isoHunt Turns 8, Keeps on Fighting Big Media

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A few prominent BitTorrent search engines are celebrating their 8th anniversary this year. On July 24 Torrentz silently celebrated its birthday, and this week it’s isoHunt’s turn. They even have a special anniversary t-shirt designed for the hardcore fans. Although the site itself was founded in January of 2003, torrent were first added on August […]

23,238 Alleged ‘Expendables’ Downloaders Walk Free

What was once touted as the biggest file-sharing lawsuit in history has now been decimated following a decision from the U.S. District Court of Columbia. Judge Robert Wilkins ruled that well over 99 percent of the original 23,322 alleged infringers can not be chased down by the makers of The Expendables because they fall outside of the court's jurisdiction.

Hackers Take Down The CIA…

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The word hacker is slowly being redefined. Even trolls can be hackers now, and vice versa of course. Whatever hacking may mean today, DDoSing is not included. Or is it? xkcd’s recent comic is relevant.

Björk Wants Pirates To Crack And Convert Apple Apps

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Bjork’s latest album Biophilia is only available in software form exclusively for Apple devices. But she believes that with the help of pirates, that situation might soon change. “I’m not supposed to say this, probably,” she told Drowned in Sound, “but I’m trusting that the pirates out there won’t tie their hands behind their back.” […]

Censorship Fail Reveals Big Music ISP Spying Plan

Previously confidential documents detailing Universal Music's meetings with the former UK government over the Digital Economy Act are revealing a whole lot more than the pair intended. Blacked-out sections now uncovered show that Universal believed that ISPs could spy on their users and hand over information to rightsholders in order for them to sue.

Digital Economy Act: A Foregone Conclusion?

Was the Digital Economy Act always going to be implemented? The latest revelations in the Act's complex two year history shows that it was always going to happen, and that public consultation on the matter was just a sham.

Torrent Sites Get “Restraining Order” From Indian High Court

In an attempt to prevent pirates from downloading their latest movie Singham, Reliance Entertainment came up with a rather unconventional anti-piracy strategy. The company managed to obtain a so-called John Doe order from the Indian High Court, which they are now sending to various torrent sites that could potentially link to a pirated version of the movie.