Had Secret Stash Of Pirate Movies, Music and Games

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Until recently, the home of the world-famous PHP scripting language, had a pretty dark secret – a secret stash of pirate movies, music and software. According to a report from SEO Whistlerblower Stephen Chapman, not only did an unsecure directory contain the aforementioned warez, but also password and config files. The directory has been […]

Comcast vs Net Neutrality: The Movie

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In 2007 , TorrentFreak broke the news that Robb Topolski had discovered that Comcast was actively blocking BitTorrent traffic. The ISP initially denied his claims but were later forced to come clean. Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking fuelled the debate over Net Neutrality and led to an FCC investigation and various lawsuits. Eventually Comcast settled a class […]

BitTorrent Grandma Was Wrongfully Accused, Lawyer Admits

A 70-year-old retired widow from San Francisco who was accused of sharing a porn movie on BitTorrent has seen the case against her dropped. The woman, who went to the press after being threatened by a notorious anti-piracy law firm, was told that they targeted her by mistake. In what appears to be an attempt at diverting attention away from the damaging and embarrassing truth, the law firm claims it has now found the 'real' infringer.

Government Bans Use Of Encryption and VPNs

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In a move designed to leave all communications open to snooping, the government in Pakistan has ordered ISPs to ban the use of online encryption techniques. Anyone wishing to carry on using them must get official permission. According to The Guardian, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority sent a legal notice to the country’s ISPs which compels […]

Wikileaks: MPAA ‘Secret Pusher’ of BitTorrent Trial Against Aussie ISP

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We’ve covered the landmark court battle between the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) and the Aussie ISP iiNet in great detail here at TorrentFreak. AFACT wants to hold iiNet responsible for the copyright infringing activities of their users, but they have been unsuccessful thus far. Interestingly enough, a Wikileaks cable that was just released […]

Court Acquits 15-Year-Old Schoolboy File-Sharer

A schoolboy sent to trial for sharing movies on two BitTorrent sites has been acquitted by a court. The 15-year-old, who said he only ever intended to download and not distribute, was cleared of all charges following a hearing. However, as is so often the case in copyright issues, the story won't end here.

Valve: DRM is Backwards and Piracy is Just Not an Issue for Us

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In the eyes of many gamers, Portal publisher Valve can do no wrong and their latest comments aren’t likely to hurt their image. Speaking with Kotaku, Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has slammed aggressive DRM and dismissed piracy as a non-issue. “We’re a broken record on this,” Newell told Kotaku. “This belief that […]

Hotfile Ordered To Share User Data With The MPAA

In their ongoing battle with the MPAA, the Florida-based file-hosting service Hotfile has suffered a major loss. A federal court has ordered Hotfile to disclose user data, the identities and revenues of their top affiliates, and financial information on the company itself. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan argued that the MPAA needs this info to prove that Hotfile is promoting and profiting from copyright infringement.