Game Maker Switches to BitTorrent After Server Crash

The new release of MechWarrior 4 has crashed the game maker's distribution servers. The central distribution server collapsed last weekend when tens of thousands of people attempted to download the free game. To distribute the game to the public effectively and without issues, the game's makers will now switch to BitTorrent exclusively.

Inside The Bulgarian BitTorrent Crackdown

Last month we reported on the media announcement by Bulgarian police that they would shut down the country's two largest BitTorrent trackers, and ArenaBG. As with any story, there always two sides. TorrentFreak caught up with someone with inside knowledge of the trackers and the scene in general, for their take on the situation.

RapidShare Not Liable For Pirating Users, Court Rules

RapidShare is not liable for acts of copyright infringement committed by its users, a German court ruled yesterday. The Dusseldorf Court of Appeals overturned the earlier decision of a local district court in a case brought by the movie outfit Capelight Pictures.

BitTorrent Monitoring As a Work of Art


Last week we reported on a website which claimed to breach BitTorrent users' security by showing what media they were sharing along with their IP addresses. The article provoked hundreds of responses, some scared at the site's abilities and others proclaiming it as an elaborate fake. So what exactly was it for and who was behind it?

Fox News, Rupert Murdoch… All Pirates

Fox News, a prominent media outlet owned by copyright evangelist Rupert Murdoch, is blatantly infringing on the rights of an individual photographer. The irony, or hypocrisy, is that Murdoch himself is going after Google, the BBC and many other companies that he believes are infringing on the rights of his news empire.

BitSnoop Returns With Fake Torrent Checker

After more than two months of downtime caused by a webhost screwup and a lack of backups, the BitTorrent site BitSnoop has returned with many added features. Among other things the BitSnoop team has implemented "FakeSkan", a feature that warns users about suspicious torrent files.

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Torrent Sites

Twitter has suspended the accounts of at least two torrent sites and removed all of their followers. No reason for the suspension has been given other than that the sites in question "abused" Twitter's service. Both sites were updating their accounts with newly published torrents daily.