BitTorrent Sites Safe Haven Under Threat

Leaseweb, the ISP of some of the largest BitTorrent sites like Torrentspy, BTjunkie and Demonoid was forced to take down, a relatively small BitTorrent site. The outcome of the lawsuit initiated by the Dutch anti-piracy outfit Brein could spell trouble for some of the key players in the BitTorrent…

Mac OS X Leopard Leaked to BitTorrent

The latest version of the Macintosh operating system, version 10.5 Leopard, has appeared on torrent sites all over the web. Though a little late, the torrent comprises of the feature-complete beta release handed out to developers at WWDC '07.

The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting

BayImg, an uncensored image hosting service, is the latest side-project from The Pirate Bay folks. The main difference compared to other image hosting services is that they pretty much allow everything on there, freedom of speech above all.

O.J Simpson’s ‘Murder Confession’ Leaked to BitTorrent

In 2006 O.J Simpson announced he was releasing a book in which he would detail what would have happened, had he really committed the horrific murders of his ex-wife and her boyfriend in 1994. After public outrage, the book was shelved and 400,000 copies of the book were destroyed but…

CBS Promotes BitTorrent Downloads

CBS links to .torrent files from several BitTorrent sites on the homepage of their reality show "Pirate Master". Very useful if you missed the latest episode, but illegal in most countries since downloading the show is considered to be copyright infringement.

HTTP Traffic Overtakes P2P, Courtesy of YouTube

A recent study shows that YouTube is responsible for nearly 10% of all Internet traffic. As a result of the increased popularity of YouTube and other video streaming sites, HTTP traffic now generates more traffic than P2P, for the first time since 2002.

How to Stop Warez Pirates: Ask Them Nicely

Organizations such as the MPAA, RIAA and IFPI spend millions of dollars enforcing copyrights by getting people fined and even jailed for file-sharing. So when a small developer sees his work pirated on the internet, what can he do about it with his tiny resources? Easy. He emails the warez…