Customs Officials Arrest 14 Year Pirate

In their infinite wisdom, customs officials in Hong Kong have arrested a child for sharing music on the Internet. The 14 year old boy, who is too young to be named, is alleged to have uploaded Chinese language pop songs, known as Cantopop, for others to download for free.

The Pirate Bay Tops 15 Million Peers

Today, The Pirate Bay reached a new milestone, as they now have more than 3 million registered users. On top of that, they track close to 15 million unique peers. The largest BitTorrent tracker just keeps growing and growing, and there is no sign that this will be put to…

TorrentIt Makes Long Awaited Comeback

TorrentIt is far from a newcomer in the BitTorrent community. The tracker has been around since 2004, but since it ran into the Duch anti-piracy lobbyists from BREIN, it has been offline. This weekend, however, the site officially relaunched, with help from their friends over at DigitalHive.

MediaDefender Secretly Sells Porn to P2P Users

MediaDefender is widely known for their anti-piracy operations, spoofing and decoying on file-sharing networks for the entertainment industry. The company is doing more than that though, as we recently found out that adult affiliate programs were a significant source of income for them too.

Warez Scene Member Sentenced to 18 Months Jail

A member of the pioneering warez group aPOCALYPSE pRODUCTION cREW (aPC) has been jailed for 18 months. Barry Gitarts, also known as 'Dextro', was sentenced after he was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Copyright Infringement. Thus far, there have been 15 convictions of aPC members.

Linking to P2P Downloads Confirmed Legal in Spain

A court has ruled that a site providing links to P2P downloads is operating legally. The Provincial Court of Madrid ruled that, a site offering eDonkey links to movies, music, software and games does not break the law. The court's decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Police Arrest ‘Wanted’ P2P Pre-Releaser

Cyber-crime police have arrested a man who uploaded the movie 'Wanted' to a file-sharing network. The man, Kazushi Hirata, was detained after he added custom subtitles to a pirated copy of the movie and uploaded it to the Internet, in advance of its Japanese theatrical release. He faces up to…