Why uTorrent Collects Info From Its Users

uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. has revealed that it's working on putting together an overview of ISP performances worldwide. Data collected from millions of users will be used to rank Internet providers based on the speed of their network, and will possibly expose those that throttle. Valuable data that's for sure, but also a situation that triggers worries among paranoid BitTorrent users.

BREIN Seizes Warez Servers, Owners Seize Them Back, May Sue

Last month, Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN targeted one of the Internet's largest warez piracy topsites. The site, known as Swan, was taken down by hosting provider WorldStream and without judicial process BREIN seized its servers. Now the owners of the servers have retaliated by seizing them back and, in a delicious twist, may sue BREIN for breach of privacy and property rights.

MPAA Threatens to Boycot Cinemas (and Boost Piracy)

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The MPA(A) is threatening to deprive Indonesian movie theaters of major US film releases if the Government continues with s proposed levy. “Cinema screens across the country may soon have little to show except local movies if a new threat by American film producers to boycott exports to Indonesia is carried out.” “The warning has […]

And BitTorrent’s Oscar Goes To…

In a few days the Oscar winners of 2011 will be announced, including the award for the best movie of last year. Before Hollywood starts to celebrate, we take a look at the nominees in the Best Picture category to see which film would win if every download on BitTorrent counted as a vote.

BREIN Uses Court Win As Leverage To Wipe Out Usenet Sites

Following their recent legal victory over Usenet portal FTD, anti-piracy group BREIN have been using this momentum to scare even more file-sharing related sites into submission. The Hollywood-linked outfit has just announced that it has forced the closure of a further 11 Usenet-related sites servicing 900,000 members although reports suggest the damage could be even deeper. The question is, however, were they even illegal?

MPAA Said To Be Close To Naming New Chairman

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After almost a year of searching, the MPAA is reported to be close to naming a new chairman to replace Dan Glickman. Although the MPAA have refused to comment on the news, former Democratic senator Chris Dodd is believed to be hot favorite for the position. Dodd campaigned to run for president in 2008 so […]

Google Gets Involved in BitTorrent Search Engine Lawsuit

Over the past several years many BitTorrent search engines have claimed in court that they're "just like Google", another search engine that allows users to find information scattered around the web. All this time Google itself remained silent on the issue, until now. The search giant has involved itself in the MPAA vs. isoHunt case recently, but not completely to the delight of isoHunt's owner.