BTjunkie Goes Down

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This morning many BTjunkie users noticed that their favorite BitTorrent site is unresponsive. Although it’s not clear what’s causing the current downtime, it is unrelated to the recent developments in Italy. Last week an Italian court ordered all ISPs to block subscriber access to BTjunkie, leaving hundreds of thousands of Italians with the task of […]

Wikileaks Reveals Massive U.S. Effort to Establish Canadian DMCA

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Previously Wikileaks cables already revealed that the U.S. Government was involved in Swedish anti-piracy efforts, and that the U.S. wrote much of Spain’s revamped copyright law. But there is more. Prof. Micheal Geist posted an excellent summary of the strong U.S. lobby for a Canadian DMCA, as revealed by leaked cables. He writes: “Wikileaks has […]

Wikileaks: Police Arrested Movie Pirate As “A Personal Favor” To Movie Official

Geremi Adam, the movie cammer for the Scene release group ‘maVen’, will go down in history as a grand master of his art. Despite difficulties in pinning a crime on him, eventually Adam was arrested. According to a cable released by Wikileaks, that arrest was carried out as "a personal favor" to a movie industry official, setting off a tragic chain of events which would ultimately lead to Adams' death.

SPARKD: Anonymous BitTorrent Powered Video Streaming

A brand new BitTorrent-related project entered Mozilla's MoJo contest this week. Named SPARKD, the P2P-powered video streaming platform promises the public a novel anti-censorship tool. It's intended to give citizen journalists the ability to avoid censorship and stream video to millions of people anonymously, but the underlying library of tools might have other interesting use-cases for the P2P community too.

Facebook Shamed by Copyright Screwup

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Copyright can be complicated. In a response to copyright infringement claims Facebook accidentally deleted the pages of several well-known websites, including Ars Technica. A major screwup as it turns out, since the DMCA notices were bogus. The pages in question were gone for a few hours but eventually returned. Some pages lost a few followers […]

IFPI Seizes Control of LimeTorrents Hard Drives

When trying to obtain elusive evidence to help formulate a legal strategy, most organizations tend to go through the court system. IFPI, the international music industry group, has just done it rather differently. When they needed a torrent site's data recently they just called up their host, implied they might sue and then simply picked up the hard drives. Case in point, the Internet's 10th biggest torrent site, LimeTorrents.