Canadians Face Draconian Anti-Piracy Law

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Following pressure from the US Government, Canada is preparing to ram through a revamped copyright bill that will have disastrous consequences for consumers. Michael Geist, prof. E-commerce Law in Ottawa, previously described the bill as “the most anti-consumer copyright bill in Canadian history.” Canadians who’re concerned about this development should act, before January 31. “Bill […]

Piracy Horrors and The Music Industry’s Twisted Reality


Once again the music industry has published a report featuring the desperate times record labels are facing, all because of file-sharing horrors. Each year the industry's press releases and annual reports are ever more depressive, with their lobbyists citing horribly inaccurate research and utilizing twisted arguments to beg governments for help. Brace yourself.

Malware Toolkits Guarded With Stolen DRM

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Malware writers are pinching anti-pirate technology embedded into some of the world’s most popular software to protect their own, according to Symantec. The antivirus company said writers of complex malware toolkits can embed measures to prevent users from stealing their work. Read More

IFPI About To Complain About…. Piracy

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IFPI is about to release its yearly report on the state of the music industry, and in a primer at the BBC they already set the tone. ‘Piracy is evil, the Government should help us.’ The BBC reports: The global music industry is to publish a report calling on governments to do more to stop […]

Google and Leading Web Firms Get Their Way in Online Piracy Dispute

Last year some of Russia's leading web firms including Google and Vkontakte wrote an open letter to the entertainment industries telling them to back off on claims they are responsible for file-sharing committed by their users. Now Russia's Communications Minister has announced that the big web companies will have their way, with actual infringers taking responsibility for their own actions.

Xbox 360 Update Stumps Black Ops and Modern Warfare Pirates

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Seems like that innocent little Xbox 360 update yesterday wasn’t just to restore the option to boot the console straight to a disc. It also contained secret pirate-fighting juice. Now that it’s been mentioned, it did seem a little strange that the update came out of nowhere. And for such a tiny fix clocked in […]

RIAA Thinks .Music Domains Will Be Piracy Havens

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The RIAA is lowering it’s horns and taking the .music initiative head-on. Even though the .music domain extension hasn’t seen the light of day yet, the RIAA is already challenging ICANN to ensure that, if approved, this top-level domain won’t be used to encourage music piracy. The RIAA would like to work closely with ICANN […]

Thorny Bleeder Records Give Away Yet More Free Music

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Brian Thompson, Managing Partner of Thorny Bleeder Records contacted TorrentFreak with some news this morning. In addition to a shiny new website, Thorny Bleeder are offering a new free music album to download. The album, Get Thorny 3, features 24 songs from 24 different artists. Thorny Bleeder also released additional free album downloads from Billy […]