Obama Embraces Creative Commons

US President-Elect Barack Obama is a man with a message, and according to the speeches made during his campaign, that message is 'Change'. One of those changes has been somewhat of a snub to the creative industries and their lobby groups - the embracing of Creative Commons licensing.

Will uTorrent Really Kill the Internet?

An inflammatory article published by Richard Bennett in The Register makes the claim 'BitTorrent will kill the Internet', or at least VoIP and games. However, are Bennett's claims based in reality, or is it just another round in the FUD war that envelops the Internet?

Sexpert Uncovers Shades of Dahl in Piracy Witch-Hunt

When TorrentFreak broke the news that lawyers had started going after alleged downloaders of gay porn, we knew that this time the anti-piracy dynamic would be different. Named in Forbes' Web Celeb 25, Violet Blue, a sex columnist and educator has surprisingly added her dissenting voice into the mix, unwittingly…

Top 10 BitTorrent and RSS Tips

RSS can be a real time saver for BitTorrent enthusiasts. Rather than manually trawling many torrent sites hunting for material, most will agree it’s much more convenient for the content to come to the user. This is exactly what you can achieve by using RSS and these ten handy tips.

TorrentFreak TV ‘On The Streets’

In this episode we go out on the streets in San Francisco to ask people how they feel about internet piracy. We also talk about new style of in-video ads, another ISP being sued, fanedits not liked by studios, and we give away a free t-shirt

Anti-Piracy Lobby Defeats European Democracy

An amendment designed to protect Internet users from the anti-piracy lobby has been rejected by President Sarkozy of the European Council. The rejection goes against the will of the European Parliament, where 88% of the members already voted in favor of the amendment, which was originally destined to protect file-sharers…