I Can Crack Your App With Just A Shell (And How To Stop Me)

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Well, not you specifically, but by you I mean the average Mac developer. It’s too easy to crack Mac apps. Way too easy. By walking through how I can hack your app with only one Terminal shell, I hope to shed some light on how this is most commonly done, and hopefully convince you to […]

Spotify U.S. Not Imminent, “Not even in Q1″

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We hate to hit replay on this one but following New York Post’s story today that European streaming music service Spotify is close to a deal with Sony Music and thereby close to launch we decided to call a few people to confirm. It appears there’s still some distance between Spotify and the big major […]

“Sara Jay in Heat” BitTorrent Downloaders Sued

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The lawsuits against porn loving BitTorrent users continue to go full steam ahead. Already 75,000 defendants have been targeted in the last 12 months, and thousands are added every month. “Justin Slayer International is the latest adult company to file a copyright infringement suit against BitTorrent users who allegedly traded one of its films online.” […]

Why is Online Piracy Considered Socially Acceptable?

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Piracy is, as of this moment and for want of a better word, theft. So why did seven professional people and two Oxbridge students freely admit to it at a table that included a lawyer and a journalist? Is there any other crime people are so completely and disarmingly blasé about committing? Read More

Hotfile, 1000 Users and PayPal Named In Piracy Lawsuit

Liberty Media, the company involved in achieving the largest headline settlement against a BitTorrent user last month, has widened its net to include cyberlocker-based infringement. The movie studio has now filed suit against file-hosting site Hotfile and 1000 of its users. PayPal is also named in the suit alongside calls for it to freeze Hotfile's account. The court is asked to seize Hotfile's domain name.

EFF Asks Judge to Protect BitTorrent Downloaders from Predatory Lawsuits

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed an amicus brief in which it asks an Illinois judge to quash subpoenas issued in pay-up-or-else lawsuits involving alleged illegal downloading of pornography. The EFF hopes to stop copyright trolls — content owners and lawyers who team up to extract settlements from thousands of defendants at a time. […]

No Ads, Domain Seized and No Anonymity For Pirate Site, Judge Rules

A U.S. District Court judge has issued a preliminary injunction against two advertising networks and a Whois protection service of a site that offers pirated e-books. Advertising networks Clicksor and Chitika are now prohibited from serving advertisements to the site, while Enom's Whois Privacy Protection Service was ordered to hand over all personal details of the site's owner and make the site inaccesible.

Senior Judge ‘Astonished’ By Actions Of ACS:Law in File-Sharing Cases

Following on from our article detailing ACS:Law's no-show at the directions hearing for their 27 active file-sharing cases, today we take a closer look at yesterday's proceedings. Judge Birss QC said that he found ACS:Law's actions both "remarkable" and "unprecedented" and was "frankly astonished" by their behavior, while defense lawyers made serious allegations concerning ACS:Law's conduct.