TorrentSpy Traffic Plunges After US Ban

The MPAA has caused TorrentSpy, once the most popular BitTorrent site, some serious headaches. After a federal judge ordered TorrentSpy to log all user data stored in RAM, they decided to block access to US users, consequently their traffic dropped significantly.

BitTorrent Addiction: The Thrill of the Chase

It's great to have access to a huge library of media via your torrent client, no one can deny that, but for many users BitTorrent is more than just a functional tool. It's become an addictive hobby, with puzzles to solve and treasures to find. Servers and Traffic: 2006 vs 2007 has experienced some massive growth over the past year. The number of visitors went up from less than a million per day to 3 million, and to keep everything running smoothly the server park nearly tripled from 7 to 19 servers.

Demonoid Aftermath: An Open Letter to the CRIA


In the aftermath of the recent demonoid turmoil, "A former music buyer" posted an open letter to the CRIA - an impressive summary of what's wrong with the music industry and how they alienate their customers. The RIAA and the CRIA have to rethink their business models, closing down p2p…

Crackdown on File-Sharers Trading in Gay Porn

After being a relative safe-haven for file-sharers, the sharing of porn is becoming the latest target for increased legal action. Following on from promised action against people involved in mainstream porn, a leading distributor of gay porn is now flexing its muscles against those it accuses of infringing its copyrights.

Pirates say ‘Narrgh’ to EU Terrorism Censorship

Pirate Parties around the world are protesting against a recent Net censorship proposal by EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini. Frattini has recently been urging ministers at the European Union to consider censoring certain search keywords in a bid to curb terrorism.

TIOTI: The Social TV-Torrent Network Goes Live Today

TIOTI is an acronym for "Tape It Off The Internet" and is best described as a TV torrent site with a social network surrounding it. TIOTI has finally moved out of the private beta stage and launches its service to the public today.