European Parliament Votes on Controversial Anti-Piracy Report

Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on the Gallo report that deals with the enforcement of intellectual property. Drafted by a partner of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the report paves the way for draconian anti-piracy measures to be introduced across Europe, potentially affecting the lives of millions of Internet users.

TorrentFreak TV: Needs Help

The latest episode of TorrentFreak TV covers the return of the legendary, a film director helping out an accused file-sharer, artists cashing in despite piracy and more. Enjoy.

US Lawmakers Want to Quash Pirate Websites

United States lawmakers have proposed new legislation today that would allow the Department of Justice to take over domain names of websites that promote copyright infringement. The proposed bill would allow for court orders against domestic as well as foreign sites, which could potentially shutter many torrent sites including The Pirate Bay.

Copyright Trolls, Not Just for Patents Anymore

Patent trolls sit on patents and do little with them. These trolls only come out of their caves to enter a court room with the aim of cashing in when they consider someone has infringed on their 'property'. This attitude has now spread to copyright, with artists being sued for infringements on songs that are 20, even 30 years old.

Swedish Pirate Party Fails To Enter Parliament

The Swedish Pirate Party has failed to replicate last year's massive victory in the European elections. The Party, which promised it would host Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay inside the Swedish Parliament if it was voted in, lost the majority of last year's support and won't reach the threshold that would allow it to enter Parliament.

4chan to DDoS RIAA Next – Is This the Protest of the Future?

Over the last 36 hours or so, the 'Anonymous' masses and many unaffiliated sympathizers joined forces to attack the MPAA's website. Continuing with 'Operation Payback', today an attack will be launched on the RIAA. The ultimate in decentralized protests will go ahead and there's not a lawyer or police force in the world who can do anything about it. Is this the protest of the future?

Prof. Richard Dawkins Advocates the Use of BitTorrent

Professor Richard Dawkins is one of the best known evolutionary biologists today. Affiliated with the University of Oxford and Berkeley, he is famous for his fierce and outspoken critique on religious institutions through his publications and documentaries. In common with many scientists, he wants his work to be read and seen by the public, even if that means ignoring copyright by going to The Pirate Bay.