Is Piracy Really Killing The Music Industry? No!

For more than a decade the music industry has claimed that digital piracy is the main cause for the gradual decline in revenues. However, looking at the sales data of the music industry itself shows that the disappointing income might be better explained by a third factor that is systematically ignored.

The Pirate Bay, A Year After The Verdict

Exactly one year ago The Pirate Bay Four were sentenced to a year in prison, and on top of that each ordered to pay $905,000 in damages. The entertainment industries hoped that the ruling would set an example, but today The Pirate Bay is larger than ever before.

Music Industry Warns That It May Sue UK File-Sharers

The BPI has warned that it may be forced into suing UK file-sharers, despite the recent passing of the Digital Economy Act. In an interview yesterday, Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said although the industry would prefer for file-sharing to be dealt with via 'technical measures', they might still have to sue some people.

High Court Gives Go Ahead To 3 Strikes in Ireland

The High Court in Dublin has given the go ahead for the music industry and ISP Eircom to implement a 3 strikes-style regime for suspected file-sharers. The private arrangement between the industry and the ISP had been held up over a legal objection, but today that was waved aside by a judge.

BREIN Extends Anti-Piracy Activities To eBook Sector

Having long battled on behalf of the movie industry, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is spreading its wings into a new market area. With an eye on the likelihood that piracy will increase in the sector, BREN has entered into an trial agreement with publishers to stem the growth of eBook piracy.

MPAA and RIAA Call for Copyright Police State

Just days after the U.S Government acknowledged that the entertainment industries have misled the authorities with bogus piracy reports, the RIAA and MPAA are using those same statistics to convince the copyright czar to transform the Internet into a copyright police state.

ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Hunt Takes Toll On Legal Profession

Today, anti-piracy group DigiProtect are again quoted by the BBC as having no regrets about their controversial campaign file-sharing hunt in the UK. Nevertheless, their actions don't come without cost. Their lawyers, ACS:Law, have had more than 280 official complaints filed against them with the UK legal regulatory body, dwarfing all comers in the IP sector.