Torrent Droid: Scan Barcodes, Get Torrents

You are standing in a store looking for a new DVD to buy. Rather than buying it, you photograph the barcode with your phone and press a couple of buttons. By the time you make it home, the movie is waiting for you in your torrent client. You can with…

P2P Client Does a Deal With the Devil

The name Discordia Ltd is connected to the neutering, hijacking, faking and commercialization of several P2P clients including iMesh, Bearshare and Following initial reports that the company had hijacked the Lphant client, it now seems that the business simply sold out to the music industry.

Economists: Abolish Copyright & Patents to Save the Economy

Two economists from Washington University have looked at current copyright and patent laws and concluded that they're not good. The pair see current Intellectual property laws as similar to 'medieval trade monopolies' which were bad for the economy as a whole, and are calling for the system to be reformed.

Pirate Party Politician Fired for His Political Views

The Pirate Party has gathered a huge following in Sweden. More than half of all men under 30 are considering voting for the party in the upcoming European Parliament elections. However, being affiliated with the party is not without risks - even in a democracy.

Anti-Piracy Law is ‘Reasonable’ Says Kiwi Music Chief

The proposed anti-filesharing legislation in New Zealand has got more than its fair share of press recently but unfortunately for the music industry, most of it has been bad. However, the head of New Zealand's answer to the RIAA says everyone has it wrong, insisting Section 92A is a "reasonable"…