Dotcom Loses Lawyers – Then They Erase All History of Him

Kim Dotcom is looking for a new legal team in New Zealand after a high-profile lawfirm withdrew its services. However, what's especially unusual is that Simpson Grierson has not only pulled out, but is also removing all references to Dotcom and Mega from its corporate site.

Dallas Buyers Club Pirate Agrees to Pay $14,000, But Why?


The people behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club have won a $14,000 consent judgment against an Oregon BitTorrent user. Why the defendant agreed to pay the unusually high figure is unclear, but it may have something to do with the sword that was hanging over his head.

Internet Pirates Always a Step Ahead , Aussies Say

Almost three-quarters of Australians believe that using technical measures to end Internet piracy are doomed to fail and will only lead to higher ISP bills for consumers. Those are just two of the findings of a new survey carried out by the Communications Alliance, the industry body for the Australian…

ISP Protects Subscribers From Piracy “Fishing Expedition”


Atlanta-based Internet provider CBeyond is protesting a DMCA subpoena from the anti-piracy monitoring outfit Rightscorp. The ISP is refusing to hand over the identities behind more than a thousand IP-addresses connected to copyright infringement while declaring Rightscorp's efforts as a frivolous fishing expedition.

Rob Zombie: Music Piracy Has Re-Energized Me


While piracy has been blamed for many terrible things over the years, Rob Zombie sees things differently. Not only does the musician, director and producer not care about the phenomenon, he's happy to give his music away for free, claiming that piracy has not only re-energized him, but also made…

Copyright Holders Want Pirate Bay Blocked in Sweden

Several major movie studios and record labels have filed a lawsuit against the Swedish ISP B2, demanding that the company blocks access to The Pirate Bay. The lawsuit, which also calls for a blockade of the streaming site Swefilmer, is the first of its kind in The Pirate Bay's home…