Nintendo Anti-Piracy Measures Defeated Immediately

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Earlier this week Nintendo released a new firmware update for the DSi and DSi XL. The release was done in a fairly low-key manner suggesting that there aren’t many (if any) new consumer features being added. Unsurprisingly, the v1.4.2 update did successfully block flash cards, the devices which allow the playing of back up games. […]

LimeWire Pays RIAA $105 Million, Artists Get Nothing

In the midst of their jury trial, the company behind the defunct LimeWire client and the RIAA settled their dispute out of court. Limewire will pay $105 million to compensate the major music labels for damages suffered. A moment of justice for the music industry, but not necessarily for the artists. The recouped money is destined for reinvestment in new anti-piracy efforts and will not be used to compensate any artists.

Scottish File-Sharing Conviction Dismays OiNK and FileSoup Lawyer

This week it was widely reported that a 58-year-old grandmother from Scotland had become the first person in the country to be convicted of file-sharing offences. Today, David Cook from Burrows Bussin Solicitors, a law firm which has defended individuals in the OiNK and FileSoup BitTorrent cases, voices his concern at the ongoing rights-holder led persecution of those least able to defend themselves.

The Tunnel Inks Distribution Deal With BitTorrent Inc and VODO

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The much anticipated Australian horror movie 'The Tunnel' will be distributed by both BitTorrent Inc and VODO, the platform created by Steal This Film creator Jamie King. These platforms will expose the film to an estimated online audience of more than 100 million and will be immediately offered to anyone who downloads uTorrent.

Comcast Offers Help to The Pirate Bay, Problems Fixed

Starting 24 hours ago, nearly all Comcast subscribers were unable to access The Pirate Bay. Although Comcast is not the only ISP affected by the connectivity issue, the problems appear to be most widespread in their network. In an effort to resolve the problems, Comcast has offered The Pirate Bay assistance from their engineers, to get to the bottom of the issue.

Movie Streamers Line Up Heavyweight Lawyers To Fight MPAA

The bizarre-yet-brilliant streaming movie service Zediva recently punched a hole straight through the MPAA's restrictive licensing roadblocks. Now the fledgling outfit is facing the legal might of Hollywood who want to bomb it back to the Stone Age. Perhaps surprisingly, Zedivca aren't rolling over and have instead compiled a dream team of lawyers to fight back.

UK Digital Music Sales Pass £1 Billion, Despite Piracy

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There’s something odd going on in the music industry. While physical CD sales are decreasing year after year, due to online music piracy, digital sales are booming. Today the BPI reports that since the launch of the first legal store in 2004, UK music fans have spent more than £1 billion on digital music. “British […]

Comcast Users Blocked From The Pirate Bay

During the last few hours reports have been trickling in from Comcast subscribers who are unable to access The Pirate Bay website. Although there is no sign that Comcast is actively blocking user access to the largest BitTorrent site on the Internet, something is clearly not in order. The Pirate Bay team have confirmed that they are not the ones who are blocking, and they're investigating the issue.