BREIN Shuts Down 393 Torrent Sites, No One Notices

Working on behalf of the MPAA and their Hollywood studio partners, anti-piracy outfit BREIN achieved a notable victory last year when it partially shut down Mininova. This success, however, appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know BREIN shut down 393 torrent sites in 2009? No? Neither did we.

BitTorrent’s Future? Decentralized Search and Hosting

BitTorrent's future might look grim to some, as torrent sites increasingly draw the short straw in legal cases brought on by copyright holders. But even if all torrent sites on the net were shut down tomorrow, the sharing wont stop. People could simply switch to P2P-powered torrent search engines.

Spain Fast Tracks P2P Site Shutdowns

The Spanish cabinet has today passed legislation that will enable the authorities to shut down file-sharing sites more rapidly. The new legislation gives in to the demands of the US and local copyright lobby, who see Spain's lenient copyright law as a thorn in their side.

Suspended Sentence for 4,200 Song, 270 Movie File-Sharer

In what is being touted as a first-of-its-kind case, an 18 year-old Swiss woman has been hit with a fine and a two year suspended jail sentence after being caught file-sharing thousands of songs and hundreds of movies by music group, IFPI. Failure to pay her fine will lead to 30 days in jail.

Rednex Diss Record Labels, Partner With The Pirate Bay

During the last two decades, the Swedish band Rednex have sold more than 10 million records, with number one hits in eight countries including Germany and the UK. Today the band, known by most people for the single "Cotton Eye Joe," released their first single in 18 months. They chose to share it via The Pirate Bay.

OiNK Admin Received Nearly $300k in Donations

The trial of OiNK administrator Alan Ellis is underway. Yesterday the jury was picked and today it was revealed that Ellis had gathered $300,000 in several Paypal accounts over the years, allegedly gleaned from site donations. The jury of twelve has been warned not to do any independent research on the Internet.

Prove Piracy Losses Says Digital Economy Bill Amendment

In the first sitting, dozens of proposed amendments to Britain's Digital Economy Bill started to move through the Lords committee stage yesterday. One interesting amendment put forward requires that when copyright holders inform ISPs of a file-sharing infringement, they must also put a value on it.

Furious Copyright Holder Harasses Torrent Site Admins

Every day copyright holders send thousands of DMCA takedown requests to various torrent site owners. These notices are usually quite formal and polite, and nearly all torrent sites remove the mentioned torrents swiftly. However, some copyright holders can't hide their anger and turn the takedown request into a hostile rant.