MPAA Fires Three Anti Piracy Bosses

The MPAA is currently involved in legal battles against several BitTorrent sites. Last year Hollywood's lobby organization booked a victory in court when they managed to shut TorrentSpy down, but despite these efforts the studio bosses are still not satisfied. Three of the MPAA's anti-piracy leaders have now been fired.

Parliamentary Comms Group Says ‘No’ to UK 3-Strikes

An increasing death-knell is sounding for Lord Mandelson's proposals for 3-strikes Internet disconnections. The latest blow comes from the All Party Parliamentary Communications Group. After a consultation earlier this year, they have now published their response, and it's not one favorable to 'Darth Mandy' and his plans.

Leading UK Cinema Implements MPAA Laptop Ban

Cineworld, the UK's second largest multiplex cinema chain, says it provides an environment that makes cinema going a pleasurable experience, "which in turn encourages frequent return visits." However, they have just alienated an award winning TV and radio broadcaster by refusing him entry because he had his laptop with him.

Pirate Bay Takes Bias Claims to Supreme Court

Two of the main judges appointed to the upcoming Pirate Bay appeal have been accused of a conflict of interest, since they have both been members of pro-copyright groups. The appeal court decided that the judges are not biased, but the defense has announced that it will take the case to the Supreme Court, which is likely to delay the trial.

Proposed Anti-Piracy Legislation is Flawed, ISP Says

In recent weeks there has been a lot of debate about the UK government's upcoming plans to disconnect alleged file-sharers from the Internet. Now, ISP TalkTalk enters the discussions saying that the proposed legislation is unworkable and that it "contradicts fundamental human rights."

Pirate Party Condemns $5.4m Claim Against P2P Operator

The Finnish Pirate Party has condemned a massive claim for damages against the operator of a file-sharing hub. The individual is facing a claim of 3.6m euros ($5.4m) from an anti-piracy group, this despite claims that there is no evidence of any specific infringements, merely high bandwidth usage on the individual's ISP account.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 8 – Anti-Piracy Evidence Lacking

Day eight of the trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. Today's proceedings centered around the quality of the evidence supplied to the court by AFACT. It was ascertained that AFACT likely counted breaches more than once, with one of their lawyers admitting that one method used was not 100% accurate.

RIAA and MPAA Can’t Stop BitTorrent, Study Finds

For years RIAA and MPAA members have hired companies to attack popular BitTorrent swarms in an attempt to interfere with their downloads. According to a recently published paper by New York University researchers, these attacks are highly ineffective. At best, they slow downloads for a few minutes, something most users don't even notice.