IFPI Wins Danish File-Sharing Case

A man who was tracked sharing over 13,000 music tracks on Direct Connect back in 2005 has lost his appeal. The Vestre Landsret, one of Denmark’s higher courts, has ordered the middle-aged man to pay $24,400 (160,000 kroner) in compensation.

Pirate Bay Tricks Anti-Pirates with Fake Peers

The Pirate Bay has always made it clear that they don't obey takedown requests from content owners. That doesn't stop Hollywood from going after the Pirate Bay's users, however, and they do so on a large scale. The Pirate Bay is well aware of these pirate tracking outfits, and does…

Record Label ‘Infringes’ Own Copyright, Site Pulled

The website of a record label which offers completely free music downloads has been taken down by its host for copyright infringement, even though it only offers its own music. Quote Unquote Records calls itself "The First Ever Donation Based Record Label", but is currently homeless after its host pulled…

Stanford University Embraces BitTorrent

While some universities restrict the use of BitTorrent clients, others embrace the popular flilesharing protocol and use it to spread knowledge. Stanford University is one of the few to realize that BitTorrent does not equal piracy. They use BitTorrent to give away some of their engineering courses, with some success.

New Zealand First to Adopt 3-Strikes Law for Pirates

New Zealand is known for sheep, rugby, and dramatic filming locations. However, it will also be known for being the first place in the world with a 3-strikes law for copyright infringement. The Copyright Amendment Act 2008 gained royal assent earlier this year, and goes into effect at the end…

Sweet, BitTorrent Users – Pirate My Book Please!

Dan Morrill, Program Director at City University of Seattle, who has appeared in previous TorrentFreak articles, has written a book entitled "Selling Books On Amazon, Tips and Secrets". In true BitTorrent style, he's not selling his work, but asking people to please pirate it, courtesy of Mininova's CDN.

Anti-Pirates Wipe Out Movie and TV ‘Fansub’ Sites

This week many sites offering homemade Greek subtitles received legal threats from an organization representing the TV and movie industries. Very quickly, fansub sites closed down or removed access to subtitles, leaving thousands of Greek file-sharers quite literally in a position of not understanding what is going on.