Shut Down Due to DMCA Violation

The popular BitTorrent meta-search engine was shutdown a few hours ago due to a DMCA violation. An absurd action because the site never linked to a single .torrent file, it just allowed you to search for torrent files on other BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. So…

DirectConnect Hub Shutdown By Police

Just two days after TorrentFreak reported that a clampdown on file-sharing in Italy was looming, reports suggest that police raids have closed down a major DirectConnect hub, netting equipment and the network's major uploaders.

Are Private BitTorrent Trackers Safe?

There is a statement you'll often see on p2p forums, and in IRC channels. It usually comes in a discussion about "getting caught" or "letters been sent" and it goes something like "the safest thing is to join a private site. The other oft-proposed solution, blocklists, has been discussed before.…

Milwaukee says NO to RIAA

Recently, the University of Wisconsin (based in Madison, WI) announced that it would not forward on threatening letters from the RIAA to its students. Now, some of the other schools in the system are going along with it in what can only be seen as a setback to the recording…

Xtorrent 1.0 Review

Xtorrent, the highly anticipated BitTorrent client for the Mac, is finally out of beta with a shiny 1.0 release. Here's our review of it.

The Human BitTorrent Swarm

Following the forced closure of some of Bulgaria's most loved BitTorrent trackers, the file-sharing peers of Bulgaria have done the thing they do best : they organized a human BitTorrent swarm in Sophia - and hundreds joined it to protest against the government.