Judge Spanks Insatiable Gay Porn Pirate

A federal judge from California again backed a major gay porn distributor by slapping a previously convicted pirate. The man in question, Gilbert Michael Gonzales of Palm Springs, has now been told told that he will be arrested the next time he is caught with his pants down.

“Saw” Director Recruits ‘Army’ to Post Fake Torrents

Are you the director of some high profile movies, feel you have a piracy problem but no longer do business with MediaDefender? Do you want to fail, badly? Then maybe you should follow the lead of Darren Bousman, director of the Saw movie sequels - and ask members of the…

Slacker Uprising BitTorrent Takedown Sent to DNS Provider

After Michael Moore encouraged everyone to download his latest movie 'Slacker Uprising' for free and do what they like with it, lawyers working for him have sent a takedown requestto a DNS company, for a torrent of the movie to be removed from BTJunkie. The problem? Well, several as it…

EA Downplays Spore’s DRM Triggered Piracy Record

Spore, love it or loathe it, Will Wright’s new game has stayed in the news in the way his previous games have never managed. The game could also bring about big changes in both DRM and copyright law, as the debate heats up over it’s DRM. While EA puts a…

Sony Urges ISPs to Cooperate Against Piracy

In a keynote speech at the Broadband World Forum, John McMahon, President of Sony Pictures Television asked ISPs to join their battle against piracy. McMahon further said that DRM is one of the major causes of piracy, but says Sony doesn't have any plans to get rid of it.

Cox Disconnects Alleged Pirates from the Internet

The anti-piracy lobby has been putting pressure on ISPs to act against customers who download copyright infringing content. Thus far, most ISPs have simply forwarded the takedown requests they receive, but Cox Communications is taking it one step further, by disconnecting alleged copyright infringers.

Massive Warez Scam Architects Run For Cover

Two brothers who made millions from an empire of scam file-sharing sites have had their identities revealed. Matt and Jake Dylewski mis-sold subscriptions to FullReleases.com and dozens of similar sites, misleading customers and motivating them to take action. Most of the sites have been taken offline.