ACS:Law Boss Is Internet Villain of the Year

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Every year the UK’s Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) has an awards ceremony to pay tribute to the best companies, most innovative products and stand-out individuals. In addition to categories such as “Best Consumer Fixed Broadband ISP” and “Best Dedicated Hosting”, the awards have two other personality-based categories – Internet Hero and Internet Villain. It […]

Oh No! Pirates Steal Your Bandwidth!

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Today the RIAA, MPAA and all major U.S. Internet providers launched a new plan to curb piracy. The landmark agreement comes with a new website which is littered with blatant propaganda statements. Or facts as they call them. This is my personal favorite: “Content Theft Means Less Internet Bandwidth For You: A recent study found […]

MPAA, RIAA Team Up With ISPs to ‘Alert’ Pirates

A breakthrough coalition of the MPAA, RIAA and other copyright holders have signed an agreement with AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon to curb piracy. Under the agreement the ISPs agree to send "copyright alerts" to subscribers whose Internet connections are used for copyright infringement. Repeated offenders will not be disconnected from the Internet, but could be slowed down instead.

IFPI Boss Quits Following Tax Fraud Allegations

The IFPI in Switzerland are currently battling through a crisis, one which has brought them unwanted scrutiny from tax authorities. Allegations of tax fraud were levelled at the music group when it was revealed that a connected company obtained a tax reduction of more than 316,000 euros after IFPI supplied two employees. In the wake of the claims, the CEO of IFPI Switzerland has resigned.

Anti-Piracy Lawyer Won’t Pay A Penny To Data Protection Watchdog

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Despite being held responsible for one of the UK’s largest-ever data protection breaches, Andrew Crossley, owner of the now defunct ACS:Law, has managed to outmaneuver the authorities again. Last year the company succeeding in spilling the details of around 6,000 Internet subscribers (and alleged pirates) onto an unprotected web page following a Denial of Service […]

Spotify Coming to the US, Get Invited

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Today the music streaming application Spotify announced that it will be available to U.S. users soon. When Spotify launched their first beta in the fall of 2008, we branded it “an alternative to music piracy.” Having the option to stream millions of tracks supported by an occasional ad, or free of ads for a small […]

Researchers Improve BitTorrent Download Speeds

Researchers from the Tribler project at Delft University of Technology are proposing a new set of rules that should significantly improve the download speeds of many BitTorrent users. The new "Superior Seeding Standard" implemented in the latest release of the Tribler BitTorrent client is inspired by the ratio-enforcement policies at private tracker communities, but doesn't discriminate against people with low bandwidth connections.

Extradition For Pirates? Seized Domain Admins Call It Quits

As US authorities continue with Operation in Our Sites, putting pressure on file-sharing services and seizing their domains, for some it is all to easy to champion a heroic fight back against these "forces of evil". But for the admins of one site targeted by ICE and DHS, the thought of being extradited to the US is a step too far. What started off as fun was turning into something else. Today they announce that "enough is enough."