The Red Flag Act of 1865


There is nothing new under the sun. When incumbent industries are threatened by a new and disruptive technology, they will use any justification imaginable to kill it in its infancy, trying to convince legislators that their particular special interest is a public interest. It always ends badly.

LulzSec / Anonymous Scare Aussie ISP into Rethinking Internet Filter

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Starting next week two of Australia’s largest ISPs, Telstra and Optus, will voluntarily implement an Internet filter that censors some 500 websites. At least, that was the plan. It now appears that the recent accomplishments of LulzSec and Anonymous have changed the minds of Telstra’s top executives. With the threat of becoming the prime target […]

EZTV Down Due to DNS Problems

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The popular TV-torrent index EZTV is currently offline due to DNS problems. At the moment there’s no indication how long the outage will last. As always, however, the crew will do all it can to solve the issues as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the leading TV-torrent distribution group continues to post torrents on The […]

Hotfile Battles MPAA Over Private User Data Disclosure

Earlier this year, member companies of the MPAA filed a lawsuit against the Hotfile file-hosting service and ever since the parties have been back and forth submitting and responding to court papers. Now it seems that the MPAA want Hotfile to hand over just about every piece of data the company holds, from the IP addresses of uploaders and downloaders to the company's source code.

Site Admin To Pay $185,000 Damages For Providing Keywords

The administrator of a file-sharing related site has seen his sentence upheld by the Court of Appeal. The man, who was arrested back in 2007, operated a site which didn't offer links but provided users with hints on keywords which would help them find movies and TV shows. He has received a one year suspended sentence, fined 3,000 euros and ordered to pay 130,000 euros ($185,000) in damages.

MediaGet BitTorrent Client Set To Conquer The West

MediaGet, an all-in-one BitTorrent client developed in Russia, has become increasingly popular recently. Despite being just one year young the BitTorrent client has already been downloaded more than 18 million times. At the moment the majority of its users come from Ukraine and Russia, but the MediaGet developers have translated the client and are ready to conquer the West.

More Opposition to UK Anti-Piracy Law

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Three strikes laws, the fabled ‘golden bullet’ to deal with copyright infringement has taken a beating over the past year. The debate over the effectiveness has focused on three areas – proportionality, judicial oversight and accuracy – and more evidence keeps piling up against it. Opponents to three-strikes, or ‘Graduated Response’ laws have been boosted […]

uTorrent Bugged by Bugs

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I discovered a uTorrent bug yesterday, a major one. Not in the application itself but on the post-download page. I’m no entomologist but I’m pretty certain this qualifies as a bug. Why and how it’s supposed to contribute to uTorrent’s image escapes me though. Personally I don’t like to see bugs when I’ve just downloaded […]