The Death of ACTA

For the last two years the spectre of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA as it's better known, has loomed large on the horizon. For many the Treaty stands as a threat and is synonymous with corporate control of the man in the street and his creativity. After becoming popular with filesharers through his open letter songs to Lily Allen and Peter Mandelson, today Dan Bull is back with a TorrentFreak interview and his brand new track D.O.A.C.T.A - Death…

Filmmaker Schools Pirates On Correct Way To Rip His DVD

Most days the news surrounding torrent sites, the scene and piracy is dominated by lawsuits, busts and other negative stories. But every now and then there is a ray of light that brightens the day. Today we bring you the story of a filmmaker who didn't complain when he saw that his film was being pirated. Instead he helped a scene release group to improve the ripped copy of his DVD.

Prosecutor Takes Down Torrent Site, Industry Group Sets Terms For Truce

Following a complaint from a group representing local music and movie companies, prosecutors ordered the takedown of Moldova's biggest torrent site last week. As the authorities try to work out if any crime has been committed at the 270,000 member TorrentsMD, the entertainment industry group is setting out its terms for a truce with the tracker.

Anti-Piracy Company Pirates Queen-Issued Coat of Arms

This year has seen an explosion of companies all trying to cash in on the 'turn piracy into profit' mantra. These companies, many of them involving lawyers, are copying other people's work like crazy - they're even copying from each other. Today we bring news that one of these companies has taken a Coat of Arms issued by Elizabeth I in 1600, modified it, and used it for their own commercial purposes.

Movie Rental Outfit Hacked, Emails Leaked, Redirected to The Pirate Bay

ACAPOR, a Portuguese organization which represents the interests of local movie rental companies, has been defaced by Anonymous as part of Operation Payback. The ACAPOR website currently shows a message from Anonymous and then redirects to The Pirate Bay. To make the shaming complete, a 640 MB email database of the outfit was leaked and posted to The Pirate Bay.

Major Torrent Sites Go Down After Attack on Hosting Provider

A massive attack on the hosting provider Reality Check Network took down several major BitTorrent sites today. The attack corrupted many servers on the network and at the time of writing TorrentReactor, Vertor and several other torrent sites remain inaccessible. Due to the prolonged downtime, millions of users are having to seek refuge at other torrent sites.

Anonymous Takes Out UK Intellectual Property Office Website

As part of the ongoing slaughter of any institute or company that defends copyright, Anonymous has now taken down the website of the UK Intellectual Property Office. The website of the Government body has been unresponsive for nearly a day after the 'Operation Payback" attack started yesterday afternoon.