The Pirate Bay Adds iOS / Android Categories

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In a rare update The Pirate Bay just added four new categories to its website. The new categories are for Android and iOS software that until now ended up in the ancient sounding “handheld” categories. * Applications – IOS (iPad/iPhone) * Applications – Android * Games – IOS (iPad/iPhone) * Games – Android Wonder how […]

MPAA Afraid To Disclose ‘Secret’ Anti-Piracy Strategies

In their ongoing battle with file-hosting service Hotfile, five MPAA studios have asked the court to disallow Hotfile access to information on their anti-piracy strategies. While drawing an analogy between copyright infringement and drug trafficking, the MPAA studios ask the court to handle their anti-piracy documents as trade secrets to prevent 'pirates' from getting even more sophisticated than they already are.

It Was Never About The Money, Stupid

Two reports on the copyright monopoly have caught my attention this week. The first expresses angry disbelief at the fact that people will still pirate to a large extent, even if the price per copy is under one dollar. The other is a deep research report into why people ignore the copyright monopoly. Short answer: because it is human nature to share.

ICE Seizes More ‘Counterfeit’ Domains

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The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are continuing with their domain seizure policy. “Operation In Our Sites” has now been running for more than 12 months and has resulted in the shutdown of hundreds of sites. While file-sharing and streaming sites have been targeted, the main victims continue to […]

PayPal, IFPI and Police Collaborate To Strangle Pirate Music Sites

According to an announcement by IFPI, online payment provider PayPal has agreed to help strangle the finances of sites offering unauthorized music. While it appears that the initial targets are Russian and Ukrainian MP3 services, the deal will also be of concern to torrent sites that rely on PayPal to accept site donations.

“Appalling” $1.5m File-Sharing Verdict Slashed To $54,000

A federal court has slashed the verdict in an infamous file-sharing case from $1.5 million to 'just' $54,000. U.S. District Judge Michael Davis branded an earlier jury decision in favor of the RIAA and against Jammie Thomas-Rasset as "appalling." Judge Davis has now overruled a jury three times in this case. The RIAA are reportedly unhappy with the verdict and are considering their options.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Find Cheaper Way To Identify BitTorrent Users

Since 2010 close to 200,000 people in the U.S. have been sued for sharing movies via BitTorrent. For the copyright holders and lawyers these cases are already highly profitable. However, some are testing a new and potentially more effective tactic to pursue alleged copyright infringers which could signal the beginning of a new avalanche of settlements.