Artists Abused in Pirate Bay Trial Strike Back

Hiphop group Advance Patrol was used by the music industry in the Pirate Bay trial, portrayed as artists suffering losses from illegal downloading. However, the group itself was never consulted, and they are now striking back at the music industry by releasing their new album for free - on The…

Anti-Piracy Groups Target Australia’s Children

Several prominent film and TV anti-piracy groups and other industry bodies have teamed up to create yet another group, this time with the aim, among other things, to teach Australia's children that copyright infringement is wrong.

Movie Industry Wants “Speed Bumps” for Pirates

In just a few weeks the UK government will announce their new anti-piracy legislation that aims to put an end to most illegal file-sharing. The exact nature of the proposals are still unknown, but installing "speed bumps" for pirates is a good option according to the film industry.

Russian Police Make Arrests In First Ever BitTorrent Raid

Russian police have carried out what is believed to be the first raid against a BitTorrent tracker. Prompted by the MPA, police arrived at the site's Moscow office and arrested the owners and several staff. As is so often the case, the arrests failed to close the site, which is…

Nielsen Hugely Underestimates BitTorrent Traffic

BitTorrent's user base is growing month by month and has reached a level where reputable marketing research companies have started to look into the phenomenon. Over the years Nielsen Media has optimized their ratings system for television, radio and films - but on the other hand their BitTorrent traffic estimates…

Search For Movie Piracy Equipment Was Invasion of Privacy

A Canadian court has ordered a cinema to pay $10,000 damages after staff searched a family's bags looking for camming equipment, but ended up breaching their privacy. The search by staff also turned up something embarrassing in older daughter's bag. Mom had no idea. Not impressed.

Panera Bread’s Evil Torrent Filter


For reasons unknown, TorrentFreak is filtered by many organizations, schools and WiFi hotspots spread across various countries. We assume that those who maintain the web filtering databases have grown wary of anything related to BitTorrent, but in some cases it's even worse than that.