BitTorrent Sites Shut Down, Admins Arrested

In a renewed effort to put a halt to piracy, Spanish Police shut down two BitTorrent sites. and were both taken offline and three administrators were arrested and accused of facilitating "copyright infringement".

Get into Private BitTorrent Sites with Tracker Checker 2

Constantly checking private trackers for open signups can be a drawn out task. Some open only briefly and by the time one gets a tipoff, all the places have gone and registrations are closed again. Tracker Checker 2 automatically checks chosen sites for open signups, getting you into those elusive…

Massive Leak of Pre-Air TV Shows: Piracy or Promotion?

Several TV shows from the upcoming TV season have leaked to BitTorrent over the past week. Weeds, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chonicles, Pushing Daisies, Californication, Brotherhood and Dexter, to name a few. It makes you wonder, Is this the work of hardcore pirates or just a new form of promotion…

uTorrent Mobile UI Goes Live Tomorrow

An independently developed mobile user-interface for uTorrent, appropriately named uTorrent mUI, is going live tomorrow. Located at, the interface will allow you to remotely control your torrents from just about any mobile browser, including Opera Mini.

Anti-Piracy Outfit’s Business Model On Life-Support

Swiss anti-piracy outfit Logistep has been travelling around Europe, threatening and bullying P2P users in Germany, Britain, France, Italy and anywhere else where the courts will allow them to operate. File-sharers have had enough and now - at long last - so have the courts.