personal details of people accused of file sharing.

Hilarious Mininova Support E-mails

Our friend Niek who runs mininova posted a series of hilarious e-mails that he received from Mininova users. A sneak peek into the daily business of a BitTorrent site admin.