Record Labels Suspected of Anti-Competitive Practices

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The Swiss branch of the largest music industry trade group IFPI is under investigation for anti-competitive practices. The Swiss Competition Commission (Wettbewerbskommission) is looking into the IFPI and its members, mostly prominent record labels. A preliminary investigation started on 24 March 2011 and has revealed that IFPI Switzerland and its members hinder parallel CD imports. […]

Happy World IPv6 Day!

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In case you’ve missed it, it’s World IPv6 Day. A day to remind people that they should be prepared for the future of the Internet. TorrentFreak has been the proud owner of an IPv6 address for quite a while, which earned us a spot (#33) in the hall of fame. But today the big boys […]

ACS:Law Owner Made Bankrupt, Makes Crazy Tribunal Demands

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Andrew Crossley, the man behind the catastrophic and now defunct law firm ACS:Law, has been declared bankrupt. Crossley, whose cynical anti-piracy activities left the reputations of himself, his clients and countless others in tatters, was dealt with by the High Court on May 20th. Days earlier, Crossley – who had been admonished for allowing the […] Raided In Massive Police Operation, Admins Arrested

Europe just witnessed one of the largest piracy-related busts in history with the raid of the popular movie streaming portal More than a dozen people connected to the site were arrested after police officers in Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands raided several residential addresses and data centers. hosted no illicit content itself, but indexed material stored on file-hosters and other streaming services.

Updated: Feds Seize New Domain, Add To “Batshit” Conspiracy Theories

During the last 24 hours Homeland Security seized another domain and put up the copyright infringement notice but now a quite unusual picture is forming. Allegedly an anti-vaccine blogger and claimed "batshit" conspiracy theorist with plenty of enemies had his server hacked and filled with illegal material. This appears to have resulted in his domain being seized for copyright infringement.

Breaking: Duke Nukem Forever Leaked To BitTorrent

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Well it’s been an almost never-ending decade-long wait, but come June 14th, Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) will get its worldwide release. Inevitably though, there has been a big underground push to break that release date embargo. A little over an hour ago that push was complete with the game leaking to BitTorrent and other file-sharing […]

Google Expands Piracy-Related Keyword Filter

Earlier this year Google started censoring various 'piracy-related' keywords from its Instant and Autocomplete services, and this list of forbidden words was updated recently. Although Google understand that there is no silver bullet that can stop online copyright infringement, the search giant told TorrentFreak that the steps they've taken could help to decrease piracy.


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The controversial PROTECT IP Act unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee two weeks ago. When the PROTECT IP Act becomes law U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright infringements. The bill now moves forward to the Senate, but getting a vote […]